Defense Contractors Fund “Charities” that Propagate War

The Forces behind the Forces includes the heavy weights who prop up, support, and fund an endless anti-Russia campaign.   Coincidentally, it would appear a few of the notables also profit from a war agenda and military destabilization; Raytheon, General Dynamics, DynCorp, Lockheed Martin, Saab, NATO, BAE Systems, Department of State, and George Soros. Conflict of interest? You BET!

Defense contractors funding organizations that promote the idea that a particular country is an ‘axis of evil’ seems a propaganda tool at best, and a conspiracy at worst.   Given these Defense contractors garner most of the revenue from government contracts, stoking tensions, possible wars, is in their best interest.

After WWII when defense spending climbed to it’s peak of 40% of GDP, a steady decline languished spending to a low of 3% of GDP until 2001 and the War on Terror was introduced. There were a few surges, Korean War, War on Iraq, the Cold War and of course, Vietnam.

Are the incursions we create simply props for these defense contractors to remain profitable?

The war on Russia seems to have taken a shift with the advent of newly formed lobbyist organizations whose sole purpose, it would seem, is to stoke a fire from ebbing embers. A number of these so-called “Charities” receive funding from governments…  It would seem the definition of a Charity has been morphed considerably!     The most dominant of these organizations include: The Atlantic Council, German Marshall Fund of the US, The Center For European Policy Analysis, and The Institute For The Study of War,

The Institute For The Study of War gained a rather notably shameful reputation when it was revealed that their expert on Syria, Elizabeth O’Bagy, was a fraud.   O’Bagy was an adamant proponent of bombing the regime while failing to reveal that she was part of a pro-Syrian rebel lobbying group. In addition, she lied about having obtained her PhD. McCain immediately hired her as a part of his staff upon her disgrace and firing.

Headed by Dr. Kagan, the bio’s of its analysts would indicate that they have an instrumental role in making final determinations regarding US strategy in the Middle East, specifically Syria, Iran and Iraq, as well as Russia, and Ukraine.   These senior analysts provide plans and exercises for the US military in implementing defeat.

The US takeover of Damascus has been a recent focus.

The German Marshall Fund is most notably – not German, but another DC ‘think-tank’ whose function would be to promote global inclusion and a liberal democracy wherein immigrants from the world over are embraced.   It also would appear to support globalization, and a rule of law and ‘authority’ promulgated by experts who make the military and government decisions – for them. With revenue over $28 million and assets over $200 million, their wealth accumulation is noteworthy…

The GMF undertakes round table discussions, some of which are considered by ‘invitation only’ and Chatham House Rules. Taking placer in London, strict rules are instituted which allow for open discussions that are completely and entirely forbidden from media or any other person that might compromise the secrecy.   In the past, this system has breeched economic ethics and order through market manipulation.

Currently, the relationship between Turkey and Russia are forefront topics.

The Center For European Research is headed by Daniel Gros, a German who co-authored the study for the design of the EU. He writes commentaries for Project Syndicate whose other authors include Bill Gates and George Soros and whose funding is derived from the Open Society Foundation, Die Zeit, a German publication utilizing the MacMillan name in the US, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

And finally, The Atlantic Council.   Initially formed to align European policy with US policy following WWII – a form of globalization.   By far the most powerful of all the aforementioned groups, they are intertwined in governments and militaries across the globe, receiving over $23 million in revenue nearly half of which is spent on ‘compensation’.   Their current CEO is Frederick Kempe, a journalist, and the Chairman of the Board is Jon Huntsman a Republican who has worked in the Obama administration and is now Ambassador to Russia under Trump.

The power that these organizations wield over our economic and political policies here in the US and across every region of the world, is enormous and can not be over-stated. But more importantly is who they represent, because it has nothing to do with The People and everything to do with maintaining discord.

Kurds vs Turkey

Who’s On First?


Another special ops (Navy Seal) US soldier was killed fighting against ISIS in Iraq. He was shot while fighting alongside the Kurdish Peshmerga forces in their battle north of Mosul. This is the third such Special Forces death since Obama announced the deployment of ‘an additional 200-250 ground troops’. While this might seem to some a small number, it’s senselessness is what is so pivoting.


