India and Pakistan – at War?

While the elected and paid Democrat officials who have apparently done absolutely nothing of consequence since being elected are busily using Trump’s former attorney, Michael Cohen, make a jack of himself while spouting character assassinations, a war erupted.  Syria and ISIS have stabilized, Venezuela is a Socialist nightmare, but another nightmare, one that could escalate rapidly within a blink, is erupting.

Pakistan and India are bombing each other – and few seem interested enough to take notice before it becomes a thriving cancer.   But they should be – both these countries, which have despised each other for centuries, possess nuclear weapons.

Jaish, a terrorist group that is an offshoot of Al Qaeda and resides in India’s Kashmir is defiantly working diligently to separate their Kashmir from India and create their own Pakistan aligned, sharia law statehood.  It is a stronghold, and it was divied up after WWII by the every arrogant – British.

The land is jointly owned by India, Pakistan and China. India’s portion is occupied and ruled by its historical Hindu and Buddhist community.  Pakistan is Muslim.  While China controls roughly 20% of the land area.  No one has any intention of relinquishing one hectar – ever.

Historically, Kashmir was Hindu/Buddhist until Muslim rule in 1339.  Since then it has been conquered and ruled by Turks, Afghans, and Sikhs again, in the 1800’s.  In 1846 the British took over and later partitioned the country between Pakistan and India completely ignoring China’s possession. Thus skirmishes and wars have erupted  since.

Jaish was formed as an adjunct to the Pakistan military in the late 1990’s and subsequently has been a lead terrorist group in over six attacks including the most recent suicide bombing over India in which 40 security personnel were killed.

India retaliated unleashing a payload of bombs over Jaish strongholds in Kashmir.   The strike caused Pakistani air forces to scramble.  Pakistan’s Prime Minister has issued a statement that they will“respond decisively and comprehensively to any aggression or misadventure” by India.

Pakistan is well aware that Kashmir is a Jaish stronghold, and has done nothing to mitigate this terrorist group.   Historically, funding has surreptitiously been made through principles from Saudi Arabia and the US, particularly under Bush and the former Monarchial Cabal of Saudi Arabia.  Bush is gone and the Saudi Cabal was ousted and sanctioned by Prince Mohammed Bin Salmon who recently visited India and pledged to fight terrorism alongside India.

It is another shift in the allies that were, and the allies that are now in place under regime changes in both the US and Saudi Arabia. 

Numerous information outlets have previously alluded to collusion and funding between various terrorist organizations and Israel’s Netanyahu, Qatar, Saudi Arabia under a legion of rulers including Muhammed Bin Nayef, Mugrin, Salman, Nayef and Sultan, all of whom died in 2011 except for the Crown Prince’s father, Salman, as well as the US under Bush and Obama.

Jaish included.  Why?  To foment chaos, war, and disrupt the balance so as to create a Cabal unified.

Both Prime Ministers are tense with dialogue a possibility, although none has been established.  The primary issue is the fact that Pakistan continues to protect Jaish despite their terrorist label, and despite their repeated skirmishes against India.   As such, India believes Jaish is a representative of Pakistan.

Reminiscent of the Israeli/Palestinian regurgitation of hate; bombs are levied, casualties are now civilian, and there is no one who wants to intervene and take sides.

But this is what happens when boundaries are redrawn… and allotments are arbitrarily contrived.  It is why Africa remains under-developed, corrupt, and slaves within their own governments.  This is what the Cabal wants to create in the US, the EU, India, etc…   Only slaves can be ruled under a Dictatorship.  Only a Dictatorship can support Socialism and Marxism.

Middle East One World Order – Blackmail

Erdogan. Turkey. How a country rose to blackmail and won.

The EU has agreed to pay Erdogan $3.2 billion – to start – a deal brokered by Germany. What is their stake? Refugees. Turkey has agreed it will close the dyke that caused the influx of over a million migrants to flood into Europe – for a price.   But that price will be subject to re-negotiation each year as Turkey now has levelled the upper hand and the EU rolls over.  Germany is Turkey’s second largest import partner at 9% and ranks first as an export partner at 8.6%.   It isn’t just refugees, its economics.  Germany has a large financial stake as well as a human one. Blackmail.

The US provides ‘aide’ to Turkey to the tune of $30 billion on an annual basis despite the fact that Turkey’s GDP rank is 17th in the world! Why? So that the US can station bases in Turkey from which we launch attacks on Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq. Erdogan demanded that Assad be removed completely before he would allow US airbases. Hence the US is bound to Turkey and their ideals. Blackmail.

Turkey has been cited nearly 2000 times for Human Rights abuses. Fines were instituted, pledges made, and life, or non-life, went on as usual. Torture, disappearances, death, executions, are all a part of the day to day life in Turkey, especially if you are Kurdish. There is consensus that Erdogan continues to grant himself more exclusive power which could result in a dictatorship type of rule. In particular, the style and methodology of his rule has taken on the appearance of former Ottoman Sultan ideologies.

