Biden’s Burisma Corruption: Just a Thumb in the Dyke

Obama stated he was endorsing Lizzy Borden.   Obama has repeatedly stated he ‘distances’ himself from Biden. Biden has now snickerdoodled Obama by asking Michelle to consider being his VP.   What could possibly go wrong?

Biden is going down hard with the continued revelations of the Burisma corruption and he may want to take everyone with him. Who could that be?

Romney, Victoria Nuland, Barack Obama, National Endowment for Democracy, New American Security, Burisma, Poroshenko, Geoffrey Pyatt, John Kerry, Alexandra Chalupa, and certainly more to come.   Are they willing to take that fall?   Hardly. But it appears Biden thinks he can blackmail them nonetheless.

When this mess was being staged Ukraine was in a tug-of-war with the EU trying to court Yanukovych away from his alliance with Putin.   Yanukovych wouldn’t budge.   The EU needed gas, pipelines were at the forefront with propaganda asserting Russia was the tyrant.   You have to have a ‘bad guy’.

Ukraine’s pipelines are a maze of one of the largest gas transmission systems in the world!   In 2009, the European commission, World Bank, European Bank for Reconstruction & Development and the European Investment Bank declared they wanted to ‘modernize these pipelines so as to divert the flow to – the EU while stunting the Nord Stream project that gave Russia what was deemed a security advantage and an EU risk.

The solution? A coup. The players?   National Endowment for Democracy.   Coups and Orange Revolutions were their expertise.

In addition, Monsanto had it’s eyes on the lucrative black gold soil that is considered the best in the world next to Russia’s.   But GMO’s were barred by Yanukovych and the land wasn’t for sale. Obama, Clinton and Bush were aligned in their pro stance with regard to GMO’s and sought to expand their usage in – Ukraine.

With the ‘coup’ and advent of a western prop President, Poroshenko opened the door to allow the coveted land grabs.

Meanwhile, having bemoaned that he was the poorest member of Congress, VP Biden wanted a share in the spoils. But he wasn’t capable to actually create the stage, that bit of strategy necessitated pulling in the Grand Dame Fixer, Victoria Nuland, friend and ally to Clinton, Kerry and Brennan.

After NED utilized mercenaries, UK, and US militants to instigate the coup, things didn’t go exactly as planned.   McCain was called in to try and bolster support for the invasion and takeover.   The Ukrainian people in Donetsk Region refused to surrender, the corrupt government implanted by the puppet Poroshenko via Soros was ineffectual at doing anything, and the war continued endlessly.   Sound a lot like Syria?   It should.

A deal was struck.  In 2014, shortly after Poroshenko was implanted, Biden’s son, Hunter, was implanted as a beneficiary of the income and assets of Burisma as was Kerry’s former senior advisor, Devon Archer.   Simultaneously, Biden went public with his pitiable remark that he was the poorest member of Congress despite having been a government faceplant since 1966 or 48 years!  The stage was set.

Knowing the pipelines were the target of the coup, Ukraine rebels began blowing them up stirring up angst and creating more than NED had counted on.   Nuland orchestrated loan guarantees for Ukraine to the tune of $1 billion.   Her conversation with US Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt was recorded and publicly released exposing the coup, Biden, and their shared disdain for the EU.   Hillary later blamed Russia for ‘weaponizing intelligence against other states’.

As of 2015, Monsanto had set up an office in Ukraine and the IMF had made available $17 billion in loans, conditioned upon the opening of biotech farming and the sale of Monsanto chemicals and crops.

But the corporate takeover wasn’t just about Monsanto, Cargill and DuPont also saw opportunity.   With Geoffrey Pyatt and Ukraine’s PM Yatsenyuk in attendance, in 2016 Cargill signed a deal to build a grain terminal on the Black Sea coast of Ukraine.

In 1992, Myira Agra Holding was one of the largest agroindustrial companies in Ukraine.   In 2014, it suddenly failed to pay its creditors and went into default… In 2015, its assets were transferred to European and American investors who hired a consortium of financial advisors including, Rothschild, ICU and FinPoint.   The ‘Advisors’ selected former General Manager of HarvEast as the new General Director of Myira. HarvEast is controlled by RInat Akhmetov and Vadim Novinsky.   Akhmetov and Vicktor Pinchuk were business partners. Pinchuk was heavily aligned with the Clinton Global Initiative.

