Trump vs DeSantis: The Liberals and Hawks want DeSantis to Run – why?

DeSantis is being setup.   The Economist declares that DeSantis should be the Republican frontrunner in 2024 – in order to beat Trump.   In truth, a DeSantis vs Trump campaign would completely devastate a republican 2024 win fracturing the republican party for good.   Pulled by the hawks and neocons, DeSantis is being groomed away from his libertarian base.   There is an alternative…   Vice Presidency knowing Trump will only seek one term before handing the reins to a competent DeSantis.

Kari Lake has been considered the appropriate running mate for Trump. While she is competent, professional, and highly regarded, it isn’t her time – yet.  

Trump is the only one who can haul in the massive votes from independents, democrats and non-Rhino republicans.   Albeit assuming election fraud does not prevail…   IF DeSantis were at Trump’s side, the liberals would have absolutely nothing.   Kari Lake’s positioning would then be as the VP to DeSantis in 2028.

PREPARATION NOW:   The unraveling of Biden Handler Executive Orders should be written today and onward so as to have the prep work down in anticipation of an election win.   Executive Orders to withdraw from WHO, UN, NATO, Climate Funding and unattractive trade agreements should be written now.   Firings and replacements should be vetted now.

Other goals are more complicated:   eliminating various government agencies including Department of Education and revamping the IRS are paramount in severing the control over the US government by BIS and the Cult.   Reintroducing the Tariff concepts would be foremost in the IRS revamp in order to fund the government outside of reduced taxation measures.

The only person capable of recreating a solid US Military would likely be General Flynn.   A heady job given the military has been reduced to WOKE snivelers incapable of shooting a gun, much less working in combat.   Mercenaries have become the shadow military taking the hits and getting paid handsomely.

Dismantling the system that is now in place will likely take decades of repair.   While Trump can situate the necessary New Beginning – DeSantis is poised to carry the baton.

The Federal Reserve is quietly shrinking its balance sheet after more than doubling assets between 2020 and 2022. The resultant top was more than $9 trillion. By the end of 2023, the total reduction is expected to be roughly $1.9-$2 trillion.

The Digital currency market is currently being trialed in NY and pundits are claiming the federal digital currency will be launched this spring 2023.   Unlike China basing their digital currency on gold, the Fed will base it on debt.   Like paper fiat money, the digital currency will be no different in terms of worth which is one reason the value of the dollar has contracted since the creation of the Federal Reserve.   There is NO intention of creating – there is only a substitution that offers expanded ‘control’.

Decoupling from the Federal Reserve would be a complicated task – albeit possible.   The 12 Central, or District, banks would require significant reconstruction.   Deposit insurance would shift.   But reinstituting a gold backed currency would help initiate a smoother transition given the commodity has real value.

It has taken over a hundred years for the Federal Reserve to splice and dice the value of a dollar to roughly $4, a policy done purposefully to destroy America and allow China to shine.

What would happen if China became the new global Empire?

The only means of China rising to Empirical power would be for America to virtually collapse.   For the last decade China has parlayed good cop-bad cop from the media and politicians.  Today – the move is toward China Good – 

Jeffrey Sachs is an American Socialist economist whose lifetime work has focused on the globalization of the UN with Kofi Annan, Ban Ki Moon and currently Antonio Gutteres. He is the president of the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network.   Tasked with the ‘eradication of extreme poverty’, his goal is to lift African citizens from living on less than $1 per day income…   That was in 2005.   Sachs means for creating this was – western charity – MONEY.  It never happened.  But Banks did become wealthier.  Federal Reserve total assets nearly 600% since 2005.

Of course the problem with measuring is in the measurement means. Because in Africa there is none.   So a guess became the initial drive point from which more guesses would derive the current rate.   The finished graph was manipulated to appear to show successes that were never achieved.

Measuring anything in Africa is a lost cause because there are NO measurements.   They are a created fictional derivative.   And thus ‘economists’ derive their self grandizing platitudes and fame from volumes of empty air.

Sachs promotes microloans – an abject heinous failed economic means for the banking cartel to reap greater profits on the backs of slavery.   He works with Gates to ‘eradicate’ malaria, AIDS and TB utilizing the same rabbit hole of false algorithm equations.   Those false statistical results are then published as though there is any reality to their substance.

When addressing China’s economy – win or lose – economists create this same veil of platitudes.   Sachs is pro-China.   He sees their regime as the global solution to all crises.   Their model of authoritarianism, chaos, control, and the devaluation of human life is helpful when depopulation is the end product.