Last year the White House and Kerry accused Erdogan of funding ISIS. This past week Russia has made the same claim providing evidence to support the allegation. The US and the EU have remained silent. Why? Blackmail.

Voter fraud, manipulation and corruption have been an ongoing issue under Erdogan which apparently was heightened when the SECSIS counting system was installed and its authenticity was challenged because it was ‘developed in the US’. The voting system in the US is seen as inherently fraudulent by foreign countries. In 2011, a minivan was impounded by Turkish police. It contained voting ballots which were pre-stamped with the AKP vote. Erdogan is a part of the AKP party. During the 2014 elections, ballots were burned and stolen. Electrical outages prevented ballots from being counted, and officials counting the votes were routinely intimidated by Erdogan’s government. Still, the process was approved and Erdogan was elected President.

Erdogan wants more than anything to become a member of the EU. Blackmail will most likely play a part in that approval as corruption and human rights are shelved.  With close ties to Saudi Arabia and Qatar, Turkey sees itself as a rising star within the Middle East coalition of world order.

The Army of Conquest is a Syrian rebel group created in 2015 and propped up militarily and financially by Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey. The group is affiliated with al-Nusra, al-Qaeda and includes factions such as; Muslim Brotherhood of Syria, Knights of Justice Brigade, Free Syrian Army, Soldiers of the Levant, and Sham Legion. It’s primary objective is to take out Assad and every member of his government.

The groups that the US supported directly, and indirectly have included; al-Nusra, Free Syrian Army, Knights of Justice Brigade, Soldiers of the Levant, Sham Legion and the Kurds. Turkey hates the Kurds, so this affiliation presents a problem.  The US has claimed that our ‘rebels’ are moderate and therefore trustworthy… thus we provide anti-tank missiles, pallets of ammunition,  TUK missiles and other advanced weaponry. Unfortunately, the moderates joined the hardcore and all weapons and financing is now shared. The logic is that we continue to provide weapons to the moderates without disclosing the moderates are now within the umbrella of al-Qaeda.  If we keep it to a whisper, maybe no one will know…

Bottom line? We are arming and financing al-Qaeda to fight ISIS. And while we are supposedly bombing ISIS in Iraq, Iraq is fighting al-Qaeda in Syria. And we are supposedly fighting al-Qaeda in Yemen. Or are we?  Because we are supporting the killing of mostly civilians.  And the Kurds we support in Syria are being bombed by Turkey in Iraq. That’s the narrative, but how can we arm al-Qaeda in one country while fighting them in another?


This time it’s the Saudis. And the entire de-facto is oil and trade. Initiated by Kissinger in an attempt to make the Saudis staked in the success of the US through business and real estate ownership, he set the stage for the one thing he thought he was avoiding – blackmail. And in so doing, he assured our demise as the Saudis decided to up the ante and take over the Middle East, one ruler, one empire to invest in the future of the One World Order.

The global economy concept is seriously flawed. The Open Society concept and One World Order cannot exist. Why? Because respect and integrity and honor don’t exist. As such, blackmail and corruption will rise to the surface and become the thorn of rule within a constant flow of distrust. The US and the EU have so seriously devalued their integrity that scrambling is the day-to-day norm. Turning a blind eye on Turkey. Paying bribes. Siding with al-Qaeda. Unraveling the web is not possible.

And within this stage of Middle East blackmail, we have no friends, we have no allies, what we have is a coalition of Sunni’s who laugh at our stupidity for allowing ourselves to become the puppets in the larger scheme.

YEMEN – You Can’t Make this Stuff Up

“Saudi airstrikes target Houthi forces and their allies in Yemen.” That was the mainstream media version.

“Paris is on the side of the Saudi’s in their efforts to restore ‘stability’ in Yemen.” That’s the mainstream version.

Reality? The Saudi’s are bombing schools, dairy farms, farms, water plants, roadways – infrastructure. They are bombing the basics of structure that support living. And they are bombing civilians – including children. The Yemeni’s want the bombing to stop. The Yemeni’s want the Saudi’s to let them use dialogue and dignity to resolve their own internal issues. The Yemeni’s have become the casualty that Hillary defines as normal collateral to any war. And the US, Europe and many Sunni Arab states comply.


Hadi, the president that fled when the Houthis took control was considered one of the most corrupt governments ranking 164th out of 182. Hadi only came to power after Saleh, the former president, was dislodged as a result of a coup and became injured. Hadi gained his military acumen while living in Britain, Egypt and Russia. He became Minister of Defense for Saleh in 1994 and Vice President until 2012. He was elected president in 2012 – although the term ‘elected’ is loose given he was the sole candidate. Normally, that does not constitute an ‘election’. But he was Sunni and thus sympathetic toward Saudi Arabia. But Hadi was incompetent, corrupt and seemingly a puppet at best. He certainly did not represent the people, nor did he seem to have any compassion for his people. More a figurehead, he was sympathetic to the Saudis, and that was all anyone outside of Yemen wanted. And hence a schism in Yemen widened further as the people felt unrepresented.

