Middle East One World Order – Blackmail

Erdogan. Turkey. How a country rose to blackmail and won.

The EU has agreed to pay Erdogan $3.2 billion – to start – a deal brokered by Germany. What is their stake? Refugees. Turkey has agreed it will close the dyke that caused the influx of over a million migrants to flood into Europe – for a price.   But that price will be subject to re-negotiation each year as Turkey now has levelled the upper hand and the EU rolls over.  Germany is Turkey’s second largest import partner at 9% and ranks first as an export partner at 8.6%.   It isn’t just refugees, its economics.  Germany has a large financial stake as well as a human one. Blackmail.

The US provides ‘aide’ to Turkey to the tune of $30 billion on an annual basis despite the fact that Turkey’s GDP rank is 17th in the world! Why? So that the US can station bases in Turkey from which we launch attacks on Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq. Erdogan demanded that Assad be removed completely before he would allow US airbases. Hence the US is bound to Turkey and their ideals. Blackmail.

Turkey has been cited nearly 2000 times for Human Rights abuses. Fines were instituted, pledges made, and life, or non-life, went on as usual. Torture, disappearances, death, executions, are all a part of the day to day life in Turkey, especially if you are Kurdish. There is consensus that Erdogan continues to grant himself more exclusive power which could result in a dictatorship type of rule. In particular, the style and methodology of his rule has taken on the appearance of former Ottoman Sultan ideologies.

Last year the White House and Kerry accused Erdogan of funding ISIS. This past week Russia has made the same claim providing evidence to support the allegation. The US and the EU have remained silent. Why? Blackmail.

Voter fraud, manipulation and corruption have been an ongoing issue under Erdogan which apparently was heightened when the SECSIS counting system was installed and its authenticity was challenged because it was ‘developed in the US’. The voting system in the US is seen as inherently fraudulent by foreign countries. In 2011, a minivan was impounded by Turkish police. It contained voting ballots which were pre-stamped with the AKP vote. Erdogan is a part of the AKP party. During the 2014 elections, ballots were burned and stolen. Electrical outages prevented ballots from being counted, and officials counting the votes were routinely intimidated by Erdogan’s government. Still, the process was approved and Erdogan was elected President.

Erdogan wants more than anything to become a member of the EU. Blackmail will most likely play a part in that approval as corruption and human rights are shelved.  With close ties to Saudi Arabia and Qatar, Turkey sees itself as a rising star within the Middle East coalition of world order.

The Army of Conquest is a Syrian rebel group created in 2015 and propped up militarily and financially by Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey. The group is affiliated with al-Nusra, al-Qaeda and includes factions such as; Muslim Brotherhood of Syria, Knights of Justice Brigade, Free Syrian Army, Soldiers of the Levant, and Sham Legion. It’s primary objective is to take out Assad and every member of his government.

The groups that the US supported directly, and indirectly have included; al-Nusra, Free Syrian Army, Knights of Justice Brigade, Soldiers of the Levant, Sham Legion and the Kurds. Turkey hates the Kurds, so this affiliation presents a problem.  The US has claimed that our ‘rebels’ are moderate and therefore trustworthy… thus we provide anti-tank missiles, pallets of ammunition,  TUK missiles and other advanced weaponry. Unfortunately, the moderates joined the hardcore and all weapons and financing is now shared. The logic is that we continue to provide weapons to the moderates without disclosing the moderates are now within the umbrella of al-Qaeda.  If we keep it to a whisper, maybe no one will know…

Bottom line? We are arming and financing al-Qaeda to fight ISIS. And while we are supposedly bombing ISIS in Iraq, Iraq is fighting al-Qaeda in Syria. And we are supposedly fighting al-Qaeda in Yemen. Or are we?  Because we are supporting the killing of mostly civilians.  And the Kurds we support in Syria are being bombed by Turkey in Iraq. That’s the narrative, but how can we arm al-Qaeda in one country while fighting them in another?


This time it’s the Saudis. And the entire de-facto is oil and trade. Initiated by Kissinger in an attempt to make the Saudis staked in the success of the US through business and real estate ownership, he set the stage for the one thing he thought he was avoiding – blackmail. And in so doing, he assured our demise as the Saudis decided to up the ante and take over the Middle East, one ruler, one empire to invest in the future of the One World Order.

The global economy concept is seriously flawed. The Open Society concept and One World Order cannot exist. Why? Because respect and integrity and honor don’t exist. As such, blackmail and corruption will rise to the surface and become the thorn of rule within a constant flow of distrust. The US and the EU have so seriously devalued their integrity that scrambling is the day-to-day norm. Turning a blind eye on Turkey. Paying bribes. Siding with al-Qaeda. Unraveling the web is not possible.

And within this stage of Middle East blackmail, we have no friends, we have no allies, what we have is a coalition of Sunni’s who laugh at our stupidity for allowing ourselves to become the puppets in the larger scheme.

6 thoughts on “Middle East One World Order – Blackmail

  1. Values that Russia has abandoned. Provocation is provocation, adult people usually restrain from responding until something actual comes up. For instance Russia’s constant military drills on the borders of other countries. That’s called a prevocational military drill, if I may, has anybody done anything about it? No, they have the permission to do those drills though no one understands why they would be necessary but to be prevocational. What Russia wants to be. I believe Russia has been expecting this, they want to be attacked because that gives them the so called right to do whatever. Like they were the victim. They do it all the time. It always starts like this. ‘Somebody else did something and that gives us he right to do anything in response.’ The problem is no one knows what that something is or if it’s true because the only source is RT. One can’t but doubt.

    • Military drills? They are conducted routinely by NATO, the US, Australia, UK, China, France…and Russia. Again, they are not provocational, they are chest pounding. Provocation is actually shooting down a plane, a helicopter, causing bloodshed. I think your analogies are faulty as you seem to respond to one side when many sides are equally guilty. RT is one of thousands of sources? Perhaps a bit of research would help to ’round’ your vision. If Russia wanted to instigate a world war they probably would have already done so. Not every motivation is war and dominance. If we look at who is warring now – instead of conjecturing who might – the Truth might become self evident.

      • Russia is already instigating a war, many believe a world war, but suppose that needs to be left for later to see. It is destroying the present order to provide its own. It is also flooding the media so there indeed are thousands just as bad sources. Putin will keep saying ‘this was not OUR intention’ until his grave, but that speaks alone (if at all) separated from the actual events that prove otherwise. I don’t have much of an opinion on the downed plane, provocation or not. I don’t really care, it’s their decision. They have the right to, obviously, their country, their military. A warplane on your side -> shoot it down. There is a difference with a military drill and one that accompanies a war elsewhere e.g. military drills on the rest of the western border while they attacked Ukraine. You understand that they held military drills on the border of Ukraine for long before they admitted they were attacking there. Not that the matter is of great significance, but I would in this case call it prevocational if asked.

  2. The reason EU and US have remained silent is because there is nothing to respond to. Russia has not provided evidence but speculations. And contracts and agreements as well as following them afterwards is not blackmail, that is only following the law and common courtesy. If something is decided, then the action will follow. The world is as it is. Take sides, pay money, receive money, make promises, hope others keep theirs.

    • Ronelle – actually, a provocation of war is reason to respond – and as per my previous blog regarding airspace violations, even if Russia violated the airspace of Turkey, Turkey has been the provocateur hundreds of times. The reaction was a bad choice for it opens Pandora’s box and allows everyone else react with blood as well. The point you have failed to understand is one of integrity, respect and honor, values that distinguish humans from animals.

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