Socialist Marxism: Fighting the Pope, Fighting Soros – MAGA!

When did the Catholic Church adopt Marxism?   A bishop in El Paso, Mark Seitz, is holding a vigil on the border claiming that all people are welcome!   His message is that we all need to live in communion.   In reality, his words should be rephrased to, ‘we all need to live in communism’, because essentially, Bishop Seitz is a self proclaimed ‘neo-Marxist’, and pro-open borders immigration.  Yet, despite these rather anarchist proclivities, Pope Francis appointed him Bishop of El Paso in 2013.  

Seitz follows liberation theology, which is based within far-left politics. Rising in the 1950’s in South America, it is a movement that has spread into Mexico, Haiti and the US.   In 1983 Joseph Ratsinger, who later became Pope Benedict XVI, called out the leaders of this movement for politicizing religion and using the Bible inappropriately to support a political ideology of – Open Society.  Pope Benedict censored and suspended some priests for ignoring his denouncement of the movement.   And then along came Pope Francis.

Pope Francis is the first to come from the order of Jesuits.

The Jesuits are a society formed in the mid 1500’s . Their history is mired in assassination accusations, power, greed, and treason, and today child molestation.   They have created 168 educational institutions across the globe teaching a modern day version of Eloquentia Perfecta – which loosely means cultivating a person as a whole. It is a method of training a person to persuade others to think as they do through a merging of speaking techniques and virtue signaling.

In 1981 as Europe became increasingly more socialist and the new socialists embraced Marxism, Father Menendez Urena wrote The Myth of Christian Socialism in hopes of pulling the church away from liberation theology and its love affair with Marxist philosophy.   Urena belonged to the Mont Pelerin Society.

The Mont Pelerin Society calls itself an economic think tank along classical liberal lines of thought. Its founders are quite prestigious Economists and philosophers, including; Milton Friedman, George Stigler, Friedrich Hayek, Frank Knight, Ludwig von Mises and Karl Popper.

Despite coming together to form this Mont Pelerin Society, their philosophies on economics were not always aligned – and in one instance Mises became incensed and claimed the other five were a bunch of – Socialists.   It was an era of the rise of fascism in Europe, and some believed that socialism was the only means to quell fascism.   These economists fought each other and their ideals, and today the Mont Pelerin Society embraces the Austrian school of economics within the theory of Mises view of methodological individualism and ‘classical liberalism’. Hayek supported this theory and explained its process within his book;  The Road to Serfdom.  While Karl Popper fought an intellectual battle within himself regarding socialism and its perceived venue of equality.

Classical Liberalism in its original creation is actually much more closely aligned with todays conservative libertarianism of limited government and laissez faire markets.

In 2016, Pope Francis installed as the Vaticans general superior a Venezuelan, Fr. Arturo Sosa Abascal.  Pope Francis biographer, George Neumayr, described Sosa as a “Marxist”, “a Venezuelian communist, and modernist”.   According to Neumayr, the only presidential candidate invited to the Vatican in 2016 was then candidate, Bernie Sanders, a Jew – “We invited the candidate who cites the pope most in the campaign, and that is Senator Bernie Sanders,” explained Sorondo, Francis’ close friend, who added that Sanders’s agenda is “very analogous to that of the pope.”

It is thought that Francis has systematically installed Marxist believers into his cabinet to advance global socialism. The caravans coming through Mexico and invading US borders were financed by these Jesuit churches and – Soros.

Soros studied under Karl Popper while at the London School of Economics post WWII.   That education provided him with the insight to develop an agenda, implement its ideals, and create a serfdom much like what Hitler attempted and failed to sustain.

The schism that came to be between these initial six economics powerhouses of the Mont Pelerin Society blossomed into a revolution of chaos and power struggles across the globe.

The Jesuits had power within educational institutions, and ultimately within the entire global Catholic community under the auspices of the Jesuit Pope Francis.   Soros brought a different skill set:   1.   His knowledge of socialism under Hitler and the Nazi’s – and where it failed, and 2.   A very highbrow education in economics at the London School of Economics whereby he realized how to recreate the National Socialists across the globe utilizing the socialist Economic ideologies of Karl Popper and Friedrich Hayek.

Today, economists still argue which philosophy is best for the people – socialism or classical liberalism.   But they argue from an historical perspective instead of from the present day, and so distort the future. They present blocks of information, but use as their core or base, a version of society and economics defined a hundred years ago.   And thus, like much of science, their very argumentative factual presentation is eternally – theory, systemic failure.

