GATES Foundation: USAID & GAVI

Today a respondent to my blog attempted to derail my support for President Trump by claiming that Trump had personally contributed over $1 billion to the Bill Gates vaccine and depopulation organization – GAVI.   This man claimed a birdie told him and the bait was thus extended.

Of course the story has been circulating with the proficiency of a CNN fake/false news report was solidified by the evidence gathering of a ‘Tweet’.


February, as CoVid was heating up as the pandemic that would wipe out half the world population, USAID administrator, Mark Green, published a tweet in which he claimed that the US government had pledged $1.16 billion to USAID to be redistributed to GAVI as an investment in vaccine research.

Less than one month later Mark Green was forcibly retired and replaced with acting administrator, John Barsa.

Apparently, Mr. Green served as Director of an NGO, Malaria No More, which is an NGO founded and funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Abbott Labs, Exxon, 21st Century Fox, Novartis, Time Warner and WHO amongst a plethora of partners.   Obviously Mr. Green was well entrenched in the Swampland beneath the tutelage of Bill Gates. And obviously, this partnership had to end.

USAID has been a front funder for depopulation under the guise of humanitarian vaccinations for decades.   IN conjunction with other NGO’s that play the two heads of Sybil, such as The Clinton Health Initiative, these organizations have been instrumental in siphoning US tax dollars for the purpose of gaining their global position in the power play for a New World Order RESET.

Gates involvement in eradicating malaria in Africa has been ongoing for over two decades and has accomplished little in that arena, but he has managed to sterilize large swathes of the population while earning himself and his cohort NGO’s vast sums of money.   And We The People paid for it all via our tax dollars. How decidedly disgusting.

In fact, with the ousting of Mark Green and the appointment of acting administrator, John Barsa, virtually the entire team at USAID has been wiped and replaced with those loyal to Trump which has caused a firestorm throughout the liberal maniacal plebes who decry fowl… or foul.

Their issue stems from the fact that the siphoning of billions of taxpayer dollars to front NGO’s has come to a screeching halt.   And that – simply is not fair!   With a $40 billion budget, USAID has managed to spend every dime with absolutely no benefit to US taxpayers.   And Mark Green, a Republican, was just another Swamper who needed pickin’.

But the maze of NGO’s that have been paid for by US tax dollars is vast, and although USAID was the benefactor of the bulk of funding, they are simply one Wiley Coyote in a den of thousands.

As a result of the vast reorganization within USAID, a dozen employees are claiming that the move is racist and undermining of ‘diversity’ and inclusion.   Pelosi and Schumer have of course attempted to criminalize the re-organization to no avail.

The dozen or so employees who are crying the blues are part of an accountability group formed in 2009, Modernizing Foreign Assistance Network.   MFAN claims that they are better able to determine where USAID funding should be spent based on what they deem humanitarian areas of concern.  In other words USAID is incapable of divesting it’s funding so a new government organization was formed with the task of determining where those $40 billion will go.   MFAN works alongside two government organizations; USAID and OPIC. OPIC, Overseas Private Investment Corporation, merged with the Development Credit Authority, and focused primarily on business funding of environmental concerns – in Africa.   They were dissolved in 2019.

So far in 2020 the Gates Foundation has made 831 grants to various organizations. The most notable include: Clinton Health Initiative, Catholic Relief Org., Center For American Progress, Georgia Tech, China CDC, African Field Network for Polio, SAGA, the US Global Leadership Program, a host of education and analytics organizations, Kleo Pharmaceuticals and Tanager.

The US Global Leadership Program ‘educates’ potential political candidates on what to support, how to think, and what is important. Center for American Progress is a Podesta/Clinton boondoggle. SAGA was formed by Gates in 2014 to provide virtual education tutoring however reviews by employees are pitiful at best.   Kleo Pharmaceuticals was awarded a $5 million grant to develop a therapeutic Hyperimmune Globular Mimic to treat CoVid 19. New America – a liberal policy think tank which helps to create New Thinkers along with Google. The Clinton Initiative, which continues to dispose of its nearly $200 million in annual income via salaries distributed over a plethora of subsidiaries. It is worth noting that the Clinton Health Initiative receives funding from USAID.

In essence, the Gates Foundation is wholly encased in re-education of students K-12, health indoctrination in Africa and India, and manipulation of public views, news, and information.

All these agendas are funded by Gates Foundation through its various stock portfolio.   One of his latest investments was in Schrodinger, a US drug company based in Portland Oregon that develops chemical simulation software for use in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and materials research.   The market value of Schrodinger has risen from $17 to $76 since its initial public offering in February 2020.   That represents a gain of 347% in 5 months.

And That’s How It is Done.

Bill Gates GAVI, Clinton Health Initiative, WHO – Covering a Botched Vaccine!

