DATA MANIPULATION: CoVid Health Department Fraud

HERE WE GO – the fourth wave is now asserting itself just in time for the election…   The second and third waves apparently flopped, so attention is being drawn to a fourth, much more severe, much less age discriminate wave to incite fear and panic!   In Democrat controlled states… of course.  

The latest would come from our very liberally tainted Wisconsin governor who claims CoVid cases are spiking and the need to establish a tent city on fairgrounds is unfolding!   Dastardly!   Apparently, Wisconsin has upwards of 60-80 patients presenting in the hospital who have tested positive for CoVid.   Wisconsin has 11,452 hospital beds.   Yet somehow it is CoVid’s 60 patients that are the spike?   CoVid thus represents .0052 of all hospital beds in Wisconsin and yet is classified as the pandemic that has usurped health care.   Governor Tony Evers has called for a ‘field hospital’.   AH.

The two leading causes of death in Wisconsin are heart disease and cancer.   Every year, Wisconsin experiences roughly 4500 hospitalizations from flu. Wisconsin claims it has had roughly 7000 total “CoVid” related hospitalizations over the course of the last 8-10 months.   The number is likely inflated.

But the Wisconsin Health Department is dedicated to truth and transparency!   Who runs the department?   Andrea Palm.   Previously, Mz Palm was a senior staffer in the Obama administration and was an aide to Hillary Clinton.   Since 2019, she has attempted to name as her deputy a former Planned Parenthood lobbyist. Her husband also served in the Obama administration.

Isn’t that a neat little package!

Colorado is in a tizzy because nearly 200 people are currently hospitalized who tested positive for CoVid.   Of course, ALL of them have underlying conditions that can’t be revealed due to privacy…   But if privacy was truly a prevailing condition, how would we know any death stats?   Ever?   That would mean they are all made up!

Colorado has 5.7 million residents.   The CoVid hospitalization rate is .003%. The current Executive Director is Jill Hunsaker Ryan.   She has a Bachelors Degree in ‘psychology’ and a purported Masters from University of Northern Colorado as MPH Public Health Education and Epidemiology.   Her emphasis was justice issues linked to people of color and climate change.   Oddly, such a Master’s degree would not seem to exist at UNC. Other statements on her resume are equally unverifiable.

These people are NOT elected. They are appointed by the governor.

Scarlet Fever is apparently making the news as the next pandemic that will wipe out our youth!  This version of Scarlet Fever is significantly worse than the prior version and there is no antibiotic that can fight its deadly bacterium, therefore a vaccine will be necessary….   So goes the narrative. Source?   China and UK.

Bill Gates must be worried the CoVid vaccine will not generate the income he has budgeted.

But upon further research the rise of Scarlet Fever cases has been an ongoing fear mongering since at least 2009.   The specific sources are Hong Kong, China and Vietnam. According to ‘data’.  Who releases this data?   WHO.   Not Who’s on First but WHO.

In fact, the ‘data’ released by WHO and the CDC on every disease is all based on ‘estimates’.   And we accept the data because we have nothing to support a different data set.  It is much like  polling with all its fabricated data utilizing a demographic of online respondents over the age of 17…

But if one set of data is faked, then could all the data sets be fabricated? At what point does the data legitimacy appear to be a hallucination, a hologram for the Matrix?

I am reminded of market analysis data:   The market is up because unemployment numbers dropped 1% of 1%…. The market is down because unemployment numbers were shy…   Does “The Market” really care about either?   The market cares about the state of the economy, not a one day data factor. Hopefully.   But we dutifully read and react.

As the depth of false information, corrupted information, manipulated information begins its death spiral under the guise of The Club of Isles/The Swamp/The Cabal, we must step back and understand that the scope is much much larger than we can even imagine.

How much of history has been altered?

We look to the internet for the answer, but the internet is the source!   Books are problematic in their design to sway a belief.   But they are certainly more reliable than an internet vagabond!   We gravitate toward ‘quotes’ that support our ideology.   But where did the quotes originate?   Where were they found? In a hand-written document?

We don’t know because we are deluged with ‘facts’ that we cannot verify.   Ever.

I recently read of a conspiracy theorist whose entire life has been ripped to shreds across the media gamut – Lyndon LaRouche Jr.   Described as a “fraudster, activist, cult leader, radical, I begin to wonder how accurate is this description.   Because in the end, what he seemed to be fighting is exactly the same uber-government or Cabal Club that we now accept as truth proxy.

LaRouche accused WHO of lying and accused them of genocide and euthanasia.   As a consequence he was labeled a fraudster. His accuser? George Bush.

As we call out governors and mayors for their fraud and corruption, it would appear that the pool is far deeper.   And when unqualified, politically corrupt Health officials purport to decide our fate, our livelihoods, and our business ability to thrive – that fraud is quite ALIVE and the Agenda too disgusting to even imagine…  Science?   Simply a philosophy of thought.

3 thoughts on “DATA MANIPULATION: CoVid Health Department Fraud

  1. It’s worse….
    CDC July 13, 2020
    CDC 2019-Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Real-Time RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel
    Performance Characteristics / Analytical Performance Page 39

    “The analytical sensitivity of the rRT-PCR assays contained in the CDC 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Real-Time RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel were determined in Limit of Detection studies. [[ Since no quantified virus isolates of the 2019-nCoV are currently available, ]]] assays designed for detection of the 2019-nCoV RNA were tested with characterized stocks of in vitro transcribed full length RNA… ” my brackets

    Since no quantified virus isolates of the 2019-nCoV are currently available…. (lol)

    there is no proof of a virus which means the RT PCR Test is bogus as is the Antigen Tests. And even (((IF))) the virus was isolated the PCR test cannot determine viral load or infection.

    It’s all a con…. nice write



    • We talked about this – you can’t contain antibodies on something that is mutating weekly! Such an idiotic waste of time. So 100% agree, the tests aggravated everything and likely caused a percentage of the positive results – although positive of what – we don’t really know – anywho…

  2. In the Dem states, they might want to restrict voting in person by using more fake pandemic nonsense scaring people away to make them more likely to vote by mail. In this way, Trump’s mailed in votes can easily be shredded. It’s not who votes, but who counts the votes that matters…this is about the only thing Stalin had right.

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