Pope Francis & Vatican Sell Catholics to: CHINA

Pope Francis is calling for the world to revert to the “Natural Order” and calls for all people to live a more ‘austere’ lifestyle so that we can forgive ALL of Africa’s debt burden given they will never be able to repay…

What the Heck?

China is the largest creditor holding $145 billion in debt to various countries within Africa.   While China has announced it will extend some relief to ‘eligible countries whose debt was comprised of zero interest loans’, what China says and what China does rarely interlink.   The problem?   China refuses to discuss or reveal the terms of these purported cancellations, ie the collateral.

What is the Natural Order being promulgated by a Catholic Pope?

Natural Order is a philosophical Karma – it views Divine Order and Government Order as repressive sources that destroy human genetic understanding.   It recognizes that human existence was a random event, and that humans should work to be subservient to the laws of the planet.   In the case of Pope Francis this means all African debt must be forgiven, people should eat less, consume less, fly less, and fuel sources should all be green because we are in a Climate Crisis.

Of course, none of the recommendations apply to Pope Francis given his wide girth enjoys a gluttonous lifestyle, his penchant for travel via private jet, and his embrace of Communism for thee… all while hoarding billions in wealth at the Vatican proper and throughout the world – that is not taxable and not subject to transparency.

And then there is the very allusive context of a deal that is to be signed this September between the Vatican and China.  

While the Vatican has been eerily silent regarding the concentration camps in China which hold over 1 million Uyghurs, Bishop Marcelo Sánchez Sorondo upheld China as the country that is “best implementing the social doctrine of the church.”  

The official statement is that the Vatican will be able to have a say in Chinese Catholics doctrine, and the unofficial statement is that China will have an overlord presence in the Vatican.

Part of the deal between these odd bedfellows is that the Chinese government will be allowed to appoint eight Bishops of their choosing to oversee the Catholic population in China.   One such Bishop presented by China is Coadjutor Bishop Francis An Shuxi, who is a member of the Chinese Catholic Patriotic Association.  Pope Pius XII  vehemently deplored the attitude and activities of the quasi Catholic, Chinese Association and declared the bishops who participated in consecrating new bishops selected by the Association to be  excommunicated.

These China affiliated bishops, with a small b, have pledged their loyalty to the Communist Party which recognizes only Atheism as a religion.   Their appointment is thus symbolic in order to gain access to the wealth and support of the Vatican that Pope Francis is eager to divest.

While Pope Francis may not be a true man of faith, he is also not ignorant of his actions.   He has made clear that he supports communism, Islam, and the Green and Liberal Parties of the US.   He has opted to denounce our sitting President, and entered into the fray of politics like a good Pope should…

Will the appointment of communist party bishops lure the Catholic underground to show their faces?   Will this show of trust result in the final roundup of all Catholics in China to be interred in the Gulags for re-education purposes like the Uyghurs?   Has Pope Francis sold out the 10 million Catholics living in China?

Pope Francis has been the source of much controversy during his 7 year reign.   The first Jesuit Pope, he has embraced the promotion of racial injustice and the protests across the US.   But even more importantly, Francis has attempted to create a One World religion in which there is no evil, no Satan per se, stating that Satan only lives in human perceptions within the mind.   Whether you are Catholic or not, that ideology is anti-Catholicism in that it repudiates the Bible.

Just one week ago, China showed it’s true intention when the Communist Party police arrested Jimmy Lai Chee-ying in Hong Kong for his criticism of the Bejing-Vatican deal and for ‘foreign collusion’. The arrest was conducted by 200 police officers, and included Jimmy’s two sons and two executives from his business, Next Media.   He has been a prolific financial supporter of China’s underground Catholics who have been ignored by the Vatican as they suffer persecution and death if discovered.

The Vatican and Pope Francis have remained silent over this arrest.

Because of China’s new overlay into Hong Kong, Jimmy could be deported to mainland China and tried by the very fair judicial system of the Communist Party under Xi Jinping!

