Black Lives Matter: Fantasy Fascists.

I realize that in writing the following Blog, I will not make a lot of friends. But it is something that needs to be aired, needs to be said, because it is what everyone is thinking but – afraid to say.   Can’t offend.   Can’t offend.   But the TRUTH is important – lest we become cowards of our tongue: 

A frank look at Black Lives Matter “movement” that might result in my lynching but needs to be voiced!

Prior to the “Movement” which was created during the Obama administration as a means of division, I had no opinion whatsoever about racism.   I recognized that there is inherent racism to an extent in every individual, black, white, yellow, red, or green.   I recognized that degree’s are the issue.   The KKK was most certainly a cross the line – degree of racism.   But so is the Black Panther – “Movement”.   Because the essence of all these radical infiltrations is = Divide and Conquer.

So now we debate philosophy.

Racism is a truism.   But that truism exists in all cultures.   African blacks are hugely racist.   Muslim extremists are extremely racist.   Japanese hate Chinese, and Indian’s hate Dalits.   Racism Does exist – just not in the format that the MSM attempts to portray!

Instead of making “racism” RACISM, blacks in America have agitated and usurped what is reality and claimed it only exists to enslave – blacks. And in so doing, blacks are the new racists.

I am sure I held some racist tendencies before, but those tendencies are now peaked to fear.   I fear blacks because the media shows that they systematically attack anyone for no apparent reason whatsoever.   A black man hits a white man on the head with a brick. A black man punches a 75 year old woman in Walmart.   Blacks loot and destroy stores throughout our BLM/Antifa hit cities!   All of this is videoed.   All supported by ‘evidence’.

And yet, racism continues to be a disease of White People.  How is that reality hijacked?

Despite the violence, the assaults, the deaths, the murders, the destruction – the rioters are being  excused because as blacks they are expressing their outrage….  And destruction is their means.   Do you see how the media portrays blacks?   Do you see that they have created your character?   And it is NOT a positive view…

The media portrays “All Blacks” as anarchists who set fire, destroy and loot.   That is the MSM.   Your hero’s.  The ones you worship.  They Portray You As – Scum!

Somehow, murder and arson and destruction is normalized as a means of expressing dissatisfaction …At least that would be what the MSM proclaim.    But as they have done in the last decades, what is a platform, what is a belief, will simply vanish should it be deemed appropriate.   And in that moment, everyone collectively associated with that movement will no longer a be relevant.  But suddenly the People began to object as the sweethearts moved into their neighborhoods.   And the thems became me and me objected.   Shifting positions, priorities, and opinions, meant re-programming.   Time.

If someone is so heinous as to align those actions and mindset with a “Black Movement” then that person, not the movement or its actions are considered – reprehensible.

Do Black Lives Matter?   Yes.   Blue Lives Matter. Red Lives Matter.   Yellow lives matter… But that’s not good enough – it must read ONLY Black Lives Matter.


Does it make people less racist?   Does it alter racism in general? Or does it foment a chaotic reaction that is based solely on emotions when business and livelihoods are – decimated… completely.

If someone, anyone, destroyed your entire life, you house, your home, your business, your car, you credit – would you suddenly become their best friend? Not likely.

So what is the true purpose of this devastation?

Will Black lives be better as a result of the carnage?   Will Black businesses flourish?   Will people see blacks as sympathetic, kind and wholesome?   Will property owners hand over their deeds to Black Lives?  Will black businesses be the focus of market?

Or, will this feed the division, the racism, the fear, the hatred, and ultimately the Great Divide?  Will anything BLACK be anointed and reviled?   Is it any different than the boycott of certain stores because their CEO makes a political alignment?    Does this really result in anything remotely positive or good?   Or does this bring sighs and nods as we ask, ‘What the EFF?’   How dare you destroy my relationships!

I realize I am not making friends within the ‘movement’ by stating these truisms.   I realize that the friends I have who are black mourn how this movement has set them back multiple decades.

Have we taken great leaps forward? Or have we taken a thousand steps backward?

For me – the steps are significantly backward.   Having been the victim of multiple physical attacks in my lifetime – by blacks – I do not now feel a great affinity. I do feel fear.   So if that is your agenda – BRAVO! Mission accomplished.

To those blacks and whites who are my friends and recognize the radical propaganda that has perpetuated such a grave injustice, we are one.   But to those who advocate insurrection, destruction, arson, murder, and hate, I pray for your soul.   For you are truly depraved.   And I don’t give a freakin’ shitake what color your skin is, but I do care what you do – what actions you perpetrate – and the arson and murder you advocate.

Black Lives Matter – you have created a chaos, a division, for which you must be held responsible and accountable.   Your hate is felt among all races, and your ‘movement’ is a sham that will ultimately destroy you – from within – which is their agenda.   Because, you do realize, the Democrats have voted against you every – single – time. And now – you are being played like a violin.   When the strings break, the concerto ends.

