It would appear we may heading for a tumultuous ride the 19th and 20th – we have been told to stay home, stay out of harms way, don’t be a martyr, don’t be stupid!   I pray – and you should too – that what I am hearing is actually true – because it is our LAST VESTIGE of hope against a communist takeover!   And Lord help us if they implant their Agenda.

5 thoughts on “ELECTION 2020

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    I’m not hopeful,,, not hungry enough yet. Heck, we can’t find enough fit people to man today’s military. Men and women too fat, too lazy, uneducated with university degrees. People with money, plenty of food, don’t normally complain.

    And something like 67% of “Americans” are drooling for their $2000 monthly check. School loans they signed, forgiven. Free Rent/Mortgages. We are on a new monetary system MMT, Magic Money Tree essentially,,, the final nail in the coffin for the dollar.

    It will likely take a generation or two and maybe never. Things have to get pretty bad and by then most of the weapons will have been sold back to gov. Took the Ruskies 70 years of hell.

    Real freedom requires a responsible, hard working population set on making their own way… Old school Americans. Today,,, thanks to the hard work of American education and media, Americans would salute their own firing squad.

    The best we can hope for is a breakup. That is highly doubtful as today’s liberals don’t like the idea of leaving people alone. Same as in 1865.

  2. The battle will be fought beyond the 19th and the 20th. And there will be little or no help from our illustrious, self-pompous politicians.

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