What has Pope Francis promised China?   One can only assume it will not be good for the American people, the vestige of Popes to come, or the Chinese Catholics.   We can be sure, that China is chomping at the bit given they will now have control over the Vatican.

Pedophilia: President Trump’s Trump Card

As the countdown becomes ever tighter, many on the fringes of Trump camp are concerned that he isn’t doing more to protect their particular interests, including Draining The Swamp.  

While the conservative pundits focus on Foundation corruption, political corruption, and financial corruption, it would seem likely the Trump Distraction is largess as the real focus is on the Pedophilia Corruption…  

Sexual Predators are far more vulnerable than any financial White Collar criminal who could easily sit in courtroom limbo for a decade or more!

Randomly picking away at a few notable elites over the course of the last 3 years, Trump has an agenda – far more brilliant than the media whips who parlay a scripted Hollywood scenario.   And despite their best efforts to deflect, the heat is getting very, very HOT!

As a result, a select few pundits are attempting to 1.   Make pedophilia a normal sexual preference,   2.   Make it appear that children want the sexual gratification,   3.   Simply deflate the agenda/occurrence as something out of proportion to reality.

But History has a way of rearin’ it’s rage as the Franklin Scandal and the Jimmy Savile Scandal are renewed coverage of who, what, where and how!

Enter Australia – a HUB for pedophile perps within the Political, Entertainment, and Government agencies.

Enter Germany, long host to pedophilia – announcing the arrest and investigation into thousands of perpetrators and victims.

Enter the UK cracking down on Dark web sites that covet thy sons and daughters in abuse, ritual, and satanic ideologies.

And suddenly, the global society that rules, creates distraction after distraction all targeting false narratives of reality in order to deflect what President Trump is diligently preparing for the ultimate ‘coup’ wherein The Swamp, The Cabal, has no exit strategy = Pedophilia.

Stories abound of Epstein Island being just a sampling of the real prevalence.   Stories that may have been denounced if the evidence and the sheer magnitude of accusations and information had been stifled.   But suddenly, people are no longer silent – their multitude of voices are clear and the Democrat Party, The Swampers on both sides – are afraid..

And they should be – because this is not a battle that their white collar attorney can fight.

President Trump has been saving this golf swing.   Timing is everything – in golf and in life.   A slight twist to the wrist and the ball shanks.

Unaware that this was the climax, the democrats are only now realizing they have been shuttered, and recovery means destroying society at all costs – obliterating – The United States of America.   To save their proverbial souls from the Truth.

Their legacy will counter everything their illusion has created.   From inequality to BLM to CoVid, to Pandemic to Trump tax returns to Russia collusion.   It is all fabricated to protect them from the storm – and Mother Nature is about to be unleashed by President Trump.   We all know – Mother Nature Always Wins.

While a Trump victory in the 2020 election does NOT parlay into a calm and collected America, it does lay the groundwork for the completion of The Trump Agenda 21 – destroy them from a place they can not recover.

So as the media snickers and claims the pedophile track is simply a right wing conspiracy, remember that those who snicker loudest are likely deeply ingrained and have the most to lose when the shitake mushrooms hit the fan and their own sexual abhorities are revealed!

Why is that important?

Because their entire belief system is based on their historical legacy – that is – their perceived historical legacy.

Did China provide a gulag of potential victims for the folly?   Are the Uyghurs simply an inventory to appease the prolific desire for obscene child sexual and satanic abuse?   Are the Uyghurs China’s blackmail?

Experimental body parts to experiment with the creation of enzymes and proteins that will enhance or create super-humans?   Children to fulfill their satanic obsessions?   A convenient reservoir of available humans to do with as one pleases…

Conspiracies and even myths frequently find themselves at the forefront of truisms.   And as the internet provides a means of global sharing of information, the same vehicle created to suppress humans, may actually save us and give us a plate of evil-mindedness to forever exile to the fire of the Biblical lake of Hell.