ObamaCare vs Supreme Court: Universal Health on the Table

Today, the Hearings for Amy Barrett are all about health care.   Why?   The liberals are tearfully projecting stories of children with significant diseases whose survival can only be assured if Obamacare is not overturned by the Supreme Court.     Essentially, they seem to be trying to convince Mrs. Barrett that she will rot in Hell for murdering children if she should dare to put a pinky finger on the existing health program.

Few even remember what life was like before Obamacare.

In 1960, 70% of the US population had ‘some sort’ of health insurance.   Annual expenditures for health care capped at $9 billion.   Today, roughly 26 million people are uninsured – which coincidentally coincides with the estimated number of illegals in the US.   The annual expenditure for health care is now over $1.3 trillion!   Expenditures have increased 45% since the implementation of Obamacare – and 14,655% since 1960.

That’s not health care – that’s BIG BUSINESS!

In 1960 the biggest killers were: heart disease, cancer, and stroke.   In 2019 the biggest killers were: heart disease, cancer and stroke.   The average life expectancy in 1960 was 80.   The average life expectancy in 2019 – 80.   What has changed?

Labor estimates show 16 million Americans are employed in the health industry.   By 2026, that number is expected to increase to 20 million. In 1960, not-for-profit hospitals contracted volunteers to assist in the menial tasks… my mother was one of them.   Volunteers represented 60% of the total staff.   The petition to persuade employers to cover the cost of health insurance began in 1960.

The medical industry is the number 2 employer in the US. The number 1 employer is the government: Federal government workers represent about 12% and state and local 7% for a total of 19% of the total labor force.   Another Big Business.   Our tax dollars PAY for 19% of the employees whose wages and benefits are significantly higher than the average wage earner.   The average compensation for all workers is roughly $50,000 and for federal workers it is $70,000.

Why is Obamacare really so important to the liberal agenda?

Before Obamacare – subsidies were relegated to Medicaid only.   Before Obamacare – only those who wanted insurance had insurance.   Personally I didn’t have insurance until I reached 40. I paid for my babies cash out of pocket totaling about $3000 each.   Today that wouldn’t be possible. The uninsured cost to have a baby is between $30,000 and $50,000.

In other words – you have to have insurance!

Five states are already working to provide a state-run public option to Obamacare; Washington, Nevada, Minnesota, New Mexico and Illinois.  This ‘public-run’ would still qualify for the subsidies in place under Obamacare, but the states, not the private insurers would reap the rewards.   State run hospitals already exist, but they typically handle Medicare and Medicaid customers.


Elmhurst Hospital:   Elmhurst is run by the public corporation, Health + Hospitals as a nonprofit.   In addition to the 11 acute care hospitals, they operate 5 nursing homes and 6 treatment centers serving primarily the poor.   Revenues top $11 billion with net profit of $31.8 million in 2019 and projected deficiencies for 2022 thru 2024 of $128 to $301 million each year. Salaries, benefits and pensions account for more than 80% of revenues.   Without Obamacare and Medicaid subsidies, the system deficits are likely to be quite larger.

Elmhurst, was the beneficiary of thousands of the CoVid death tally. While the Health + Hospitals Corporation holds five nursing homes, Gouverneur is likely the one fulfilling the Cuomo mandate of hospital transfers.   Recent reviews from 2019 indicate under staffing, lack of care, patients untended, improperly drugging patients, lack of communication, etc…   Their website posts an award from Newsweek – “Best Nursing Home 2021”… Guess someone didn’t proofread.  Of course a few of their other nursing homes were also the recipient of this exact same award…  Imagine that!

Featured Image:   Latest news release August 2020 attests to an arts and medicine project to paint murals. Notice the masks and social distancing…

Could it be that the public hospitals were being fed from the same corporation’s public nursing homes?   Likely yes.

New York represented nearly 16% of total deaths – most occurring in state hospitals that catered to Medicaid patients and were thus able to siphon the additional CoVid funds for care. Hospital patients service demographics: 59% Hispanic, 19% Asian, 11% white and 8% black.

Ultimately, this is the same system that they want to force feed every state in an attempt to follow the UN mandate of Universal Healthcare. To date Governor Cuomo is refusing to comply with DOJ requests for documents related to CoVid deaths at hospitals and nursing homes.

5 thoughts on “ObamaCare vs Supreme Court: Universal Health on the Table

  1. I grew up in the 60s. In 1960 America was a completely different nation. We had REAL jobs and produced REAL products. Using Government CPI scam calculator $1.00 in 1960 is worth $0.11 cents today. Probably more like $0.01.

    In 1960 the average cost of having a baby was about $150. 0.25% on a average $6000 income. Today $10,000 on the low end, $30,000 high end,,, 20% to 60% on a very suspect government average of $50,000 income.

    I broke my arm in 1960. My mother was able to pay off the medical bill in three months so it could not have been much as she was a waitress. Another thing about the time was most paid cash. Very little debt,,, called credit today and NO ONE trusted banks or government.

    And 1960 was one of the few years the federales had a budget surplus. Today the deficit is so huge they say it doesn’t matter. I suspect we will learn differently shortly but apparently it has to be that way.

    Today the average government employee, (note: I did not say worker), makes, (note: I did not say earns), far more than the average civilian worker earns, which said worker has to pay for the government employee plus benefits.

    Comparing that time to today is like comparing Apples to oranges. Today it’s Scam America where EVERYTHING is a scam with the biggest scam of all human time,,, the Corona virus,,, the kill shot for freedom in most of the world.

    America is toast and has been since the Constitution replaced the Articles which explicitly stated the States were sovereign. It has been downhill since and I expect the bottom in about 2022 – 2024.

    Your post is great and correct,,, I just wanted to add a little color as I grew up in the era.

    much regards.

    • The 1960’s embraced Revolution, feminism, drugs, Johnson’s Great Society, Socialism, Marxism, and the rise of the Cabal/Cult into mainstream. It was the beginning of the CIA and FBI corruption. The death of Kennedy. And the beginning of radicals, anarchists, declining education standards, and the rise of indebtedness, medical dependency, and government oversight. It was – the beginning.
      FYI: my dad did not have debt and taught me that same concept. I have none.

  2. Scary that government and the medical mafia control almost 40% of the economy. I’ll bet that without insurance, the cost for medical treatments would drop 50-80%. Because there is insurance to pay for medical costs, they are jacked up to the sky. Why do other countries offer similar services for 80% less cost?

  3. Holy shit! My kids were $1,400 a pop. It doesn’t cost anything to have a child. They come out on their own. 90% of the world uses midwives. $30,000? wtf?

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