Unfortunately, in all this massive intellectualism fighting to define the globe within their parameters, The People have become serfs and are told to follow like sheepel whoever rules because they know best, they have money and they have education and they have power. Trump doesn’t speak their language.  And suddenly confronted with a truly alien identity, within The Art of War, they underestimated their enemy.

When media became more prolific and internet access opened minds and doors, the Agenda was suddenly facing its most feared opposition – Truth.   Racing to close Pandora’s Box, they have sought to own the media, to censor the media, to provide only what information sheepel can best understand – Eloquentia Perfecta!   The Jesuits taught them how to brainwash the masses.

We can only sustain as long as history records are not destroyed.   As long as media access is not censored. As long as Socialism is rooted for what it truly represents – tyranny and serfdom!

4 thoughts on “Socialist Marxism: Fighting the Pope, Fighting Soros – MAGA!

  1. One more thing: Where did you get the idea for this paragraph:

    “The schism that came to be between these initial six economics powerhouses of the Mont Pelerin Society blossomed into a revolution of chaos and power struggles across the globe.”

    I’m thinking maybe one of the multitude of misinformation sources (academics, blogs, politicians, think tanks, “non-governmental organizations”, and other trolls).

    There is no such “revolution” except for the Ron Paul Revolution, but not like the kind invoking “power struggle”, except for the Struggle of the Powerful against Austrian economic thinking and its proponents. Milton Friedman did help promote free market thinking.

    the long march of socialism is a demonstration that it has nowhere near the influence implied by the above snippet. The influence of Austrian economic thought and libertarian ideas has been getting attention since the growth of the Internet, especially with Ron Paul’s presidential campaigns.

    Get a true-life historical perspective on the Mont Pelerin Society at this link:

    “…As long as Socialism is rooted for what it truly represents – tyranny and serfdom!”
    I don’t know that much about Karl Popper, but Friedrich HAYEK WAS NO SOCIALIST:

    His most famous book and I recommend it, is, “Socialism: The Road to Serfdom”. That’s why I put the last sentence of this post at top of this comment.

    I don’t know where you got the idea he was a socialist. Some of his later ideas seemed to accept a “little bit” of statism. World War II did things to some people’s minds. Charles Lindbergh almost became a non-person, just like the leaker, the fake “whistleblower”, is now being un-personed Orwellian style.

    Hayek received a Nobel Prize for Economics along with Keynes, probably a ploy by the Nobel committee to try to appear neutral. Keynes was rapidly adopted by governments around the world, because it was an intellectual justification that gave permission for socialistic projects, welfare and government spending.

    Hayek was a fierce and rational voice against Keynesian economics all along.

    AND SOCIALISTS ARE NOT ANARCHISTS. yes, I repeat myself. The absence of a government is NOT socialism.

    It should be obvious from the shadow-government-front Mockingbird Media treatment of the presidential candidate Ron Paul, and the parade of slander and libel during 2008 and 2012, that libertarians (small-l) are treated as enemies of serfdom and tyranny. The Republicans make no basic against government programs, because they traditionally have shilled for the War Machine, for cronyism in capitalism, and loudly deny they want to end Social Security or any other government backbreaking burden on the economy that the Democrats have put in place. Or Republicans, in the case of things like Nixon’s negative income tax, and Reagan’s “war on drugs”.

    The Jesuits are just as you describe them though. In fact I think the abdication of Pope Benedict and the installation of Bergoglio was a Vatican coup supported by the international bankers, because of the timing of it with the interference of the heads of the international SWIFT system that clears credit card and debit card payments.

    I am an anarchist. My anarchism makes me the polar opposite of a socialist. And the polar opposite of a fascism. Fascism is a twin brother of socialism. Austrian economists are the most effective counter to statism in general, and all tyrannies specifically and especially, like fascism and socialism and Communism.

    • I made some edits due to your comment about Hayek – and agree. I also agree that the Republican Party per se is little better than the Liberal Democrats, and that a truly subversive enemy has been in control while we believed without question. The words fascism and socialism and communism are routinely thrown about with little understanding of who, what, where or when. Our youth do not even seem to understand that Hitler’s party was socialist. Or even that China is communist. Their knowledge of history in general is abysmal. I do not believe that people are capable of having no government. Nor do I think it realistic that all government everywhere can be replaced with a self governing rule of order. There are simply too many people in the world and many many who have the preponderance for sinful behavior. Others who don’t have the intellect to understand. And others who enjoy choose evil.

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