You see, the same Peshmerga and Kurds fighting ISIS with the US are being bombed by our good friends in Turkey under the command of Erdogan, the same Erdogan who flooded Europe with over a million refugees and then demanded a return for Blackmail. But they aren’t just being bombed by Erdogan, they are being bombed by the Iraqi military – our other good friends.  So, are our soldiers being killed by ISIS or Turkey?


But Turkey isn’t just blackmailing Europe, the US has succumbed as well; In exchange for Turkish help, the United States has offered Ankara an aid package that includes $6 billion in grants and up to $20 billion in loan guarantees. But so far, Turkey has balked at the offer, demanding more than $30 billion in assistance, according to US sources.”


So while Europe has agreed to give Turkey upwards of $6 billion with a ‘pinky swear’ that they won’t let any more nasty refugees cross the border – as well as EU membership status whereby all citizens have free travel access… HELLO? The US has agreed to give them $20 billion in various forms of assistance with the promise not to kill anymore US soldiers while ethnically cleansing Kurds…

Meanwhile, Merkel is allowing the prosecution of a German comedian to go forward“in Germany” because Erdogan’s feelings were hurt by an insulting comment the comedian made in his routine…
Not a bad days take for Erdogan.


This coincides with a Parliament meeting in Turkey that erupted in an all out brawl with opposing sides punching and hitting, standing on tables, throwing bottles at each other and acting in a very “dignified” parliamentary manner… Gee we really can pick our friends. Sounds just like the Kiev brawls that regularly break out as officials go for the throat to ‘get their point across’. Another good buddy of ours.


After a healthy US backed coup in Ukraine that has sent the country spiraling into the worst nightmare it has seen in decades, the IMF has squandered $11 billion – for nothing. With a GDP of -$90 billion, a GDP growth rate of -12.5%, and a government whose salaries are apparently paid by …ta-da…the US- in a deal that was reached after the appointment of a new Governor, Michail Saaskashvili, the same Saaskashvili who has an outstanding warrant for his arrest in his native Georgia for war crimes and criminal charges.  All this coming after the pinky swear promise of Ambassador, Geoffrey Pyatt that no more Ukrainians civilians will be killed and their property confiscated.
Because, apparently, We The People, agreed in 2015 to train and pay the government of Ukraine with taxpayer funds.
And how much ‘aid’ has been expended on Iraq and Afghanistan? According to a report issued by the Watson Group of Brown University, Iraq has cost about $61 billion and Afghanistan about $104 billion. But that doesn’t account for the fraud, corruption and waste: US government investigators have found widespread corruption, waste, and fraud among US agencies and private contractors implementing aid programs. Projects were often carried out at exorbitant cost, despite serving small portions of the population. For example, a USAID-funded power plant will cost an estimated $280 million per year to run – more than a third of total government tax revenues – but provide electricity to just 2 percent of Afghans. The DynCorp company was unable to account for $1 billion in US funds it was given to train the Iraqi police.”
Anyone charged?  Nah.  Anyone arrested?  Nah.  Anyone fired?  Nah.  Just business as usual.
For those who don’t know, the DynCorp is a security company based out of Virginia that trains Afghanistan’s and Iraq’s police… They have been embroiled in a number of their own topsy turvydom allegations and lawsuits including:
  1. Ecuadorian lawsuit in which herbacide spraying resulted in significant civilian health crisis
  2. Alleged abuses in Columbia
  3. Conflict of Interest case in hiring by Veritas Capital Fund
  4. Sex with minors in Bosnia – and the selling of sex slaves
  5. Sex trafficking in Bosnia and Herzegovina
  6. Unfair dismissal due to ‘whistleblowing
  7. Unregulated billing and misconduct in relation to Iraq
  8. Weak oversight that resulted in $2.5 billion of US funds wasted
  9. Hiring a 17 year old Afghan to ‘entertain and perform’ for them in Afghanistan
How many US ‘jobs’ were created?  None.   How much income was generated for profit companies?  No one wants to know.  How much taxpayers anted?  Mucho moola.
So – Who’s On First?

