Over 9 million people die in Africa every year out of a population of roughly 1 billion.   The leading causes of death include:   Respiratory infections (pneumonia and bronchitis), HIV, Diarrheal, TB and Malaria which account for over 56%.   The second category includes; Stroke, heart disease and cirrhosis of the liver which accounts for an additional 33%.   The last Ebola ‘epidemic’ that lasted 2 ½ years between 2014 and 2016 caused the death of 11,325, which would represent .05% of all deaths extrapolated – per year.

Yet it continues to be labeled an epidemic, and makes headlines when 2 or 3 people die from an outbreak.   By contrast, the 90%, or 8.1 million deaths that do occur from the above stated causes are ALL preventable.   But they don’t make the headlines.   Why?

After the Ebola epidemic was contained and travel guidance lifted, the CDC issued an advisory stating that there is ‘no risk’ just don’t have contact with sick people or dead bodies…   Good advice.

The current outbreak, which has raised alarms, involves the possible death of upwards of 23 and the potential to infect entire cities given it has traveled from the mostly rural areas to more urban places.   But what the CDC does not highlight in the scare mongering is the fact that Ebola does not spread via the air – but through the transmission of bodily fluids.   Contact must be physical. Therefore to say an entire city of 2-3 million could all become infected and die is rather challenging given every person would have to come into bodily fluid contact with an infected person… remote at best.

Respiratory infection is the most prevalent cause of death in Africa and is more commonly attributed to Strep. Apparently, Strep no longer responds to antibiotics, and therefore a vaccine was created as a preventative measure.

There is a particular strain of Ebola called EboBun for which there was filed a patent by the CDC in 2010.   Which means, the CDC owns the rights to this Epidemic strain.  

In 2013, just prior to the CDC announcing the “Epidemic”, a Canadian pharmaceutical company, Tekmira, announced an Ebola vaccine and with the CDC’s assistance mass marketed the vaccine throughout Africa. The funding for the development of the vaccine came from the US Department of Defense in the amount of $140 million, a drop in the bucket compared to the Obama appropriation of $5.4 billion to ‘fight Ebola’ which was allocated to – the CDC.

The stock price of Tekmira jumped over 280% until it’s production was terminated June 2015 because it was determined the vaccine was worthless and had no efficacy at all.

The following month Tekmira changed its name to Arbutus Biopharma and began marketing HepB drugs and the vaccine in mass productions.   HepB causes liver disease and is transmitted via blood from infected people. It is most prevalent among intravenous drug users, secondarily it is prevalent in prisons and prostitutes.   In 2015, the CDC claims there ‘may have been’ 3370 cases of HepB in the US – an Epidemic.

In 2017, the CDC and by default all doctors in the US, recommended ALL infants in the US receive a HepB vaccine within 24 hours of birth. Three doses are required in order to ‘fully protect’ a person through anti-bodies over their lifetime to prevent a disease that maybe infects 3370 people in any given year who are shooting drug users, and/or drug users who became prostitutes….

The CDC claims the vaccine is 75% effective in infants less than one month old. But given the infant vaccine was not ‘recommended’ until 2017, it is a rather odd statistic to state.   Who did they study? For what period of Time?   Where is this study? Who conducted it?  How can one conduct a study when it prevalence was only indoctrinated a year ago?

The CDC site references WHO as their source for ‘studies’, World Health Organization. However the WHO site shows absolutely no research being done with respect to HepB.   Instead, they list; HIV, Strep, Dhengue, RSV, Malaria, Meningitis, TB, flu and Zika.

An article by The Atlantic, a very liberal MSM outlet, conveys horror that funding for the CDC has not been renewed and may come to an end sometime after 2019.   The article suggests mass deaths, disease, epidemics and chaos because funding for Ebola in Africa, and the H7N9 bird flu pandemic in China could come to an end.

The H7N9 Pandemic occurred in China in 2013 and infected 135 people killing about 30.   According to the article, as of September 2017, a whopping 39 total people had died from the virus over a 4 ½ year period.  