How different is it than in many other countries wherein the president is not acting in the interest of the people, but in the interest of economics and businesses and – self. We hope, we have faith that maybe this time it will be different. But it isn’t, and we share this angst and sadness with much of Europe, Canada and even Australia.

We watched Syria reduced to rubble because the Saudis didn’t like Assad. We watched Ukraine reduced to rubble as the coup was allowed and praised. Thousands upon thousands killed because someone decided the existing government needed to go. The casualties – people.

There is a haunting hypocritical aspect that angers not just the people of Yemen, but the citizens of the US, Europe and Asia, wherein one government that is ousted via coup is legitimate while in other countries it is not.

Why do the Saudis want Yemen?

They have no use for the country itself, or the people, all they really want is the assurance that the Gulf of Aden remains a viable conduit for their oil through the Red Sea. If Yemen falls to the Houthis, they are not sympathetic to the Saudis, they are Shi’a. Revenue means everything. Without this access to this strait the Saudis are in trouble, as are the other Middle East countries reliant on the Red Sea for transport.

Most people don’t even know where Yemen is, or what part they have played in history. Yemen was home to the Queen of Sheba and can trace it’s history back to the Sabaeans of ancient time. In medieval times, it was a lucrative trade center. They have controlled the strait through the Gulf of Aden since as early as 700 BC. They were conquered by the Himyarites who practiced a monotheistic religion called Rahmanism. The Romans attempted to convert them to Chritianity around 354 AD, but the Jews rebelled. In 521 AD, a Jewish warlord of Yemen rose to power and had all the Christians slaughtered. The country ‘converted’ to Islam with the rise of Muhammad and his conquests in the mid 600’s AD. Life has been tumultuous to be sure.

Yemen was embroiled in conquests thereafter. It has been overthrown by the Mongols, the Turks, the Egyptians, and the Ottomans. After the fall of the Ottoman’s the British laid claim and ruled. The Port of Aden has always been one of the key sources of warring. The country split between northern and southern allegiances. It has been mired in civil conflict, treason, corruption and pilfering. The unification of the north and south was accomplished with the intervention of the Saudis who needed access to the strait connecting the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden. It was the Saudis who helped lodge Saleh in office, but relations soured. The US and the Saudis agreed that Hadi would be a better ally, and helped stage a coup to oust Saleh. It has been stated that Saleh’s victory was fraudulent and that the only other candidate, Faisal Bin Shamlan, who was the son of the former president, was the actual winner with over 96% of the votes. Saleh claimed the victory was his, and the people were not happy.

Staging a coup, they sought a new government to represent them. Instead, Hadi was instituted. He was not elected, and the people are still without representation. But external interests are seemingly the only interest.

When the people rose against Hadi, the US attempted to intervene and use more drone strikes to gain ‘peace’. But the ‘collateral damage’ created even more anger among the people. Instead of squashing the dissidents, the US and Saudis increased the animosity and became the enemy. The Houthis gathered and rose in number.

Why would the US even consider involvement in this countries unrest? Because the Saudis demand it.

Because, al-Qaeda has a huge presence in Yemen, and because the Middle East countries want to maintain their oil transit route. And we still need that oil.

In 2009, the US started drone strikes in Yemen with the rise of al-Qaeda. The drones strikes were very controversial as they took out large swathes of civilians including children. The Yemeni’s felt they had become the target. In 2013, the strikes escalated. By 2014, the US was stating that a partnership had formed between the government of Hadi and the US. By 2015, the Houthis had taken control.

Who are the Houthis? They are considered to have come from a moderate group of people who sought to re-establish their Shi’a belief system of Zaidi. The Houthis gained radical status sometime after the 2003 invasion of Iraq at which point the chant ‘death to America’ became their slogan.

Twists again… and again: ISIS is fighting against the Houthis, which means we are fighting on the side of ISIS. In March 2015, ISIS bombed a Houthi mosque killing 142 and wounding 351 worshipers. The Houthis claim that Hadi is backed by al-Qaeda, which means if we back Hadi, we back al-Qaeda. Hadi claims that the Houthis are backed by Iran. The Israeli’s claim the Houthis are backed by Hezbollah. The Saudis have been preventing humanitarian aid to the people of Yemen. And of course, this is all flanked by Obama’s new bigger and better nuke deal with Iran. Since the overthrow of Saleh, who is Sunni, he has joined the Houthis. Al-Qaeda has put a ransom on the head of Saleh. Much of the weaponry confiscated by the Houthis was actually previously provided by the US and the Saudis to Yemen.

And if this was a movie on television, no one would believe it was remotely real.