EU Mandatory Vaccine: Forever.

Germany claims they don’t have any more vaccines readily available.   Odd.   UK claims they have a CoVid patient enter the hospitals every 30 seconds while adding that every adult in the UK will be ‘offered’ a vaccine by September.   Simultaneously Von Der Leyen of the EU Commission announces a vaccine passport will be required for travel within the EU and only approved vaccines from the Bill Gates trough can be used. Hungary has meanwhile purchased a number of China’s vaccines which have an efficacy rate of 50% or less.   That means that travel within the EU is likely to be shuttered until next Autumn given there are not currently enough vaccines.

When one hand is talking, it would appear that communication amongst EU members has not been exemplary.

Given the newest ‘science’ to be released confirms the science that was released a year ago – Lockdowns Don’t Work – the entire package is looking more and more discombobulated.

Of course, NONE of the vaccines have actually been ‘approved’ – they are only allowed for emergency use.   That is science speak for “we have no idea what the harmful effects might be” – although death would seem to be one acceptable side effect…

Norway says no worries about the 13+ vaccine deaths they have already accounted, because they all occurred in the elderly who would be dying in the next few years anyway.

Eugenics or genocide?

Bill Gates has even stated that we must wait to see – who survives before we can implement the full plan for Agenda 2030.

Meanwhile despite China not allowing the team of virologists to examine the Wuhan Lab, the virologists are stating openly that the bio lab in Wuhan is the source.  Yawn.

China is implementing another lockdown because of 55 new cases while simultaneously gloating that their economy is roaring as every other country is fading. And the MSM is having a heyday with that announcement declaring China Knows Best!

China exercises an interesting concept of economic statistics.   Lie.   Lie about everything and no one will ever be able to prove otherwise.   Sounds eerily like the Democrats and Rhino’s in the US.   Lie – and therefore it never happened.   Delete, therefore it didn’t exist.   Redefine – every truism and replace it with an illusion.   And soon no one will have any idea who what or where truth exists.

Meanwhile, Public Health England has stated that if you have had the virus you will be protected for maybe 5 months.   The vaccine might protect you for 8 months.   Therefore, everyone must be vaccinated multiple times per year for coronavirus.

SARS-Cov2 is the scientific name for the tests, the cases, and the vaccine.   Nowhere does any scientific review refer to CoVid 19.   Because CoVid19 has never been sequenced – because this virus has never been isolated.

It is worth noting that Public Health England became NIH International August 2020.   It is headed by a government official with a degree in business – not virology, not immunology, not infectious disease.   Not – Science as everyone now determines is the godly truth.    In fact, Baroness Harding is a product of McKinsey & Company as well as the ever plethora of liberalitists from Harvard. Her previous experience has been in convenience stores and retail where she was criticized, fined, and found to be ignorant of her duties. She sits on the board of a ‘think tank’ which calls for public health to be scrapped. Ah!   An appropriate pick to evaluate an infectious flu.

With a Biden administration set to be installed in a matter of days, democrat controlled states are launching promotional campaigns to ‘open everything’!   Although masks and social distancing must be adhered to in the Great RESET of economic order, a new Biden economy will be lavishly praised throughout his brief tenure.

As of January 4th, The Epoch Times reports that hundreds of vaccine recipients have been sent to the emergency ward with adverse effects!   But not to worry, those people are mostly old and would die anyway. This is the new mantra as espoused by Gov Cuomo when he sent infected nursing home patients back to infect others thus causing a massive spike in deaths.

Now, as schools are being slated to open again, the cry is not CoVid, but mental health!   Apparently there are not nearly enough mental health personnel to accommodate the mental health crisis perpetuated by the governors shutting down and destroying businesses and livelihoods putting children in crisis for food and housing.

Eugenics is defined as ‘controlled breeding’.   Genocide is the deliberate act of destroying a sub-category of humans to bring physical destruction.

It would appear, that the liberals across the globe are busily activating both. Survival of the fittest.   The animal kingdom.

While the media tenderly touches on the slaughter of Uighur Muslims in China as genocide, they deflect when cornered about the genocide perpetrated upon healthy individuals in every country in the name of CoVid.

For they are the same.

China claims a need to re-educate these Muslims – when in fact many believe they are simply an encampment of useable body parts and organs for transplant. It is a lucrative business that can garner anywhere from $5000 to $200,000 per ‘organ’.   Hospitals are complicit.   And the Mafia controls most of the market. In the US alone it is believed that anywhere from 122,000 to 200,000 individuals require an organ transplant each year.   In the US, California is the largest source and recipient.

All of these notations I mention are actually intertwined.

Ultimately it is about death.   Who is worthy to live and who is not.

Instead of God being the determinant being – Man, with Satan by his side, has usurped that reality.   And ultimately, God will usurp Satan and take with him a number of men.

4 thoughts on “EU Mandatory Vaccine: Forever.

  1. You are so right!

    We should know by now that the virus is about as real as a Biden cogent thought. Never isolated,,, never laid eyes on,,, never a complete genome from this alleged plague of a virus where over 99% manage to somehow survive even with the most gloomy predictions and ever adding symptoms. Yet today’s brilliant scientists managed to make a vaccine in only thirty days.

    Now we have a “vaccine” that isn’t a vaccine. Sort of like having a president that’s not a president. A vaccine is supposed to fire up your immune system to fight off the errant bug so you don’t get sick and you don’t spread it. But recently Pope Fauci said we will still have to wear the holy rag as the “vaccine” will not stop a person from spreading it.

    In science past, the only way one could spread a virus was for that virus to be replicating and the person should be showing some symptoms. That used to mean, if vaccinated,,, the vaccine didn’t work. Today’s science tells us we can have GMO vaccines that may change DNA, “make you sicker than a dog”, but if it doesn’t seem to work we just need more injections.

    Jesus said no man will know the day he returns,,, until then I think he left it up to us to “take care of business”. He saved our souls,,, we probably have to save our a$$.

  2. Here we go again. The pandemic is NOT a pandemic. 80-90% of the counted deaths are either bogus or from the very frail elderly, sadly nearing the end of their lives…but it’s a future all of us face. Even you Dr. Mengele Gates.

    The vaccines are NOT vaccines if you go by the definition of vaccines used by government and pharma going back as far as 1905. According to Moderna, as stated by them explicitly…their potion is a “GENE THERAPY TECHNOLOGY”…which does not even come close to fitting the standard vaccine definition. And that definition also states the the vaccine must be able to reduce deaths and reduce transmission of the disease. Pfizer’s junk is also a RNA/DNA altering potion, the same as Moderna’s. And as stated by both companies, there was no “exact” particle of Covid used to create these things…only a presumed replica…in other words…GUESSWORK.

    There is NO absolute confirmed proof that ANY of these little tested Covid potions can accomplish saving lives or stopping the spread of the fake virus…at all! In fact, these pretend potions will be in trial for the next two years, at least using billions of lab rats…that’s you guys. According to a German source, China has already banned their use due to the rising number of negative consequences.

  3. Personally I think God set this plague upon the Earth. After all, nobody really knows exactly where this thing came from, and can’t even pin down what “it” is. Prophecy fulfillment.

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