There are an estimated 380 trillion virus’s that live in our body at any given time. They consist of good virus’s and bad virus’s which are playing a constant game of Tactics II to win the war.   When ‘Science’ determines it can manipulate those games and inject virus’s, diseases, bacteria, proteins and vaccines, they have no idea what they are dealing with or what pandemic they may have unleashed.

Arrogant and muddy brained, these scientists think that they can ignore 380 trillion virus pathogens and target 1 or 4.

The FLU Vaccine for 2019-2020 carried a variant of four possible flu’s and was recommended for everyone over the age of 65.   The variants include mutations from the H1N1 as well as H3N2, and influenza Bx2 – hence it was labeled a quadrivalent. It appears to have been licensed as a trivalent… and in that somehow was released fast tracking  more than a year before trials were completed.

While the B virus’s are less potent, they are more likely to target young children and have existed since at least 1940 when they were identified.   80 years later, they have not been eradicated and continue to infect those who are susceptible.

The H-virus’s are considered much more potent and attack those whose immune systems are compromised, the elderly, those with underlying conditions, etc…   The 2019-2020 vaccine was called Fluad Qiv. While children could only sustain 1 dose, all others were recommended to have 2 doses.   In addition to all the typical side effects of vaccines:   hives, blisters, wheezing, tightness in the chest or throat – this vaccine could result in difficulty in breathing, swallowing and talking, muscle weakness, numbness, headache, dizziness and seizures.

Not unlike what was ultimately attributed to CoVid 19 – symptoms.

The antigens in the vaccine were specified by WHO.   The vaccine was initially developed by Novartis but spun off to CSL ‘s vaccine division Sequirus based in Sydney Australia with additional labs in North Carolina – where CoVid was said to have originated and been stolen by Chinese in the Thousand Talents Program.   Despite claiming to be a world leader in vaccines, Sequirus has only been in existence since 2015.   Fluad Qiv was not intended to be launched as a vaccine until 2020-2021 influenza season – but somehow managed to squeeze through regulatory agencies – including the FDA, a year early.   It was specifically created to target the elderly and was NOT recommended for anyone under the age of 65.  And yet – even there, somehow our CDC and medical divisions promoted this on a massive scale.

It is estimated that 40-60% of those over the age of 65 get the flu vaccine.   According to the CDC, the efficacy rate of any flu vaccine is as low as 24% – and so upwards of 18,000 to 70,000 die each year from influenza with 85-90% of those over the age of 65.

The most pronounced symptom of CoVid 19 was difficulty breathing – one of the side effects of the vaccine.

Why was this particular vaccine fast tracked by a full year?

In 2011, with the approval of WHO, China entered the vaccine market in alliance with Bill Gates Organization, GAVI. As of 2014, China had 34 vaccine manufacturers, of which 4 were international joint ventures. According to Dr. Xu Ming, “China is currently producing nearly all of the commonly-used vaccines for viral diseases such as influenza, measles, rabies (for humans), mumps, rotavirus, hepatitis A and B and for bacterial diseases, including typhoid, tetanus and diphtheria,”

But it isn’t just Bill Gates, GAVI that is an adjuvant of the China vaccine industry, it was also aligned with the Clinton Health Initiative.

According to, “MF59 was fast-tracked through the FDA approval process, which means it did not go through placebo-controlled clinical trials. It was tested in about 1,000 healthy adults in the United States over age 65. This study showed that Fluad did not work better than a non-adjuvant flu shot (Agriflu), but it did show Fluad caused more side effects.”

That would seem pitiful in the world of true Science…

Could the annual flu vaccine have actually been the causal factor of CoVid 19?   And as a result – China, GAVI, WHO, Clinton Health all rapidly colluded to create a smoke screen in order to hide the fact that a vaccine actually caused a viral reaction? The list of side effects of this vaccine seem eerily similar to the symptoms of CoVid 19… And in fact, no one under the age of 65 should have been given this vaccine.

86% of CoVid deaths in NY are said have occurred in people who had underlying illnesses.   The same percentage as those who are over the age of 65, who were also the age group encouraged to receive the flu vaccine Fluad qiv.

While China has adamantly sworn on everyone’s grave that there was no biological warfare release either intentionally or accidentally from the wuhan Laboratory, what if they did release a botched vaccine?   In conjunction with their best buddies; Bill Gates a(GAVI) and Hillary Clinton (Clinton Health Initiative).

The Massive Scraping to Create a Fake Pandemic to cover tracks would not be without pause to consider…

While China has issued massive propaganda campaigns to assert that the virus did not come from their biological warfare lab – the language is such that it leaves open the possibility that a faulty vaccine created under the auspices of GAVI and the Clinton Health Initiative with oversight by WHO – may be the causal factor.

And everything that the world, the globe has experienced since – is all about covering up errors that could create massive lawsuits and the final decimation of the Gates/Clinton/China Belt – all for the sake of a global economic collapse…so as to ReCreate Society – Usher in Communism as our Savior – And remove the dastardly singular impediment – President Trump!