And you have no one left to blame… but you.

22 thoughts on “Black Lives Matter: Fantasy Fascists.

  1. It’s a difficult topic and not easily understood. To me, blm and whoever it involves has made great strides going back to the stone age. When I see rioting, looting and beating up of people by groups of thugs, no matter the color, it doesn’t change anything other than something is destroyed and destructive emotions get cranked up. I believe that NO LIVES MATTER! When you can come to that sentiment, you have the basis for considering that all is equal and all is the same. When we label everything and everyone and place degrees of acceptance or rejection upon them, therein is the cause of great confusion and disharmony. The entire universe just is and man (humans) do not possess the intelligence to divide it all up according to silly racist feelings or anything else. Racism is man’s folly for paying worship to his ego and presumed self-importance where in the grand scheme of things, nothing matters. Now you are free to live in peace. Are animals racist? Do they care about governments? Are they worried about what some other animal thinks of them? Do they riot when they feel they are being ignored? (well maybe on some level if they are seeking attention.) No, they survive as their natures dictate and they will certainly out-survive man who is dumber than a donut.

    • Completely agree. There is absolutely nothing positive that can come from anarchy and that has been proven time and time again in history – yet humans are easy to manipulate when they feel entitled. Blacks have just taken themselves a hundred years back with this garbage – all while filtering the donations to corrupt white politicians!

  2. Black Lives Matter was created under Obama, yes. But you make it seem as though he created it himself. Also, the Black Panther Party was a community activist organization that sought to protect its communities from police brutality, along with the various other volunteer work they conducted (e.g., food banks, providing clothes, etc). I am a black man, and I have many criticisms of BLM. In fact, I don’t like the organization. But you seem to conflate the experiences of racism between groups as though they are one and the same. Granted, one can’t weigh the intrinsic value of experience, but, nevertheless, historical context does matter. For example, the racism you experience—occasionally—isn’t necessarily, materially comparable to the genocide in Burundi, a few decades earlier, right? Or what about the Holocaust? Muslim genocide in Bosnia, etc? Comparing because called a “cr*cker,” and experiencing that form of racism, doesn’t equal to a cop pressing a gun to your head and calling you a “dumb f*cking n**ger.” This is my experience. And the experience of many others. Which isn’t to say that all cops are bad. There’s great police officers, and my best friend happens to be one of them. But there are some who takes advantage of their position—compound that with racism, and you have a recipe for disaster in poorer, black communities. Anyway, I don’t want to go through this. But you should at least articulate the point using a better argument. This makes you seem. . .whiny.

    • A. I mentioned BLM was formed during the Obama administration – not sure how that means anything but what I said.
      B. Not sure how Burundi and the Holocaust have anything at all to do with my blog – they are starving in Ethiopia too…
      C. The Black Panthers were a revolutionary group espousing marxism and anti-capitalism. They ran some good things but ended up a mess with drug dealing, murders and anarchy – not a good compliment.
      D. You want articulation and call me ‘whiney’… because I am sick to death anarchists claiming they have a right to destroy, burn and kill. And leftists sit back, laugh and encourage more, more, more. Do you really think anarchy will solve anything? Do you not understand how this only exaggerates and exasperates the view of blacks? Do you not see they are playing you to your destruction?
      Instead of Black Lives Matter a more appropriate name would be Black Anarchists Supporting Corrupt White Politicians – because that’s where all the lovely donations are filtered.
      It is a travesty – and NO ONE is winning except Communism

      • You have to point to where calls for destruction and death is a mainstream point of view. Also, as a person that is actually from the Left, we don’t just sit and “laugh.” You’re making vast generalizations about people with whom you’ve never spoken. Maybe if you read authors and thinkers like Paul Gilroy, Kwame Anthony Appiah, John Rawls, or Amartya Sen, you would have a different perspective on what kind of conversations are actually occurring on the “Left.” This is what fascinates me about many conservatives, assuming you’re a conservative: you simply don’t read the literature or actively educate yourself on ideas that the other side espouses. Meanwhile, I’ve routinely read many conservative social theorists and economists, like Thomas Sowell, Friedman, etc., to not only get a better understanding of opposing points of views, but to contextualize my own. Now with that being said, what’s your issue with Marxism? First let me ask: Have you ever read Marx? Funny enough, have you ever read Adam Smith and the Wealth of Nations? Regardless of whether or not you agree with Marx’s conclusions, which, I’m sure, even he would disagree with now considering the wealth of additional data that exists today (along with many other Marxists, I might add, who also don’t agree with the conclusions), his critique on capitalism is probably the best ever written. Even extremely conservatives, neocons like Francis Fukuyama, conceded that Marx’s critique of capitalism is the best he’s ever read. And how many of the issues written, concerning the negative results of capitalism, is occurring right now. So let’s say this: if you’re pro-capitalism, you have to understand, first, that this is simply an economic theory of model. So it’s inherently imperfect. So why wouldn’t you want to read a critique that could, at the very least, help you fine-tone capitalism to work more efficiently? Now this question is at the core of many economic thinkers (those who don’t exist in the anti-intellectual walls of media outlets and opinion news programs). Also, I’m confused as to how the last few sentences even applies to me. I already said that I don’t like BLM…

        Maybe actually read my last blogpost before you further generalize.

