US EDUCATION: Dumbing of America for Control

The Department of Education has a federal taxpayer funded budget of $71.5 billion, which represents about 8-9% of funding.   State and local property taxes comprise about 31.5% of collections of which roughly 40-50% is spent on schools.   Last year state and local tax collections totaled about $1.1 trillion.   Each public school pupil costs between $11,000 and $25,000 per year with a total budgetary expense for 2017 at $694 billion covering 50.8 million public school students.   That would represent an average of $13,661 per child or about $2500 higher than the average public state college. In addition, school fees and supplies can add upwards of $1200 per student per year – not including a computer and backpacks. By contrast, the cost to homeschool a child averages about $450 per child – or 3% of the average public cost.

Does throwing more money at schools make for a better education?

NY Buffalo District schools ranked an ELA proficiency rating of about 24%. In Wisconsin ACT scores dropped to 20 out of 36 exam questions – basically an “F”.   Tulsa Oklahoma stated that proficiency rates ‘plummeted’ in 2017.

The curriculum utilized over the last few decades has continued to morph into a vague image of its self once upon a time.   Today, according to Bruce Deitrik, this dumbing down was purposeful and deliberate.


To create sheeple incapable of accomplishing anything of value thereby subjecting them to the progressive globalization and New World Order of peasantry.

The riots and protests that we have been made witness to over the last decade is confirmation that our public education system is dysfunctional and completely worthless.  Students haven’t the ability to make change, state the name of five Presidents, or debate common philosophy, history, art, literature – or much of anything of value.

But it doesn’t stop there. Supposedly 72% of high school graduates ‘enroll in college’ compared to just 9% in 1940.   Why?  Colleges used to be for the elite, those with money and brains.   But savvy marketing over the course of decades changed the entire frontier from 160,000 students in 1000 colleges to 20 million annually in 5300+ colleges and universities.

It all changed in 1964 when Lyndon Johnson set up the Great Society programs that gave federal funding to colleges, scholarships, low interest loans, and subsidized the creation of 30 new community colleges per year.   Those subsidized student loans now aggregate $1.5 trillion spread out among 34 million students.

And within the Socialist Agenda we should absorb that debt.

Why?   Because the students can’t repay, they can’t afford it, they don’t want to pay it, they feel it should be free…   And in their pee-brains, no other country charges for college…

Today the US has about 20 million enrolled in college, which equates to 6% of the population.   The entire EU had 4.8 million who graduated tertiary education in 2017 out of a population of 513 million, which equates to .9%, an 85% discrepancy ratio.

Why? Because in the EU only those students who have tested intellectually superior – are allowed to go to college. And the determination is made during the formative years by the someones who make such determinations.

Today, facing off the bizarre CoVid appellate court, teachers unions and governors are holding court and digging in their heels to prevent students from returning to school after a 6+ month hiatus.   The ‘online’ mandate has resulted in some rather interesting failures including Michigan declaring that online instruction will not count toward the required annual instruction hours, Virginia’s Fairfax County parent’s filing complaints, and a plethora of failed online tech, poor outcomes and a high dropout ratio.   Thousands of schools didn’t even have an online availability, and the scramble for those that did to initiate 6 months of course curriculum in weeks – was an obvious mud bath.

While Pearson was the Bill Gates go-to, another rather obscure online forum has been quickly rising in the ranks – BYJU’s.   Funded by Zuckerberg, the very liberal – General Atlantic, The IFC whose parent is World Bank, Tencent Holdings out of China, and various venture capitalists connected with Google and prominent supporters of – Obama, provide the composite history of BYJU.  Making it much worse, Disney has collaborated in the ‘learning is fun’ module where basic concepts in Marxism and white supremacy are employed to devalue children.

I suppose we can count on them to provide unbiased, intellectual modes of online learning….

Unfortunately, like Amazon, BYJU is mired in disgruntled employee shrew where videos reveal a toxic environment of verbal abuse, nonpayment of wages, mindless firings, and an overall work-life balance of -1.

Apparently in collaboration with Twitter and You-Tube, BYJU management threaten employees if their social media accounts are not in compliance with corporate standards of liberal ‘tolerance and inclusion’, of those they deem tolerable and worthy of inclusion

While the article concludes that ‘investors should not be concerned’ regarding the complaints and controversies, the main user – students – likely should be concerned given they are being fed a ‘feed’ of information that is controlled by the Liberal Deep State.

In the end, education in the US has now become a choice of indoctrination or intellectual stimulus.   One is provided by the Deep State – the other must be provided by Parents.   One costs upwards of $15,000+ per year – the other costs $450 per year.   One requires students to submit to 12-14 years of primary education – the other shows typical graduation data as of 16.   One is controlled by parents – the other is controlled by The Nazi State.

Ultimately – the choice is yours.

9 thoughts on “US EDUCATION: Dumbing of America for Control

  1. I heard a student at an innovative school in Costa Rica say when asked what was best about the school she answered: “I can determine my own destiny.” I thought this was about the best answer ever that ever could have been given.

  2. Education today is like an indoctrination camp. We are on the road to creating the new Khmer Rouge.

  3. If you can’t diagnose the disease, your treatment is only likely to worsen it.
    The huge problem with American education is the American obsession with equality. This leads to stupid ideas such as women are equal to men, blacks are equal to whites, all cultures are equal, all languages are equal.
    That in turn leads to the idea that if you throw all kids into the same pot and boil them for the same length of time, they will all homogenize to a yummy stew where every delicious mouthful is completely indistinguishable from every other.
    This idea didn’t spread to apply to anyone besides humans. No dog trainer will train dachshunds to hunt rabbits, or chihuahuas to herd sheep. No ornithologist will try to train pigs to fly. But we send blacks to astronaut school, and women to the Marines, and when it doesn’t work out, we blame society.

    But all bodies are not equal: we just have to put two random bodies together to see that. Two brains are not equal, unless we hobble one to be as slow as the other – which we do by means of mass media and entertainment. Two cultures are not equal: count the variety of tools in a Congolese village and compare it with that in the average American garage.All languages are not equal: compare the size of a Zulu dictionary with that of the Shorter OED.

    Today we’re dealing with the stupid and destructive consequences of our stupid and destructive ideas. They have impoverished us, and destroyed our society. We don’t need more Christianity, we need none of it at all. We don’t need totalitarianism, we need freedom. We need to learn to think about and discuss ideas, and not come up with knee-jerk reactions when we hear fear words like Hitler or Stalin or Chinggiz.

    We need, in other words, to develop human intelligence, because that is our most precious resource. But the schools oppose that in favor of groupthink, and the parents who would like that for their children are seldom equipped to nurture it themselves.

    We don’t need a Jesus, we need a Hercules!

    • Equality and freedom are antithetical to each other. The more freedom you have the less equality because people have different gifts and capacities and freedom gives them the encouragement to actualize their destiny. Equality on the other hand tries to ‘level’ the playing field by lowering standards so that all people are mandated to have the same or similar outcomes.

  4. NO…the state under National Socialism in Germany created and demanded excellence. Achievement, especially in sciences, was rewarded. This stuff is marxcist/communist/bolshevik. Stop kneejerking and calling anything you disagree with ‘nazi’. Point the finger at stalin, mao, polpot, mandela, netanyahu etc as opposed to Hitler.

    • SO I would appear to have hit a button. A Nazi Button to be sure. Apparently you espouse Nazism as a fundamental view – whereas Mao, Stalin, etc… were brutes. That would indicate your sympathy for Hitler, and possibly your Antifa affiliation.

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