Remember when some 200 teenagers set fire to Australia ultimately killing 10’s of billions of Kuala Bears?   One Kuala was rescued from the fire, and severely burned.   His pain was so excruciating he was walking ‘into’ the fire.   Death was the only release from pain.

The world envisioned by BIS, China, the globalists is one wherein the pain is so excruciating people will walk into the fire of their own accord.   This is the trajectory that these anti-humanists have chosen to take.

Which candidate in the US has the ability to unravel this web of destruction?   The ONLY candidate that creates fear in the hearts of our enemies!   The candidate that the Entirety of the Cabal have focused on in hate and desperation.   The Economist WANTS DeSantis to run for president for one reason – they will destroy him and another puppet will be strung up in the oval office only to eager to do absolutely nothing.   Someone like… Fetterman.  

Housing & Chip Shortages: UN Sustainable Agenda On TARGET!

The Federal Reserve, which is not affiliated with the Federal Government has its own plain clothes police force which has been given FULL authority to act with the same legality as the FBI, aka jurisdiction is the United States.   This authority was levied in 2001 and expanded under Obama in 2010.   They have access to every piece of information held by any police department or federal agency and may conduct warrantless arrests.

Weapons include semi-automatic pistols, assault rifles and machine guns.   They are given the same pay, benefits and pension as federal officers.

March 26, 2020, the Federal Reserve quietly reduced its reserve requirements for ALL district banks to $-0-.  Reserve requirements are like insurance.   Without a reserve requirement, a run on a bank could mean the bank hasn’t the liquidity to support withdrawals.

In 2015, the banks in Greece were in this spiral and limited the amount of cash a person could withdraw.  Given your cash in a bank earns no interest, there is little reason to use a bank other than to pay bills.

After this March reversal of requirements, borrowings from the Federal Reserve went from $3million to a monthly high of $124billion with monthly averages roughly $90billion.  At the same time they altered how they determine Monetary Stocks.  The main alteration changes their means of measurement from ‘checkable deposits’ to ‘liquid deposits’.   This effectively doubled their Surplus and Reserves.

Between March and August 2020, according to the FR Balance Sheet, US Treasury General Account increased by about 500% or $1 trillion.  In addition, mortgage backed securities were the second greatest increase in the Balance Sheet.   This buying spree has continued through September 2021.   While they had anticipated a 2% inflation rate, the 5.9% inflation is a key indicator that interest rates are set to rise – rapidly!

This would indicate that hedge fund home purchases are about to be fulfilled and the market will likely go completely flat!

In 2012, under the Obama administration, Fannie Mae was allowed to provide mortgages to private investors.   The point was to bump the flopping real estate market.   Most of the homes purchased were in foreclosure and investors were buying at significant pennies to the dollar.   The trend caught on and in many market areas investors soon owned upwards of 20-25% of the rental housing.

During this time frame the owner occupied market rose by 1 million while the renter market added 6.5 million.  By 2017, two major players, Invitation Homes and American Homes 4 Rent, controlled nearly 60 percent of the market.  They cut maintenance and repair costs, required more tenant improvements and as of 12/31/20 Invitation Homes claims $17.5 billion in assets.

It isn’t just corporate investors, these buyers include pension funds and their market has expanded to include Europe.

The big name buyers include:  Blackrock, JP Morgan, and Goldman Sachs.   Allianz, Invesco and Centerbridge are among the largest.   But builders are now building to rent instead of to buy which will further deflate home ownership in the years to come.

“In the United States, the median home costs between 4.5 and 5 times median household income.   In the United Kingdom costs more than eight-times the average earnings of an individual.”  As a result, home ownership has fallen from a peak of 70% to roughly 60%.

Sound Familiar?
It should – the UN Sustainable Development Agenda states that the average person will ‘own nothing and be happy’.

The Chip industry claiming a shortage is well onboard.    Without chips, no new cars.  No new cars, no new ownership.   OH, but we are told to buy electric!  That will solve the problem, right?   While the average gas burning vehicle requires about 300 chips, an electric vehicle by comparison requires – 3,000!

As the FBI and CIA begin to fray with the current backlash and these agencies are setup to fail, as the police continue to quit amidst vaccine mandates, the Federal Reserve Police are slated to take their place so as to maintain Order.

With Banks unable to meet their obligations in deposit withdrawals, a further spiral of liquidity will significantly lower the American Dream, and reduce everyone to eagerly hope for a guaranteed income.

Raising interest rates will further hurt the basic essentials of ownership.   It will flatten production.   And it will usher in The Great RESET.  And THUS the Cabalist Regime is Right On Target!

