Biden’s Climate Change EO’s – Green Energy Another WWII Revenue Gouge!

Biden has announced his first 10 Executive Orders once he is sitting in the White House.   They all revolve to some degree around Climate Change policies, although most are vague with wording that really is meaningless:   ensure, double down on, reduce, require and protect.   None actually present a definitive date, time, percentage, and the proverbial – where will the money come from determinations.   As such they seem more to placate the Greenies, than to actually administer a plan of action, although he pledges to appropriate $2 trillion for these costs.

Electric cars have definitely been making the rounds with the new and improved Boris Johnson proclaiming a green transformation for the UK by 2030.   No one really objects to reducing emissions, we just don’t like when mandates that we can’t afford empty our purses and wallets.  But what is Bojo really touting?

For example, a Sunday drive would have to be pre-planned to make sure your vehicle is charged which can take up to 12 hours.   No more, “Honey let’s go up to the mountains, what do you think…”   spur of the moment drives.   Intrastate travel will slow to a crawl as motorists are forced to stop every 200 miles for 8 hours of charging! That 13 hour drive from Denver to Phoenix will now take 36 hours.   And your vacation choice will be altered due to drive time.

But more importantly how can cities sustain the additional load on electrical grids?   California and New York typically have blackouts due to over use.   Imagine adding 15+ million additional vehicles to that grid?  Because California boasts the most vehicles in the nation.

Generally, blackouts are triggered during the summer months due to heightened use of air conditioners. But summer is also the time of heightened travel, summer vacations, road trips, weekend getaways, etc…

The ten largest utility companies in the US service 9 states including California and New York.   ALL are investor owned.   Do you really think those investors won’t hike rates to cover the increased usage for electric cars? Think again.

California has 24 separate utility companies including Pacific Gas and Electric which ranks in the top 10 by Revenue.   And it STILL had rolling blackouts this past summer.   Pacific Gas is also embroiled in lawsuits given the grid explodes every year causing massive wildfires!    In 2017 alone – 9 separate wildfires were attributed to PG&E.   It filed for bankruptcy in 2019 and was bailed out by Newsom in 2020.

Natural gas was the primary source to power PG&E.   It diversified in the 1990’s to the utilization of some hydroelectric usage, but droughts hampered the ability to produce power. And droughts are a mainstay of California.

PG&E’s renewable source for utility plants is estimated to be 32%.   That would include hydroelectric which consumes vast amounts of water – another huge depleted asset in the US.  That means 68% of power is generated thru fossil fuels.   HELLO!

Lets look at another top utility company and its profit margin.

Duke Energy services North Caroline, Tennessee and South Carolina.   Its revenues are upwards of $23billion annually, achieved thru ‘natural gas’ facilities and ‘water reactors’. The CEO, Lynn Good, rakes in annual compensation of more than $14 million per year and simultaneously sits on the Board of Boeing earning her additional income.   IN 2002, Duke was named the 46th largest polluter in the US.   Eighteen of its facilities are ‘coal fired’ and 23 are oil and gas fired.

But electric energy is – CLEAN.

Transitioning to Green energy is NOT viable. At least not given we haven’t developed a source that can generate the needs demanded of coal, oil and gas.   A nuclear plant requires years for approval and another 20 years to build.   Europe is shuttering their nuclear facilities.   The alternatives have yet to be scientifically developed.   Solar is solar specific and not captured.   Wind is a veritable disaster!   And water is more precious than GOLD!

Which is why the Flintstones cartoon makes headlines.

In an Amazon world – all employees would exist within a housing unit city for the purpose of doing Amazon work 13 hours per day and paying rent for the privilege to work in their city state.   Their life would revolve around one thing – work. Their existence would be determined by their work.   And their productivity would be monitored by their accomplishments for Amazon – as determined by Amazon police Karens.  And as mini-me robots, their utilization of energy would be reduced.

