Ukraine Issues Martial Law Over “Russian Aggression”…

Ukraine and Russia don’t get along.  While the media, and Nikki Haley continue the narrative that Russia annexed Crimea, they fail to acknowledge that Russia did so at the behest of an election ‘after’ Ukraine’s government was illegally ousted via a coup, installing Chocolate King, Poroshenko, as their president.  Since then Ukraine’s economy under Poroshenko has tanked, skirmishes have continued, their streets are a mess, mass killings, uproars have erupted in their Parliament wherein fist fights are a regularity, and the country has virtually disintegrated.  However, Biden’s son continues to reap the rewards of the illegally obtained natural gas leases he bought for pennies as a result of the coup under the auspices of a Cyprus company, Burissma Holdings.

So Russia builds a bridge between Crimea and Russia over the Kerch Strait.  The bridge just opened this year and helps bring a needed link for Crimeans.  Because of the animosity between Ukraine and Russia, the bridge, and the strait were temporarily closed to Ukraine, and they cite UN Conventions of Sea Law, Articles 19 and 21 which reference sovereignty and protection within a twelve mile radius.

But Ukraine passed it’s own unilateral law just ‘last month’ expanding the 12 mile radius by an additional 12 miles.

According to Russia, two Ukrainian naval vessels were heading full speed toward the strait and the bridge.  Why? Kiev has provided no explanation other than to say Russia provoked aggression when they fired at Ukraine’s naval vessels.

So let’s look at this in a slightly altered light:  suppose China had naval vessels charging toward the Florida Keys, didn’t answer radio calls, did not ask for permission, and continued unabated.  How would the US respond?

No one was killed. The vessels were deactivated.  And Poroshenko immediately called for Martial Law in Ukraine. Why?  Martial Law provides that the military take immediate control of all government and civilian functions.  Civil law is now defunct.  They claim that Russia firing on their naval vessels constitutes an act of War.

What could possibly provoke such a stupid, if not demonstrative claim?

  1. January next year Ukraine will have a new election cycle.   Poroshenko currently holds 8% of the votes.  The coup in 2014 was designed with the media promulgation that corruption was the causal factor, and Ukraine wanted to show how gloriously trusting and anti-corrupt they were so as to be admitted to the EU.  Instead, corruption ramped up extensively, and the economy blanched.
  2. Poroshenko has extensive holdings in the agriculture market.  Ukraine has ‘black soil’ some of the richest soil on the planet.  Monsanto wanted in on the agriculture, the then president, Yanukovych refused. Enter coup.  Poroschenk makes more money and everyone is happy.  Except, of course, the citizens of Ukraine.  If he loses his presidency, he risks losing his agriculture monopoly.  Poroshenko’s agriculture holdings were scandal in the Panama Paper Caper as it came to light that he had extensive non-transparent Cyprus holdings in Ukraine and Germany.

By creating a fake ‘aggression’, anything Russian, Poroshenko has devised an escape route wherein he intends to involve the EU and the US, similar to the Muslim Brotherhood idiocy of Khashoggi.

Contrived.  Blitzed.

The US odd person outed would seem to be – Nikki Haley.  She is making false statements of the events that occurred.  And she is calling for retribution.  That puts her in the spotlight of possibly being a Soros plug.

The fact that her narrative was immediately picked up and lauded by MSM is revealing, the fact that it was picked up by Breitbart is – concerning.

By installing Martial Law in Ukraine, Poroshenko can extend it in 45 day intervals, including up through the presidential election cycle which is slated to be March 2019.  Invoking war, or attempting to invoke the pretense of war, might nationalize and mobilize some of Kiev’s animosity toward Poroshenko and turn the election – but not without the aid of the media.

Enter my previous article – Integrity Initiative, an NGO based in the UK, whose preemptive purpose is to create fake news in the guise of attacking what they claim to be – fake news, in a spiraled web that circles back to George Soros and The Open Society Foundation.

The current frontrunner in the Ukraine election by a vast majority – 12% vs 8% for Poroscehnko, is Yulia Tymoshenko.

So who could possibly have come up with the scheme to create a media sensation of war provocation?


A billionaire exiled from Russia who hates everything Putin and founder of Open Russia, an NGO that has affiliations with George Soros and whose board has included Henry Kissinger and Jacob Rothschild.

One need only look to the support Nikki Haley is receiving;  Washington Post, New York Times, CNN, … c’mon folks, she is The Swamp. And this is a really idiotic setup promulgated by some very stupid intelligentsia –

The Panama Paper Caper – German Media Censorship

I came upon an article in a French paper in which excerpts of private emails between two individuals named in the Panama Papers and indicted on money laundering charges were revealed, and I might have read on except for a nag… How did ’emails’ suddenly become a part of the Leaked Panama documents? Because I don’t know anyone who shares emails with their attorney – as in Mossack Fonseca.