Rockefeller Foundation & Bill Gates – Private Capital Coup

The Rockefeller Foundation is under a bit of scrutiny following the revelation by Danish politician, Thierry Baudet, that the Foundation had a step-by-step blueprint of the Pandemic in 2010. Well before the infamous Bill Gates Ted Talk revealing the exact same Agenda of Control. And yet despite these obvious refrains, despite all the evidence, governments continue to enforce draconian rules without basis.

Who runs the Rockefeller Foundation and what do they purport to do?

***   COVID:   According to their website, their CoVid declaration is focused on one aspect;   getting 70 million ‘people of color’ vaccinated by July 2021 – as in vaccine equity.   Odd.   There are roughly 49 million black people in the US based on 13% of total population.   Of the 49 million, 35% are 21 and under, leaving a vaccine population of 31.8 million.

***   Priority listing is labeled ‘Nourish People and Planet’.   According to their math, of the 7.8 billion global population, 3 billion can not afford a healthy diet – 38.5%.   And – CoVid made this number worse.   The same CoVid that the Foundation blueprinted a decade ago.

“We can design a system that makes healthy diets affordable and accessible to everyone, and that delivers fair returns to the people who produce and provide our food.”

Who is ‘we’?   A diet that has few nutrients and therefore must have pharma nutrients inserted.   “Fair returns’?   That sounds a lot like slave labor in my opinion. As such the Foundation provides a graph detailing their factoid that diet is the leading cause of premature death.   A)   their math is atrocious,   B)   what happened to heart disease, cancer, lung diseases, etc… ?

Answer?   The numbers they use to support their ludicrous falsehoods come from… “Institute For Health Metrics and Evaluation”. Ta-Da!   If you don’t recall, this ‘institute’ is a low level predictive, crystal ball algorithmic financed by Bill Gates.

Meaning – the Rockefeller Foundation and the Gates Foundation are lock-step. Meaning CoVid Pandemia was the distraction for a large corporate takeover/coup of earth.

***   “We Call For A Renewed Food Revolution”.   In Africa this translates to increasing sustainable production.   In the US this translates to reclaiming our food system for health and prosperity.   And then back to Gates again as AGRA is the means for achieving food equity by literally taking over the entire food market.

The alliance between Gates and Rockefeller dates back decades. In 2006, they pooled their spider webs promising;  “to double yields and incomes for 30 million farming households while cutting food insecurity in half in 20 African countries by 2020.”

What AGRA did achieve was to spend $534 million in 13 African countries promoting ‘commercial seeds, chemical fertilizers and pesticides’. And in fact a white paper published by Tufts University has declared AGRA an utter failure! They report that: 1. The number of hungry people in the 13 countries ‘enriched’ by AGRA has increased by 30%.   2.   Climate resilient nutritious crops were razed to support more maize resulting in no income or food security,   3) The number of under-nourished in Rwanda increased by 13%.

In essence what AGRA has accomplished is to create a growing trend of malnutrition deaths, income disparity, and chemical nightmare.

And this is what they foresee for the US.

***   Universal Health Coverage: “ Launched in 2009, our Transforming Health Systems initiative focused on improving the health status and financial resilience of poor and otherwise vulnerable populations through activities promoting improved health systems performance and the expansion of Universal Health Coverage.”

A mouthful of words that says absolutely – NOTHING.

***   Powering The Last Mile:   Goal – end energy poverty by 2030 – just in time for the UN Sustainable Development Initiative. In India.   In collaboration with Tata Power ltd.. Tata has four major plants all powered by – coal, and minor plants in Indonesia, South Africa, and the Middle East – also powered by coal. In addition, Tata recently acquired a license for a coal mine in Russia . In 2016, Tata acquired the renewable portion of Welspun Pvt. for a record $1.5 billion to produce a solar panel plant capable of generating 50 megawatts of power requiring 700 acres of land.   That would equate to 250,000 solar panels. In US terms, that would power 13,000 homes.

***   Innovative Finance:   Meaning Private Capital will own everything.   And governments by default will be eliminated.

Richard D. Parsons serves as the Chair for the Rockefeller Foundation. His claim to fame would appear to be that he was named top CEO for the Entertainment Industry. Other board members include:   Adam Silver, NBA Commissioner known for NBA China!   Others come from Carlyle Group, Morgan Stanley, Chamber of Commerce, Man Group of China, etc… Lastly, a prominent Board Member formerly worked with WHO on the AIDS/HIV epidemic as well as the UN within the Sustainable Development Program.

But What We Have My Friends is Nothing Less Than a Push For ALL Big Corporations To Unite in Buying  Everything so that the RULE will be Consolidated and small business eliminated.   The-The-That’s All FOLKS!