Epstein, Ghislaine, Trump: The Media Piranhas…

While the obtuse media parlays a picture of a party held by Donald Trump 22+ years ago in which Epstein attended, the Ghislaine truth might unravel a far more sinister reality!  And that will not ‘parlay’ well with the media!

JonBenet Ramsey was six years old when she was murdered. The file has been sealed under claims of ‘National Security’.   Odd.  What could possibly dictate such a motion for a six year old child?

Rape?   MK-Ultra?   Montagraph?   Child Sex Abuse?   1996.   Bill Clinton had just been elected as President and his penchant for alternative sex was only beginning to unfold within the media.

The Franklin Scandal, a pedophile ring that erupted in the 1980’s, that implicated Bush senior, was in the midst of being disrupted so as to determine the victim evidence was wholly unfounded and the only persons convicted were ultimately the children who claimed abuse.  The perps = including Bush – were never charged.

IN 1998, Epstein bought the island that was used for his pedophile ‘episodes’. Oddly, the media and uninformed nonintellectuals would have us believe that Bill Clinton’s 23 recorded flights to the island are comparable to a single photograph of a Trump party in which Epstein attended – in 1998. The only such photo – and with absolutely no other ‘evidence’.

More importantly, we are now being showed a photo that purportedly shows Ghislaine Maxwell with JonBenet Ramsey.   Should we thus conclude that JonBenet is a pedophile?   Given she was in the company of Ghislaine, as Trump was in the company of Ghislaine and Epstein – the logical conclusion would be they – Trump and JonBenet – must be pedophiles by association.

Of course the 23 recorded flights by Clinton, and the suicide-death of Epstein are somehow non-events of disassociation.

Imagine a court that convicted solely on – Association…

Oh that’s right – the Democrats have used that tactic for the last 3 years!  Including Kavanaugh!

And somehow – the circumstances – the event – the subsequent actions – and the Truth – are all obliterated based on a vindictive agenda.   Should we apply that same agenda to JonBenet because she is seen in the company of Ghislaine?

Why would JonBenet’s death be considered a National Security Issue?

Her death coincided with Bill Clinton’s election – and it was also in the midst of a very tumultuous court trial involving a host of political, media, entertainment and sports figures who purportedly were implicated in the Franklin Pedophile Ring!

Bad timing. Timing that could completely derail Clinton’s bid for Presidency.   A Presidency that his sex drive could not control as he became mired in yet another predatory scandal – Monica Lewinsky.

Taking place between 1995 and 1997, the Lewinsky revelations became public in 1998. The same year Epstein attempted to befriend Trump, and the same year Clinton’s proclivities for illegal drugs were ‘somewhat addressed’.

  1. We now have a rampant pedophile and his Madam pedophile sultress, who have jointly partied on Pedophile Island with President Bill Clinton on at least 23 occasions, connected to the JonBenet Ramsey death through a CIA op MK-Ultra in which mind control was used to manipulate a person’s actions – and yet somehow – the focus is a picture of President Trump hosting a party in which Epstein attended … and no further interactions are ever founded.

The Distraction Network is hard at work to evade all things – Ghislaine!

Why? Because she knows stuff – which has likely caused multiple emergency meetings to vent, fume, curse, and punch walls and faces.

It has now been revealed that Ghislaine groomed Epstein’s subjects by having sex with them.   That the pedophile proclivity was rampant among women and men of power.   And that Epstein’s demise via self strangulation while screaming for help was a figment of the imagination of everyone outside of MSM.

The entire concept of MK-Ultra has been diffused.   But its history has been well documented through the years of CIA Director Allen Dulles government term in 1953 – the namesake of Dulles Airport through his older brother, John Foster.   If one wanted to derail a statue – his should be on the list.

Allen Dulles first claim to fame was his exposing the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” as fake.  But his career was a bullet point of coup after coup after coup to create some perfect world order of leaders according to the Protocols of Dulles.

Kennedy was NOT fond of Dulles.

And yet, his legacy is immortalized as an ‘airport’.

JonBenet. A child.   Was she actually sold within the pedophilia chain of the Epstein and Ghislaine yoke?  Is this why her story was censored as a National Security issue that must be sealed in 1996?   The same year Bill Clinton was elected?   Although it is unknown whether Ghislaine had any interaction with JonBenet, with the exception of a single photograph, the pieces of the puzzle become much more brilliant.

Can you REALLY ignore the Biden pedophile advances without a conscious at all?   What if this were your daughter?   Grand-daughter?   Being touched, stroked, fondled – all over – by an aged old man… who doesn’t even know what day, week, month it is, or what he is running ‘for’ – much less who he is, his wife, or his son who is sometimes his daughter…Because we need to Defund The Police…

Pedophilia is rape of a child.   This is not Playboy Magazine.

And they are – everywhere.

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  1. One more I would like to share with you now:
    http://www.at am.ORT
    June 20, 2012
    Summer Solstice-Human Sacrifices Ritual
    A JenBenét connection to the Kimball castle is not only mentioned here, but a couple other articles I have read.
    I have a personal- albeit childhood-connection to the Kimball castle.

    So anyway, let me know your thoughts and we can talk further, okay?

  2. OK, I see one here. This is the beginning chapter of an extension history of JenBenét and both sides of her family. There should be links to the other chapters at the bottom of this blog. The other one I found most introducing is chapter 3: John, Patsy and Her Dad’s Connection To The CIA and the Freemasons.

  3. Are you aware of the Kimball Castle south of the Denver Colorado suburb Littleton, where the Columbine shootings occurred? It was owned, lived in and reigned over by Mildred “Tweet” Kimball-who happened to be an Elite’s Satanic High Priestess who held Summer and Winter Solstices requiring child sacrifices, and were attended by names such as Rothschild & Bush. Tweet, her first husband and their two sons even moved to England for a time, & their sons spent time with Charles; therefore, no doubt, Tweet & Merritt Ruddick, CIA and close associate of Himler during WWII, associated with the queen.
    It is briefly mentioned in two articles of the innumerable I have read that JonBenét was in the Kimball castle. When, why, who may or may not have been with her, how she came to be there: no mention. Suspicious.?.

  4. Umm….sorry, but “The protocols” are FAR from fake. Anyone that thinks they are not genuine would believe bill clinton ‘never had sex with that woman’…

  5. The left wing of the democratic party with its ‘progressive’ agenda has teamed up with the ‘deep state’ to get rid of Trump by hook or by crook. If he even gets to his re-election which I doubt and should he win the whole world will go nuts. What will follow will make this summers covid/BLM riots look like a bunch of girl scouts selling cookies. I think that the fact that even a picture exists showing JonBenet with Chislaine is stunning and revelatory in my mind. The case had been put under the National Security Seal? Wow….it is not too obvious why the case was muffed by the local prosecutor and they couldn’t find the killer. Our country is seriously sick beyond measure. As Goethe once said “The earth is the insane asylum of the universe.’ Indeed it is. It would take a man like Goethe who lived a splendid life to show us that it doesn’t have to be this way. I am stunned by this revelation and now I understand why the press is overlooking this and trying to implicate POTUS in this. This is political dynamite. It’s civilizational dinamite. WTF!

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