Such an existence would require – no cars, no travel, no vacations, no movement outside the complex.   That is the vision of Bezos.   Workers. Bees to the queen.   Nothing more.

The largest investor of Duke Energy that services the Carolina’s is CalPers – which is a subsidiary of California Government Operations Agency under the guidance of Governor Gavin Newsom.    Surprise.

IN February 2020, Gavin Newsom et al proposed a governmental takeover of PG&E.   And the MSM was wholly supportive…

Exelon would seem to top the charts in revenue for a ‘clean source’ with $40 billion annual revenues , $118 billion in assets, and a portfolio that includes Nuclear Power, fossil fuels, natural gas and Hydroelectric… blah-blah.

In other words – NONE of the electric producers in the US are anything but – consumers of nonrenewable plants – nor do they have any incentive to alter that diaspora.   Money is money – and they are making plenty as the incentive to use more via fake electrical greens escalates.  How much more they can make should conversion to electric energy vs gas stations is likely in the Trillions.

In the end – GREEN has absolutely Nothing to do with preserving the Planet or reducing emissions, or saving anything!   It has everything to do with a new source of revenue gouging by creating an overload and thus ramping up electricity costs 120-130% – or more….  Have fun!

It is no different than the WWII war effort wherein industries played their profits by supporting both sides and oil became the new gold.

Hedge your bets – buy electricity company stock – maybe then you can afford your monthly bill. They like to call it a Green Revolution – but in actually it is simply another Elite Gouge – for profit.

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  1. The astronomical cost of shifting to non-carbon based energy sources would literally send humanity back to the Stone Age, with consequent population decline; annihilation of the species, per the Satanic purpose for destroying the globe’s economies. Let’s make this abundantly clear by noting the shocking cost for just one critical component of the United State’s energy needs:


    The United States Strategic Petroleum Reserve is currently at 635.2 million barrels of oil. 635 million barrels of oil equals 1,079,123,092,000 megawatts. 1,079,123,092,000/100 = 10,791,230,920; 10,791,230,920 X $3.6 billion* = $3,884,831,310,000,000,000,000,000,000 (octillion).

    The United States’ Gross Domestic Product (GDP) for 2017 was $19,390,000,000,000 (trillion). Battery storage to replace the strategic petroleum reserve would cost more than 100,000 GDPs!


    Climate change mechanics conspires to do away with the physics of the atmosphere, where action and reaction is abandoned. When a new gas molecule is introduced into the dense troposphere, dislocation takes place, where if the new molecule is denser than the atmosphere (contains less heat energy), such as carbon dioxide, the gas molecule sinks displacing upwards the warmer nitrogen and oxygen molecules, thereby cooling the area of dislocation. Conversely, if the new gas molecule has more heat energy than the nitrogen-oxygen based atmosphere (such as methane), the new molecule rises, displacing relatively cooler nitrogen and oxygen molecules downwards, which displaces upwards relatively more heat retaining nitrogen and oxygen molecules, thereby cooling the area of dislocation. Thermodynamics in action in the atmosphere that keeps the Earth cool when increased radiation isn’t the new variable introduced.


    The identity of the mass murderers that have co-opted the globe’s institutions identify themselves as Marxists, most being unaware that they are, in fact, manipulated by a top level leadership cadre composed of humanity’s arch enemy’s combatants, Satanists.

    Troubled by a personal moral breakdown once freed from parental constraints (a libertine), the man the world knows as a racist and callous and domineering psychopath was formerly a devout and lovely young follower of Christ. Then Marx’s personality changed for the worse, seeking not atheism, but revenge against God and His children on Earth:

    “Thus Heaven I’ve forfeited,
    I know it full well,
    My soul, once true
    to God, Is chosen for hell.”


    “With disdain I will throw my gauntlet
    Full in the face
    of the world,
    And see the collapse
    of this pygmy giant
    Whose fall will
    not stifle my ardour.
    Then will I wander
    godlike and victorious
    Through the ruins
    of the world
    And, giving my
    words an active force,
    I will feel equal
    to the Creator.”

