Biden Family – The Psychosis of Genetics

WHAT IF – we give a moment to the axiom ‘benefit of the doubt’ and say that Hunter Biden is truly the epitome example of parental abuse.   He is the outcome. The product.   Of a truly psychosis of environment – parents.

We view these incredibly bizarre videos’s of young people going completely ‘berzerk’, for lack of any better description.   Screaming, pulling hair, rocking, pounding fists, it is truly cringe-worthy – and yet it is the person who is the actor within the video – posting the video. That would mean they would have to suddenly become quite calm and collected in order to execute the proper upload. As though within a flash their entire personality could be harnessed for a purpose.

In the world of true psychosis that would not be possible. However, it would be highly probable in the world of Hollywood!

Hollywood is dry.   Their actors old and shoddy.   The younger ones – unknown – no real draw.   And so, they create a new Hollywood – reality politics – where they script hysteria. Millions of viewers.   More than the NFL….

And the New Money follows the game.

Imagine growing up within a family of Con Artists with zero honor or integrity for anyone or anything?   Could you be anything other than Hunter, Beau or Ashley?   It is anticipated that should arrests come down and Joe is cuffed, he would sell anyone to preserve himself.

Imagine this is your father?

And in that light, it is somewhat understandable that Hunter would be anything less than depravedly perversely disgusting!

IT is all he has ever known.

I suppose, in that light, I do find some sympathy for Hunter. He became a product of his father and Jill.   That is their legacy.   And yet, even in their other children, Ashley and Beau, the legacy was rife with dung.

For most, as they age, legacy becomes a consuming force.   A father has pride and wants people to see him as having accomplished something important during his lifetime. For most, that something is money.   But for a small minority, that legacy has truly amazing accomplishments. Sometimes from the smallest of farmers in North Dakota, to the entrepreneur trust funder who has a change of heart.   Stories of hope do exist.

And it is always the fallback. Hope.

Goodness can’t survive without ‘Hope’.

Goodness can’t exist without ‘Hope’.

And in this indefinite stalemate, we find ourselves in a battle of Good vs Evil.   This is nothing less.

If we accept this truism, the easier it is to fight.   One cannot fight an enemy a person refuses to admit exists!   Once the enemy is known, the topsy turvy begins its ploy.   Who is good and who is evil?

Enter the Propaganda Media which has been 100% absorbed by the CIA and FBI respectively, and everything that is released is a psychological propaganda splot, as it has been since their inception. These allegations are HARDLY new!   The history lesson begins with the beginning!

Fast Forward – and here we are in the Biden Gamagate in all history! And the thing is – it isn’t. In the 1980’s the world was engulfed in the dual biggest Child Sex Porn/Assault story of the century.   The White house was implicated, George Bush, countless UK politicians, sports greats, musicians, Hollywooders, and it all went quite – Black – Why?   Because the Money Made It So.

Do you think Britney Spears going completely psych was not the result of something so very indefinably perverse that she completely collapsed. They sought to indoctrinate her, and it didn’t pan so well.

SO the $1.598 question?   Will Biden Pay or will he skate?

While the evidence is 100% convict, the corruption still has yet to be purged and could simply make judicial decisions of pardon without any merit whatsoever.

When the evidence is overwhelming, a candidate looks for the most humble pardon possible. Pride rules. They will bargain their abolition and likely win the trail of money.

In true Hollywood style: Hunter would commit suicided, Biden would commit to an Alzheimer’s facility in Bora-Bora, Jill would teach classes in ethics, Ashley would give birth to twin girls who are being bid for by the cultists… and life would go on. Just another day in the life of – those guys across the railroad tracks…

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