Therefore, the ’emails’ had to have been hijacked separately. Or the paper was ‘not relaying the truth. Or the Leak itself is not what it is being represented.

In any of those scenarios, the Panama Leak is looking scourgier and scourgier.

Add to the fray that Germany’s newspapers are tangled in a web of the same layers of shell companies as the Panama Papers decry – and the media in Europe is looking more and more ‘controlled’.

A German comedian who read a vulgar poem about Turkey’s Erdogan is being investigated and could face 4 years in jail for slander as Germany decides whether they will prosecute on ‘behalf of Turkey’.   And yet, the Panama Papers which were illegally obtained by the Sueddeutsche Zeitung are above the law and in fact will not be shared in their entirety to anyone else – including the German Law.  How is that law working for you…?

Why?   I think everyone has come to see the crass demonizing that they were supposed to create – and failed miserably. Instead, the Soros agenda bungled and now in stating they won’t release more names – they have bungled again and shown the world exactly how contrived these lame blackmailers can be.

Mossack Fonseca isn’t even the largest global offshore legal firm, in fact it didn’t even make the Big Ten, so why target them?

Appleby Global is ranked Numero Uno and has actually won awards for it’s expertise and championship of offshore accounts; 2008 China Award, 2010 British Award and 2010 Lawyer Award.   They have been the Pacman of law firms gobbling up smaller ones for decades.   If morality was the true instigator for the Leak, why not target the Big Ten?

According to the Law Gazette published in the UK, the lawyers are cheering greater regulations for offshore accounts because it means more fees for them in order to make sure their clients comply. As a result, business is Booming!  Focusing on the Asian investors, on the Luxembourg Holdings for real estate funds and private equities, catering predominantly to France, Germany and the UK, the law firms are doing high fives!

The Panama Leak – would seem to be more of a grudge against Mossack Fonseca than any of the thousands upon thousands of clients – perhaps a takeover bid was offered and refused and this is simply vengeance. The select list is equally odd, but the Cameron connection is most definitely a specific target – a warning:

According to the Law Gazette, David Cameron is one of their biggest allies and supporters:

David Cameron:  ‘I do not think it is fair any longer to refer to any of the Overseas Territories or Crown dependencies as tax havens. They have taken action to make sure that they have fair and open tax systems.’ Collas Crill group partner Paul Wilkes, who is based in Jersey, captures the mood among offshore lawyers: ‘David Cameron will get a few free drinks if he is ever around on our island.’

But for some reason, we don’t hear this in our infamous journalistic press. Why?

Because what is printed is exactly what was ordered to be printed. Nothing more – nothing less.

In Germany not only are the papers censored, but the German citizens are required to PAY for the censored news whether they want to or not: Germany has a GEZ fee that every household is required to pay for government sponsored television and radio whether they own a television or have the desire to own one or not. If their home doesn’t even receive the transmitted service, or they don’t speak German – they are still required to pay. Sounds like government indoctrination…

Sounding a bit heavy-handed? It gets worse.

A German newspaper editor and journalist, Udo Ulfkotte, published a book in 2014 in which he details not just the censorship of the German media, but the fact that journalists are ‘told what to write and the slant that the article should take’. Who is doing the telling? According to Ulfkotte – the CIA and German intelligence. Where did Ulfkotte work? Within the same network of newspapers that was created post WWII, 1945 by the US military, the – Allgemeine Zeitung.

It is open knowledge that Merkel has demanded that Twitter, Facebook, Google and Redditt, all censor their sites for what she terms to be anti-immigrant rhetoric or hate speech. And they complied. Is that any different than China blocking the phrase “Panama Papers” from their search engines? NO. Germany has evolved into a Communist regime and the people didn’t notice – it was slow and methodical in the making.

Wolfgang Herles, former head of public broadcaster ZDF, has also maintained that the media is instructed to write what Ms. Merkel dictates. He refers to the media as the “State Media” given that there is no journalistic integrity any longer, it is completely controlled. Topics of articles are dictated by the government. And while there are private news agencies, their roots seem to stem from the US Allied Military immediately post WWII.

One of the largest media groups in the world is Bertelsmann SE operating in over 50 countries. Privately held by a number of Foundations and the Mohn family, it is more than a bit rough around the edges with ties to the Nazi’s where it gained it’s initial fortune.

While Nero slept… It is not just the US media filtering and censoring, it is a worldwide phenomena that does not bode well –

Panama Papers – A Soros Creation?

Panama Papers – Leaked.  11 million records were somehow taken from the secure troves of a law firm, Mossack Fonseca, and handed over to a German newspaper, Suddeutsche Zeitung, who then shared them with ICIJ, an organization that is run by George and Jonathon Soros and we ROLL OVER?  