In the US, 2.6 million people die annually from heart disease.   The CDC advocates to spend $130 million each year on research and prevention of heart disease…

The CDC receives NO funding from either China or Africa.  So why are our taxpayer $$$ supporting the healthcare and disease prevention of countries and continents that aren’t ours when those same Epidemic diseases aren’t even on the top 1000 list of major cause of death and yet solicit worldwide vaccination?

Afghanistan Money Pit -I Want A Rebate

It just wasn’t enough to spend $1 TRILLION on the Afghanistan war. We have to keep spending to put them back together again –  Humpty.

USAID, which claims they represent aid from the American people… know one asked me for my two cents on this spending spree, boasts that it has spent as follows: $338.2million for Democracy and governance, $344.8million for economic development, $162.5million for education and social services, $1.3million for environment, $81.5 for health, $54.8 for humanitarian assistance, $180.2 for peace and security, and $45.3 for program management.

I want my money back.

For those who are Math majors, that’s $1,153,800,000. That was in 2014 alone. In 2011, $2,229,600,000, in 2012 it was $2,137,500,000 and in 2013 it was $1,026,800,000. Grand total = $65,477,000,000.

But that’s not all.

Two years ago the military gave $486million worth of transport planes to Afghanistan, but they apparently didn’t work very well and were scrapped and sold by the Afghan government. The Pentagon claims to have no idea who bought them or where the money went. Sigh.

There was the $456,000 training facility that melted. Then $300million for police salaries that ‘disappeared’ – as in poof. Let’s not forget the $110 million for drug intervention programs… I’m sure that worked well. There was the $2billion spent to improve the lives of women in Afghanistan… Dr. Phil? And the newest to come to light – the $43million gas station that still is vacant (gas stations across the US for sale average about $150,000).

Who gets some of these very lucrative contracts? Dyncorp gets the majority at over 69%. But Dyncorp is a mess! In 2014 their CEO Gaffney jumped ship without explanation after four years, their replacement, Walsh, made it just three weeks before running out the door, and their next CEO, Bernardt left after a year – also without explanation.  Hmmm, something fishy downstream… Their profits are down, their governance is lackluster, their performance is in legal litigation and yet – we keep giving them contracts. Why?

Their newly appointed CEO as of June 2015 is Lewis Von Thaer who also serves on the Defense Science Board, a group of civilians who advise the US Department of Defense. No conflict of interest there… He is also on the board of the National Defense Industrial Association, an organization that “connects government officials and military officials with industry professionals”. In other words, he assures that the government use industries, like Dyncorp, as their subcontractor. Wonderful, since they are doing such a strappy job!

Dyncorp currently has posted 213 job and career opportunities in Afghanistan. They may be hard to fill since this past August three of their team members were killed in Afghanistan by a car bomb… Despite a long history of foibles and shoddy workmanship, failed contracts, collapsed buildings and sink holes, they continue to reap the rewards of Afghan contracts.

The answer may be in Cerberus Capital Management, a private equity firm whose name references the mythological three headed dog who guarded the gates of Hell. They own or have majority interest in Chrysler, GMAC, Spyglass Entertainment, Bushmaster firearms, Albertsons, kyo-ya, New Page, Georgia Pacific Corp., Bayer Plasma, and on and on with a total asset value of $30billion. Some of the employees at Cerberus include Dan Quayle, former US Secretary of Treasury, John Snow, former Federal Reserve employees, Goldman Sachs, Lehman, Morgan Stanley, and then there is Ronald Kravit, former Managing Director at George Soros Realty Advisors.

Their clout could be why Dyncorp continues to get the contracts despite its absolute poverty of professionalism. The second largest contractor is PAE Government Services. In 2014, their program managers pleaded guilty to defrauding the military in Afghanistan and sentenced to prison.

So far, it would appear that the State Department is not doing a very good job of filtering their awards, oh wait, these were done under the auspices of Hillary Clinton…

How is it going in Afghanistan? Well the Taliban is back in control of many areas, terrorism poses a threat to all neighboring countries, and ISIS may soon join forces. In fact, in the northern sections of Afghanistan the Taliban is stronger ‘than ever before’.  While the US admonishes, don’t worry, be happy…  ISIS has gained control of parts of Afghanistan and continues to grow stronger.  Still, their threat is nothing that we need to worry our pretty little heads about…China…Russia… they’ve killed, well, umm, never mind.