Rockefeller Foundation & Bill Gates – Private Capital Coup

The Rockefeller Foundation is under a bit of scrutiny following the revelation by Danish politician, Thierry Baudet, that the Foundation had a step-by-step blueprint of the Pandemic in 2010. Well before the infamous Bill Gates Ted Talk revealing the exact same Agenda of Control. And yet despite these obvious refrains, despite all the evidence, governments continue to enforce draconian rules without basis.

Who runs the Rockefeller Foundation and what do they purport to do?

***   COVID:   According to their website, their CoVid declaration is focused on one aspect;   getting 70 million ‘people of color’ vaccinated by July 2021 – as in vaccine equity.   Odd.   There are roughly 49 million black people in the US based on 13% of total population.   Of the 49 million, 35% are 21 and under, leaving a vaccine population of 31.8 million.

***   Priority listing is labeled ‘Nourish People and Planet’.   According to their math, of the 7.8 billion global population, 3 billion can not afford a healthy diet – 38.5%.   And – CoVid made this number worse.   The same CoVid that the Foundation blueprinted a decade ago.

“We can design a system that makes healthy diets affordable and accessible to everyone, and that delivers fair returns to the people who produce and provide our food.”

Who is ‘we’?   A diet that has few nutrients and therefore must have pharma nutrients inserted.   “Fair returns’?   That sounds a lot like slave labor in my opinion. As such the Foundation provides a graph detailing their factoid that diet is the leading cause of premature death.   A)   their math is atrocious,   B)   what happened to heart disease, cancer, lung diseases, etc… ?

Answer?   The numbers they use to support their ludicrous falsehoods come from… “Institute For Health Metrics and Evaluation”. Ta-Da!   If you don’t recall, this ‘institute’ is a low level predictive, crystal ball algorithmic financed by Bill Gates.

Meaning – the Rockefeller Foundation and the Gates Foundation are lock-step. Meaning CoVid Pandemia was the distraction for a large corporate takeover/coup of earth.

***   “We Call For A Renewed Food Revolution”.   In Africa this translates to increasing sustainable production.   In the US this translates to reclaiming our food system for health and prosperity.   And then back to Gates again as AGRA is the means for achieving food equity by literally taking over the entire food market.

The alliance between Gates and Rockefeller dates back decades. In 2006, they pooled their spider webs promising;  “to double yields and incomes for 30 million farming households while cutting food insecurity in half in 20 African countries by 2020.”

What AGRA did achieve was to spend $534 million in 13 African countries promoting ‘commercial seeds, chemical fertilizers and pesticides’. And in fact a white paper published by Tufts University has declared AGRA an utter failure! They report that: 1. The number of hungry people in the 13 countries ‘enriched’ by AGRA has increased by 30%.   2.   Climate resilient nutritious crops were razed to support more maize resulting in no income or food security,   3) The number of under-nourished in Rwanda increased by 13%.

In essence what AGRA has accomplished is to create a growing trend of malnutrition deaths, income disparity, and chemical nightmare.

And this is what they foresee for the US.

***   Universal Health Coverage: “ Launched in 2009, our Transforming Health Systems initiative focused on improving the health status and financial resilience of poor and otherwise vulnerable populations through activities promoting improved health systems performance and the expansion of Universal Health Coverage.”

A mouthful of words that says absolutely – NOTHING.

***   Powering The Last Mile:   Goal – end energy poverty by 2030 – just in time for the UN Sustainable Development Initiative. In India.   In collaboration with Tata Power ltd.. Tata has four major plants all powered by – coal, and minor plants in Indonesia, South Africa, and the Middle East – also powered by coal. In addition, Tata recently acquired a license for a coal mine in Russia . In 2016, Tata acquired the renewable portion of Welspun Pvt. for a record $1.5 billion to produce a solar panel plant capable of generating 50 megawatts of power requiring 700 acres of land.   That would equate to 250,000 solar panels. In US terms, that would power 13,000 homes.

***   Innovative Finance:   Meaning Private Capital will own everything.   And governments by default will be eliminated.

Richard D. Parsons serves as the Chair for the Rockefeller Foundation. His claim to fame would appear to be that he was named top CEO for the Entertainment Industry. Other board members include:   Adam Silver, NBA Commissioner known for NBA China!   Others come from Carlyle Group, Morgan Stanley, Chamber of Commerce, Man Group of China, etc… Lastly, a prominent Board Member formerly worked with WHO on the AIDS/HIV epidemic as well as the UN within the Sustainable Development Program.

But What We Have My Friends is Nothing Less Than a Push For ALL Big Corporations To Unite in Buying  Everything so that the RULE will be Consolidated and small business eliminated.   The-The-That’s All FOLKS!

4 thoughts on “Rockefeller Foundation & Bill Gates – Private Capital Coup

  1. This brings to mind a recollection of an article a couple of years back about Gates joining a
    meeting of wealthy corporations trying to find a way to reduce world population by half so everybody could be fed enough. Could have it been at the Rockeffeller Foundation ?. If so
    another thought brought to my mind is a picture of Obama, Fauci and Melinda Gates supposedly bringing some virus ? to the Wuhan lab for testing in 2015, which the left quickly
    denied, and then all those things found recently about COVID-19 is enough to make someone think of several scary possibilities, none very comforting……

    • TED talk – 2015. TED is a Foundation in and of itself. The Wuhan facility was not up and running until 2017… The bio-viruses were brought to the lab from Winnipeg University in Canada, Fort Detrick in US, as well as a number of other US universities by Chinese in the Thousand Talent Program.

      • Thank You Helena for setting me to the right account from the rumors I was trying to verify.. But, disregarding dates, peoples and bio-viruses, do you not see a correlation of events between those rumors and the actual facts meaning that the original virus could have come from a US lab itself, so why are we trying to find out the origin of Covid-19 ?
        The bio-virus that came from Canada and US was bio-engineered in Wuhan lab to come up with COVID-19 …..Period !!!

        • I try to research rumors – but I find there is a difference between ‘conspiracy’ and ‘rumor’. Often times both can be found to be fact – but conspiracies seem to have more meat in their facts than rumors. Here’s the skivvy opinion about the origins of CoVid.
          Technically, in order for the US government to declare a State of Emergency – National Security event – the event must be considered a warfare event. Technically speaking, when the Cabalist idiots called for an state of emergency, without that biowarfare threat coming from an outside source, the emergency would not be wholly ‘legal’.
          The reason that the Feds and many blue states do not call off the State of Emergency has multiple ramifications: loss of power, inability to declare lockdowns, inability to shut down economy – and the Vaccine Becomes illegal – because it never was approved – only authorized.
          In order to keep the state of emergency effective and thus the vaccine – the mafioso cleanup the mess cleaners necessitate a China biowarfare attack. THAT means – that the about-face declaration that it came from China and was purposeful – may likely be the Cabalist move and NOT in our best interest.
          But people are tricky – even though the new declaration is coming from MSM – the conservatives are actually being conned and falling for the ‘fake news’. Instead of the possibility that the US – NED – Gates – Are All Complicit!
          Just because a person is conservative does not necessarily mean – they are a critical thinker in the truest sense…

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