Full Circle.

While certainly making an argument that these players participation in the coup would be nearly impossible to prove, it highlights the vast network of collaboration linked to the Ukraine takeover.   Biden and Burisma are links in the chain, links these players would like to see severed before reality reveals the true Pandora.  Weak Links.

Poroshenko’s government was rogue, violent brawls erupted in parliament, opposition candidates were assaulted, Donetsk continued fighting, and in 2016, Nuland told Poroshenko to prosecute corrupt officials, basically legitimizing the notion that the government was a corrupted mess!  As a corrupted mess – it could be considered ‘treasonous’ to continue US funding.  But Obama did NOT stop.

In 2018, Victoria Nuland was appointed CEO of Center For New American Security which is funded by Soros Open Society as well as a host of US defense companies; Northrop, Boeing, Lockheed, Raytheon, etc… The obvious revelation is that Soros has infiltrated our entire Defense mechanism.

The New American Security has been quite vocal in their animosity toward President Trump and has been instrumental in bolstering the Russian collusion conspiracy.   Drafted in 2016, in 2017 CNAS made public The Papers For The President in which they define what the president must do in the field if he/she is going to carry on with the Order. Obviously drafted believing that Clinton would follow their lead, President Trump came as a surprise that has riled and festered a gaping wound.

Aligning oneself as Biden’s VP would be a death sentence for anyone’s political aspirations and career, but it cold be a life sentence for those with the last name: Obama, Clinton, Kerry, Nuland, or Pyatt.  

Manafort -Soros Throwing Decoys at Trump

HOW is this even a story?

The Ukrainian government’s ‘new’ anti-corruption unit has declared that Trump’s campaign officer, Manafort, stole $12 million during the Yanukovych regime when he was working for the Podesta Group.

On these leaked documents which are now archived in the government office of the ‘new and improved anti-corruption unit’ in Ukraine – did his signature appear on any check?

“No. But his name was mentioned 22 times!”

Google is wonderful. Let’s go back in time and review what was being done and said by even our own media:


  1. Firtash, the billionaire Ukrainian associated with Manafort, was also a friend of the President of Ukraine, Yanukovych. Not a crime.
  2. Firtash made his fortune in the ‘notoriously corrupt’ natural gas industry of Ukraine. The SAME notoriously corrupt industry that Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, took control of right after the ‘coup’, whose company is registered in CYPRUS…
  3. When the US backed Yulia Tymoshenko (she thought the US would make her Ukraine’s president after the coup), initiated a lawsuit against Firtash in the US backed by the State Department, and accused him of having paid bribes to officials in India, they (the US) demanded extradition of Firtash from Vienna to the US.
  4. The Vienna courts denied the extradition claiming the US allegations were ‘politically motivated’. The ruling reflected the ‘diminished credibility of the US authorities’.
  5. The Vienna court said that despite numerous requests for verification of the existence of the purported ‘witnesses’, the US refused to comply. Therefore the witnesses were considered fake.
  6. The US request for the arrest of Firtash corresponded to Victoria Nuland’s trip to Ukraine before the coup in which she wanted Yanukovych to sign specific trade agreements. After Yanukovych signed, the arrest warrant was rescinded. After the coup, it was renewed.

B. Pericles Emerging Markets

  1. ALL key persons associated with Pericles seem to have one common denominator: John McCain.C. DERIPASKA

    1. He was off the radar completely until 2006 when the US canceled his entry visa providing  absolutely no reason or evidence for why they did so. In 2009, the FBI allowed visits, but still  refused to provide any explanation. At the time he was attempting to buy Daimler Chrysler.

    2. During his visits Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs were his prominent targets. In 2015 he filed a lawsuit against Morgan Stanley citing trading on insider information to short sell his  company shares (sounds like a Soros ploy). While Morgan Stanley was found guilty on insider trading – the jury found that they had no ‘intent to defraud’.  What?