    Marx wrote those poems AFTER he transferred university from Bonn to Berlin, telling us (1) Marx always remained a theist, feigning atheism; and (2) that we were lied to when told that once Marx entered university that’s when he became an atheist. As for the rank and file Marxists, they’re marionettes, whose strings are pulled by the Marxist leadership class who are actually Satanists; Satanists have been active within our institutions for millennia, as Jesus warned us.

    * $3.6 billion is the cost for a 100 megawatts battery. In 2006, during peak power in the summer, Washington, DC used approximately 6,888 MW of power: 6,888/100 MW = 68 MW; 68MW X $3.6 billion = $244.8 billion for Washington, DC to switch from petroleum to renewable energy sources. Washington, DC’s annual budget is $12.8 billion.

  2. Hi

    Cars are 99% cleaner than in the late 60s early 70s. Fuel millage up to 30-35mpg. Back then we were worried about pollution. Pollution controls were added to reduce the pollutants. The problem with CO2 is it is no more a pollutant than oxygen or nitrogen. Pollutants were renamed emissions. This fit right in to the Global Warming cult. Now they could eventually eliminate cars with internal combustion engines.

    The idiots want to reduce CO2 in the atmosphere seemingly uninterested in real green things like plants and trees. The more CO2 the more vegetation. The vegetation will consume the CO2 and create more oxygen. Whats more is most of the CO2 is coming from undersea volcano’s. This is also heating up the oceans and in some areas melting ice. This you don’t hear about.

    Like Corona the Global Warming myth is another scare tactic for the under educated. These folk can be convinced the moon is made of blue cheese if a government “expert” said so. Everything is directed at control. Soon no travel without papers or chips. Two airlines no will require vaccination to fly. This will reduce the CO2 they say but the real target is restricting travel. This is how Corona and GW work together. The vaccines are genetic modification so if anything goes wrong there is no going back. Of course they’ll say you died of Covid which will make even more get the shot.

    I combined Corona and GW because they are both part of their evil plan to depopulate and enslave. At this precise moment, it appears they will succeed.


    • “At this precise moment, it appears they will succeed.”

      The Satanists are in panic mode, hence the hilariously obvious COVID-19 operation to destroy the physical and neurological growth of children, who require 50% more oxygen, by body mass, than adults for their growing bodies and brains. Children’s organ growth and specialization are now being deprived of critical oxygen, leading to multiple cancers in children. This is the real purpose for the COVID-19 operation…the destruction of our future with the destruction of the next generation, which identifies the Satanic ‘false opposition’ who naturally too conspire to not direct our attention to this genocide of the children.

      As a panic maneuver, the Satanic co-opted establishments of the globe have already failed.

  3. Green electric energy is not as clean as we are led to believe. And it certainly is not a viable mainstay for the entire power grid since it has no 100%, always on consistency. Solar panels are made of very toxic substances, where mining them causes pollution and they cannot be recycled very easily, if at all. There are places that do not see the sun all year long.

    Windmills have an average lifespan of 20 years and then they must be taken down and cannot be recycled at all. Those material go to landfills and take up a lot of space and to not degrade very fast. There is an expense to that. Plus creating the materials to build these things also causes pollution, a factor never considered.

    Both solar panels and windmills will release toxic goodies into the air as the deteriorate over decades. How a mostly “fake green” power grid is going to handle recharging a few hundred million vehicles is liberal global warmist’s pipedream.

    Not to worry though…by 2030, Gates, Soros and Schwab will have the world owning nothing and being very happy! There will be no cars because there will be nowhere to go and we will be thrilled too be stuck for endless months locked in our concrete “Russian” bunkers, all compacted into the city watching the only available TV channel…CNN. Endless propaganda and endless misery and isolation…and we are going to love it!

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