Afghanistan Money Pit -I Want A Rebate

It just wasn’t enough to spend $1 TRILLION on the Afghanistan war. We have to keep spending to put them back together again –  Humpty.

USAID, which claims they represent aid from the American people… know one asked me for my two cents on this spending spree, boasts that it has spent as follows: $338.2million for Democracy and governance, $344.8million for economic development, $162.5million for education and social services, $1.3million for environment, $81.5 for health, $54.8 for humanitarian assistance, $180.2 for peace and security, and $45.3 for program management.

I want my money back.

For those who are Math majors, that’s $1,153,800,000. That was in 2014 alone. In 2011, $2,229,600,000, in 2012 it was $2,137,500,000 and in 2013 it was $1,026,800,000. Grand total = $65,477,000,000.

But that’s not all.

Two years ago the military gave $486million worth of transport planes to Afghanistan, but they apparently didn’t work very well and were scrapped and sold by the Afghan government. The Pentagon claims to have no idea who bought them or where the money went. Sigh.

There was the $456,000 training facility that melted. Then $300million for police salaries that ‘disappeared’ – as in poof. Let’s not forget the $110 million for drug intervention programs… I’m sure that worked well. There was the $2billion spent to improve the lives of women in Afghanistan… Dr. Phil? And the newest to come to light – the $43million gas station that still is vacant (gas stations across the US for sale average about $150,000).

Who gets some of these very lucrative contracts? Dyncorp gets the majority at over 69%. But Dyncorp is a mess! In 2014 their CEO Gaffney jumped ship without explanation after four years, their replacement, Walsh, made it just three weeks before running out the door, and their next CEO, Bernardt left after a year – also without explanation.  Hmmm, something fishy downstream… Their profits are down, their governance is lackluster, their performance is in legal litigation and yet – we keep giving them contracts. Why?

Their newly appointed CEO as of June 2015 is Lewis Von Thaer who also serves on the Defense Science Board, a group of civilians who advise the US Department of Defense. No conflict of interest there… He is also on the board of the National Defense Industrial Association, an organization that “connects government officials and military officials with industry professionals”. In other words, he assures that the government use industries, like Dyncorp, as their subcontractor. Wonderful, since they are doing such a strappy job!

Dyncorp currently has posted 213 job and career opportunities in Afghanistan. They may be hard to fill since this past August three of their team members were killed in Afghanistan by a car bomb… Despite a long history of foibles and shoddy workmanship, failed contracts, collapsed buildings and sink holes, they continue to reap the rewards of Afghan contracts.

The answer may be in Cerberus Capital Management, a private equity firm whose name references the mythological three headed dog who guarded the gates of Hell. They own or have majority interest in Chrysler, GMAC, Spyglass Entertainment, Bushmaster firearms, Albertsons, kyo-ya, New Page, Georgia Pacific Corp., Bayer Plasma, and on and on with a total asset value of $30billion. Some of the employees at Cerberus include Dan Quayle, former US Secretary of Treasury, John Snow, former Federal Reserve employees, Goldman Sachs, Lehman, Morgan Stanley, and then there is Ronald Kravit, former Managing Director at George Soros Realty Advisors.

Their clout could be why Dyncorp continues to get the contracts despite its absolute poverty of professionalism. The second largest contractor is PAE Government Services. In 2014, their program managers pleaded guilty to defrauding the military in Afghanistan and sentenced to prison.

So far, it would appear that the State Department is not doing a very good job of filtering their awards, oh wait, these were done under the auspices of Hillary Clinton…

How is it going in Afghanistan? Well the Taliban is back in control of many areas, terrorism poses a threat to all neighboring countries, and ISIS may soon join forces. In fact, in the northern sections of Afghanistan the Taliban is stronger ‘than ever before’.  While the US admonishes, don’t worry, be happy…  ISIS has gained control of parts of Afghanistan and continues to grow stronger.  Still, their threat is nothing that we need to worry our pretty little heads about…China…Russia… they’ve killed, well, umm, never mind.