    3.  In 2014, Deripaska filed a lawsuit against Manafort blaiming that the defunct Pericles Group owed him his front money back.  Manafort claimed there was no front money from Deripaska, hence the lawsuit.

    4.  Deripaska is good friends with Nathaniel Rothschild. Rothschild owns a sizable share of the outstanding stock of RUSAL, Deripaska’s aluminum company. It was Rothschild who set up a party on Deripaska’s yacht inviting the UK parliamentary Mandelson and Osbourne, during which Osbourne attempted to solicit a donation to his campaign from Deripaska.  That’s the UK’s problem.


    5.  Now we are supposedly taking the word of a supposed organized crime businessman, that has an outstanding lawsuit against Manafort, and ties to the Rothschild/Soros kibutch, without any evidence of misdoings, just allegations?  That makes sense…


Now that all the other stupid allegations are out of the way – it gets really interesting – and actually kinda funny!

Reading Manafort’s bio, he seems to have a particular knack for; reinventing people that want to win elections, making a lot of money that isn’t always taxed, and earning favors as in chits that he can later cash in. In these processes of regrafting a character, it would appear he has little to no concern for politics, as though it was relatively meaningless.

He didn’t work for the Ukraine government because he was hired to reinvent Yanukovych so he could be elected to the government.   Where the Russian/Putin involvement comes in is a mystery – it seems it would simply be defacto given that Yanukovych went on to favor relations with Russia – after he was elected.  And unfortunately, the new and improved government is actually more corrupt than the Yanokovych regime – only then they actually had a country that had  a)  natural gas and b)  black gold – best dirt in the world.

The money laundering?  The allegation that Deripaska is tied to organized crime?  The fact that Deripaska and Manafort may have had an relationship in an investment?  Who cares!   There is absolutely no evidence – these are all flailing words spun like knives from the mouths of wolves.

Red Nation Rising, which has pictures of Soros all over it’s front page wrote this quote and response, ” “My work in Ukraine ceased following the country’s parliamentary elections in October 2014.” Well duh. Yanukovych was overthrown and that tends to put a damper on your corrupt connections.”   

Then later in this RNR article they attempt to give an AHA moment:  “Manafort has not dissolved his company in the Ukraine and his aids have been there this year. Does that sound like he is not involved with the Russians anymore? Nyet.”

Umm, but you just acknowledged that the Russians and Yanukovych don’t rule Ukraine, the US does…  GOOD GRIEF, Charley Brown, get your opinions straight if you can’t manage your facts!

Who Manafort is?  He is Higgins in My Fair Lady, reinventing Eliza Dolittle. And perhaps there are even side wagers from various Pickerings, who don’t think the transformation is possible. While Manafort has played Higgins to many throughout the world for 35 years and will probably continue to do so until he retires or finds some new entertaining passion, the liberal media story is filled with the clatter of half-truths, half-wits and half twits. Please – leave the conspiracy theory frenzy to those who want to unravel truth – not those who want to create it.

And whoever wrote the Democrat whiplash story that flailgates Manafort with the rip roaring title: HAHAHAHA… only serves an embarrassing testimony that he represents the intellect of the party…

In the end, opening this story only serves to open the Pandora Box that is the US instigation of the failed Orange Revolution/coup in Ukraine, the US involvement in the Yanukovych coup, the US controlled Poroschenko, Chocolate King, and of course, the Monsanto Manifesto, not to mention, the Hunter Biden – Devon Archer (Best buds with Sec of State, John Kerry’s stepson) suddenly taking over the natural gas corruption with a Cyprus company, Burisma Holdings.  Which may or may not be affiliated with the same Deripaska Cyprus company attempting to file suit against Manafort’s Pericles Emerging Market company – of course we don’t know because the whole point of a Cyprus company is to hide it in a cloak and mask of darkness wherein no one can know who or what or why…the Dark Shield.

The CIA and FBI are most likely rippling with rage.

You almost want to feel sorry for their bungling of this story … but then, Nah.





Footnote: The hahaha guy’s name is “Streiff” with no bio, no full name, someone hiding behind his illiteracy and cowardice. The only relative information I could find? Streiff-Syndrome: a congenital disorder that causes smaller cranial development.