President Trump Accusations From Three Misfits

Disgruntled employees coming out of the woodwork, decades past women claiming groping, a nasty book, headline status, these people truly reveal their own lack of respect, honor or integrity.   Boldly attacking our President is all the rage and has the same mentality as BLM members hitting 84 year old women to feel powerful. 

The latest travesty of a human being would appear to be a former ‘staffer’ for Mike Pence who’s job was to provide copies of briefings and coordinate meetings. Olivia Troye was a glorified assistant who was fired because she regularly goofed off and didn’t perform her tasks.

And the gators were waiting on the sidelines to grab her and offer her a ‘stipend’ to make glorified pre-election trouble.

The Department of Homeland Security where Mz. Troye was employed has 230,000 employees.   And the media has elevated Mz. Troye’s vocation from assistant runner errand girl to:   Intelligence Official, Coronavirus Task Force Lead, Counterterrorist Advisor, Strategic Policy Advisor…   Despite a liberal Arts degree as her background.

Olivia Troye.     Prior to working as an aide to VP Mike Pence she worked in the Obama administration as an “Advisor to the Director of Intelligence”.  I can’t find that exact job title anywhere.

Her LinkedIn Page has been revised and updated as of September 2020 and states that she is a graduate from the National Defense University.   In researching past alumni from 2000 thru 2018, her name does not appear. In addition she claims to have graduated from the Naval Post Graduate School 2018-2019.   School alumni are officers of the Army, Navy and Air Force. Their catalog does not identify course work in ‘assistant’, or in ‘strategy & policy’ as she states.   She claims to have been in the Intelligence & Analyst department of Homeland Security which requires a degree in computer science or mathematics – she had neither.   Mz. Troye was a liberal arts major in college… not a part of any military detail.

In other words, it would appear that her ‘payment’ for making public accusations against President Trump included a New Resume.   And a New Job.

Troye now works for the National Insurance Crime Bureau, an NGO that focuses on insurance fraud.   The NICB home-page highlights a tweet by Jeffrey Guterman who has been a very vocal anti-Trumper from the beginning, announcing Troye’s ‘reassignment’ to this organization as VP of Strategy Policy & Plans.    

The powers-that-be made one more strategic error in her Resume on LinkedIn.   Troye claims to be working in the Washington, DC Office, but Officers work at the Headquarters location which is in Illinois – Operations Agents are assigned to various locations including Fairfax, Virginia.   Sigh – competency errors reign!

In conclusion, it would appear the lovely Olivia Troye was given a very lovely new identity so as to expand her potential employability.

Amy Michelle Dorris.   The newest wannabe famous President Trump accuser has her mother and an unidentified friend corroborating her claims that Donald Trump groped her 23 years ago.   Her story is fragmented at best with inserted adjectives and verbs that are reminiscent of a spy novel by Grisham.   Dorris’ resume?   She was a model and actress doing bit parts for a variety of television shows.   And she dates those days sometime around 1997, the same year she attached to her then rising star boyfriend, Jason Binn.   Binn founded a publishing company, Niche Media in 1998 which focused on luxury magazines including fashion, art, entertainment, etc…   He and Donald Trump were good friends at the time.  But it would appear, Binn’s status as boyfriend quickly evaporated.

According to Dorris, she, Binn ,and her mother were together at a US Open tournament. Exiting the VIP Box bathroom, Dorris claims to have been accosted by Donald Trump.   VIP Boxes are relatively small. Despite her boyfriend and mother being relatively a few feet away, no one heard or saw anything – including her supposed ‘frantic pleas to stop!’.  More than a bit odd.

Even more confusing is Dorris’ claim that she had to later ‘call her mother’ and friend to tell them what happened,   Even though the picture she provided as evidence of her attendance showed her mother – present… Oops.

Dorris never did accrue any fame, her modeling career went nowhere, and her Hollywood bit parts failed to garner anything more lucrative.   At some point she married Chris Shane Dorris and gave birth to twins in 2007ish – which obviously ended career efforts as a model.

According to MyLife, Chris Dorris has been involved with criminal and/or civil litigations.   They live in a small house worth about $90,000, and a career comeback was not proving hospitable.

Mary Trump:   Donald Trump’s niece, Mary, wrote a scathing book about her uncle. Mary’s father died of alcoholism at the age of 42, when Mary was just 16 and her mother died 20 years later at the young age of 62.  Mary received her bachelors and masters in literature before getting a PhD in Clinical Psychology.   The degree supports the study of dysfunction and personal development.

Mary Trump is gay, divorced, an ardent supporter of Hillary Clinton, and contested her grandfather’s will because she felt he did give her enough money.   The lawsuit did not find in her favor.   She illegally gave President Trump’s tax returns to the media and has certainly revealed her deeply contrived hatred for her uncle which seems to stem entirely from financial entitlements. The true “Dysfunction” would seem quite apparent given Mary grew up with her mother who had no work credentials and divorced her alcoholic father when Mary was just 5.

Someone once said to me, “If you claim you didn’t grow up in a dysfunctional family you are either lying or in denial”.  

In the end, these accusations seem to stem from places of anger, entitlement, and a failed career.   Money would seem to be rooted in the core.   And in that core a bitterness evolves like a cancerous tumor.   It is a wish to hurt President Trump as deeply as they feel they are hurt because hurt should be shared.

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