President Trump vs. Reagan: More Similar Than You Think

I keep reading and hearing people defend that they are Reagan conservatives, as though that clarifies the divide between President Trump and the good guy, Reagan.   So I thought it would be fun to create a comparison of their policies as President to see just how they rank.   It should be noted that Reagan was a Democrat before he became a Republican… just like Trump, so let’s start by putting that one to rest:

REAGAN Policies:

  1. Reagan:   “Send the welfare bums back to work”…
  2. Reagan:   Student anti-establishment protests – Reagan brought in the National Guard – his commentary, “If it takes a bloodbath, let’s get it over with”.
  3. Reagan:   In 1967 he signed the Therapeutic Abortion Bill as governor of California. He claimed later it was one of his biggest regrets.
  4. Reagan: Repealed a law allowing public carry of a loaded weapon
  5. Reagan: As President his platform was; lower taxes, les government, increase state’s rights, and a strong national defense. That year, the Republicans had a Senate majority and the Democrats had a House majority.
  6. Reagan’s first speech as President he stated, “…government is not the solution to the problem, government is the problem.”
  7. Reagan advocated ‘peace thru strength’.
  8. Reagan lowered both the corporate and individual tax rates, created the Job Training Program, cut the budgets of Medicaid, food stamps, the EPA and many other non-defense government agencies.   He repealed the Windfall Profit Tax which curbed the US ability to become oil independent.

His term was mired in the Iran hostage crisis, the Savings & Loan crisis, and a rising national debt.   During Reagan’s era, Russia was the Soviet Union under the thumb of Marxist/Leninist rule.   Abolishing all forms of communism and Marxism became a fixation.

Reagan deployed the CIA in Afghanistan to derail the Soviet occupation.   The CIA covertly began an alliance with the Iranian government. Reagan invaded Lebanon, Libya and Grenada. He was instrumental in the fall of the Cold War and the Marxist regime that controlled East Berlin and the Soviet Union.

  1. Reagan signed the Immigration Reform Act, which made it illegal for businesses to knowingly hire illegal immigrants.
  2. Lastly, during Reagan’s tenure he appointed 83 judges to the court of appeals and 290 judges to US district courts. He appointed the first African-American, Clarence Pendleton Jr. to chair the US Commission on Civil Rights who claimed the comparable worth proposal (individuals in the same workplace be given equal pay) was “Looney Tunes”.

TRUMP Policies:

  1. Send the bums back to work welfare reform
  2. Lower taxes for both individuals and corporations.
  3. Increase Defense, but remain peaceful.
  4. Reduce federal government oversight and control
  5. Defund federal moneys for abortion
  6. Cut the budgets of non-defense programs such as food stamps, welfare, EPA, and duplicate Medicaid programs.
  7. Defend against the rise of Marxist and Socialist attitudes in the US.
  8. Bring offshore corporations back to the US.
  9. Reduce the trade deficit run by China since 1975.
  10. Reduce the trade deficit with our European ‘allies’.
  11. Advance detente with North Korea to stem the threat of nuclear war.
  12. Overhaul the CIA and FBI as they grew rogue.
  13. Stem the illegal invasion of our borders
  14. Fund Autism CARES Act
  15. Advance veteran care and hospital facilities
  16. etc…etc…etc…


In fact, Trump’s policies are more similar to Reagan’s than most realize.   Policies and Actions are why we have a President.   People on the right who oppose Trump generally cite his ‘moral character’.   In order to have a religious leader dictate our presidency we would essentially return our country to monarchial rule. We established the US as a means of relinquishing that British power module.

We have church leaders to lead our churches and congregations in a moral line of law.   But our churches are mired in their own disintegrating protocols wherein pornography and sexual abuse are rampant.

There is no such thing as human perfection. And yet it would seem to be the cry of the naysayers who demand President Trump be someone else.   Instead of focusing on accomplishments – which are vast – they focus on a negative, something, anything to support an ideology of failure which is really a reflection on the person’s character – and not on President Trump.   They are the people who don’t see a glass half full – in fact, they don’t even see the glass.

One thought on “President Trump vs. Reagan: More Similar Than You Think

  1. I’m old enough to remember how Reagan was treated by academics (and therefore by press).

    An early “red pill” moment for me was after Clinton entered office, the “HOMELESS” obsession all my students and colleagues had possessed suddenly disappeared.

    I was genuinely baffled by it, as homelessness increased during Clinton years.

    It took years for me to realize the extent of bias and politicization of my beloved academy & the media who take leads from them… eventually I was ousted due to purge of anyone suspected of wrongthink

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