Just in time for the mud to sling for the election season. And while just a handful of names have been conveniently delivered to the media, there is a curious silence as to any US politicians, companies, or entertainment figures. Instead, the names released are relegated to those in the UK, China, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Russia, Ukraine, and Brazil.  The same countries we routinely – demonize.

To me, the most interesting of these revelations was David Cameron’s father. It would appear that Cameron is no longer protected by the Soros Foundation, and that bears curiosity. The other countries are obvious hit targets for Soros, but why the UK?  Why Cameron?  IS he on the outs?  We have heard Obama chastise and demoralize him recently… is it all connected – as in dots?

And what is the relationship between this German newspaper, Suddeutsche Zeitung, and Soros?

The paper itself is actually a shell (NOT unlike the shells it is leaking) owned by Sudwestdeutsche MedienHolding. But transparency is not exactly it’s virtue. According to Bloomberg, the company has -0- key executives, and -0- key Board Members, and there is virtually no information about this ‘Holding Company’ that is releasing troves of information that was purportedly ‘leaked’ to them and then oddly – shared with Soros ICIJ.

Their website is a joke of nothingness. And while it is described as one of Germany’s ‘Leading Media Groups”, with over 5,000 employees, there seems to be no actual employees with the exception of the newspapers that they oversee. Richard Rebmann is cited as the Chairman. Rebmann comes from a string of other newspapers that have strings of Holding Companies as their ownership. What these papers seem to have in common is that they originated in 1945-1946 and were given the authority to operate by the US military: Mannheimer Morgan, Augsburger Allgemeine, and the Suddeutsche Zeitung.

That being said, could the US military be behind the Panama Papers Leak, and if so, why would our military hand the information over to George Soros?

And no one in the media is questioning the source of this scathing, high profile – Leak.  Instead, they blindly leap and spill and regurgitate.  Do they have any self ethic, self respect at all?

For years it has been reported that US companies subvert upwards of $2.1 trillion to perhaps as much as $4.3 trillion in offshore accounts paying no US taxes. The number of Fortune 500 companies slated to have offshore tax havens is anywhere from 33% to 70%. A LARGESS variance to be sure.  Insurance companies, and Re-insurance companies routinely make use of this loophole and offer advice for their uber executives to follow suit. And there are innumerable companies out there that advertise they will help you find the shell of your dreams…sigh.

So why pick on this Panamanian law firm, Mossack Fonseca?

Mossack is German. His father was a Nazi SS officer who was later indoctrinated by the US government, aka, the CIA, to work on their behalf…  cough, shrug, uh-oh.

Fonseca was counselor to the Panamenista Party President until he was dismissed after Operation Car Wash revealed Brazilian corruption and money laundering in Petrobas. More coughing…

And while this law firm claims it was doing nothing illegal, that actually may be the case given that shell companies in and of themselves are not illegal – Biden’s son is a part of the Cyprus shell, Burisma Holdings. Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil, would seem to be the mantra of these shell games. But the bigger evils include Credit Suisse, HSBC, Rothschild Trust, UBS, Banque Safra Sarasin of Luxembourg, and a host of other Big Banks who have been helping high profile, wealthy individuals establish unchartable shells for hiding money, laundering money, and avoiding taxes.

Even the inane Motley Fool provides information on the ten best tax havens for hiding money from the IRS…  It’s fair game!

So are the Panama documents real? Maybe some of them. Enough to wet the appetite of frenzied hyena’s in the media who don’t have the ethic to actually investigate the authenticity of the source, the agenda, and the timing in a very very secretive environment – including the Sudwestdeutsche MedienHolding company.

What we do know – is that George and Jonathon Soros are behind the scenes, and where they work, disinformation is conceivably rampant. But titillating the senses with a few truths helps hide the possible flagrant campaign to create a slew of falsehoods.  What we do know is that mysteriously, the US, Canada, and Germany have been edited from the profane list currently ‘Leaked’.  Shock.  What we do know is that Soros is on his last shred of mental acuity at the ripe age of 85+, and that in attempting to achieve is goal before he dies – he will make numerous mistakes of judgment.

Buyer – Beware. The Truth is not transparent.


The television news just interviewed a journalist tasked with researching the Panama Paper Leak, Michael Hudson. His credentials include currently working for the Soros organization, ICIJ, and previously working for the Center for Public Integrity – another Soros organization, and prior to that he worked for the Center for Responsible Lending – ANOTHER SOROS organization. The PROP is now obvious. They made a mistake. This entire LEAK – is most definitely Soros, and the media is lapping it up, which makes them complicit – including our own Colorado Channel 4 national news, CBS.