        Also, advocating for the type of unrestrained capitalism that the Right tends to advocate for is, in fact, rather interestingly, a form of economic anarchism. So if you’re truly against anarchy, why be partial?

        I only care about facts, and what’s right.

          • Mr Max Michael: Last time I checked you are NOT my daddy, not my professor, not my colleague, not my boss, not my pastor, and therefore are quite ill equipped to attempt to tell me what and how to write my own blog. In addition, it would appear that you do not follow your own advice per your blog: “A man is more a man by the things he remains silent about than by the things he says.” Camus. I would suggest you consider a different line of work.

              • I’m sorry – are you responding on my website? Are you refusing to acknowledge that a 5 minute research found you are a shill? Rather poor civility to try and tell me what to say – not a value I would embrace… but then a shill is a shill of any color –

                • I don’t have to value what you embrace. I can respect your decision to embrace it. But that doesn’t mean I must value it. It’s called…tolerance. Also, the introduction of “shill” is ironic coming from someone who can’t engage with an argument. As I initially said before, you’re whiny.

                  • I’m sorry but in no definition is tolerance described as anything other than what it is. It does not distinguish or play ‘favorites’, it is about listening which would NOT be the agenda of Leftist organizations or their leaders…

                  • I’m sorry – but the definition of “Shill” is nothing that you describe!
                    “A shill, also called a plant or a stooge, is a person who publicly helps or gives credibility to a person or organization without disclosing that they have a close relationship with the person or organization.”
                    Funny thing. That would describe – YOU.

        • Did I hit a nerve? I’m sorry. My point was to decimate all nerve endings. How could you possibly have an opinion about who and what I’ve read? Do you assume that you are superior? Why that would be fascist and communist combined – an interesting equation of … Camus, n’est pas? So Capitalism is an ‘economic theory that is imperfect”. Tell me how perfect Communism is? Tell me how Marx made Russia Great Again! Tell me how many were murdered under the regimes of Mao, Stalin and Lenin? Tell me how perfect murder is? Please, I don’t need YOUR fine-tuning of my beliefs, political or otherwise. You are a nobody that has done nothing for anybody… And that is a worthy legacy for those who die into the abyss…

          • I don’t think you understand what communism, Marxism, or socialism is. At least read up on the material before writing about it. When you watch Tucker Carlson, which I’m sure you do, you realize he used Marxist arguments when making class arguments, but does so with a conservative slant. At least Tucker is interesting. At least he actually, you know, reads…

            • Sir – I have a very hands-on so to speak, knowledge of communism, Marxism, and Socialism, having friends and family that lived their terror. But once again, the leftist propaganda is to make assumption of my knowledge. Old, trite, and truly boring! But then youth are always more knowledgable of history than those who lived it… N’est pas? Comrade?

              • First of all, I’m not a communist. Secondly, you have an experience with Leninism. Third, according to you, I can blame Adam Smith for the slavery of my people, using the line of argument you’re using…

              • Quotes from Adam Smith, the founder of the thing you seemingly love so much:

                “The expense of institutions for education and religious instruction, is likewise, no doubt, beneficial to the whole of society, and may, therefore, without injustice, be defrayed by the general contribution of society.”

                “To feel much for others and little for ourselves; to restrain our selfishness and exercise our benevolent affections, constitute the perfection of human nature.”

                “According, therefore, as this produce, or what is purchased with it, bears a greater or smaller proportion to the numbers of those who are to consume it, the nation will he better or worse supplied with all the necessaries and conveniencies for which it has occasion.”

                “A nation is not made wealthy by the childish accumulation of shiny metals, but its enriched by the economic prosperity of its people.”

                “No society can surely be flourishing and happy of which by far the greater part of the numbers are poor and miserable.”

                “It is not very unreasonable that the rich should contribute to the public expense, not only in proportion, but something more than that proportion.”

                “Hoe selfish soever man may be supposed, there are evidently some principles in his nature, which interest him in the fortune of others, and render their happiness necessary to him, though he derives nothing from it, except the pleasure of seeing it.”

                You should read more. Knowledge is power. The father of capitalism sounds like the very people you ostensibly despise. I can’t HELP but to laugh.

        • FYI – I did attempt to read your blog post – it was unfortunately, not a ‘blog’ but a abstract paper reminiscent of narcissists who blather on and on and on – and say – very little.

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