HIV: The First Fauci Fraud

As the absolute lies and fake science circulate with regard to CoVid19 and the various vaccines, the dominant point is deflected… That is to say, this is NOT the first LIE.   This is simply the one that got caught. Pathological Liars are not selective, they lie about everything. Which means that those diseases that brought the most money to the table for Fauci are also likely non-diseases. Hyped. Faked Science.   For One Purpose ONLY: Money.

AIDS was the progenitor for the Fauci Clan.   When Fauci and his cohort, Dr. Masur, decided that AIDS wasn’t deadly enough, they added HIV as a linked causal factor. And when that wasn’t enough, they added HCV, Hepatitis C – a virus that attacks the liver. Apparently, you can have HCV and be asymptomatic your entire life – but meds are recommended still – for life.   It spreads by sharing infected drug needles.   It is diagnosed via the PCR antibody test.

In reality, there is NO correlation for either HIV or HCV.   But a correlation was necessary in order to create hysteria over AIDS.  Today their are many scientists and doctors who divest from the Fauci regime and offer more rationale explanations.

The numbers provided by NIH and the CDC For HIV and AIDS have always been ‘estimates’.   That should sound familiar, because that is how the algorithm numbers are determined for CoVid.  ALARM!

CDC:   In 2018, there were 15,820 deaths among adults and adolescents with diagnosed HIV in the US and dependent areas. These deaths may be due to any cause.

CDC:   In 2020, any person who dies ‘with’ CoVid will be counted as a CoVid death…

Same logic. Same Tactic. Same result!

When Fauci and Masur began their trials of AIDS, they had few patients with which to evaluate and determine a cause.   In the anals of medical science, if you don’t have a cause, you can’t create a medication.  Therefore a hybrid cause was found and labeled HIV despite HIV being a simple bacterial infection. The CDC stated that 40,000 new cases of HIV occurred every year. The same estimated number of flu cases every year. Not terribly bright to assign the same numbers over and over.   But they are ‘science’.

Who initiated this bizarre link?

In 1991, using the PCR test, a link was declared between HIV and AIDS by Fauci and his cohort at NIH, Dr. Henry Masur.   Masur declared he wanted to create an urban model to help decrease the impact of HIV/AIDS on the underserved populations.   Apparently urban blacks were targeted as having the highest infection rate.   Just like – CoVid. As I read journal after journal about why blacks are more likely to get HIV the ultimate answer noted; “Science doesn’t know”.   Instead, listening to the rerun of dementia Biden, these elite scientists claim it is because blacks don’t get ‘tested enough’ because they are ignorant.   Can’t find an accountant…  And the real reason is not investigated.

The same PCR test that Kary Mullis invented and adamantly claimed was not an isolate is the test of choice for HIV.   Despite adamant science advisors declaring the PCR test is never a viable means for detection of any virus, much less a bacterial infection. Yet, the same PCR test utilized for HIV is today used for SARSCoVid.

In 1993 Mullis wrote that he began to question the AIDS consensus while writing a NIH grant progress report and being unable to find any peer-reviewed reference that HIV was the cause of AIDS. He published an alternative theory of AIDS in 1994, and questioned the scientific validity of the link between HIV and AIDS, leading some (Fauci) to label him an “AIDS denialist.”  Dastardly!

Just like CoVid denialists are being attacked today while people are dying from something else entirely.   The same methodology employed by Rockefeller when he perpetrated the largest fraud on the globe:  in collaboration with the media beginning in 1920 after the Bacterial Spanish Flu wiped out populations, Rockefeller called all holistic doctors Quacks while hyping the New Industry; Big Pharma!  The media performed then – the media perform today.   Jesters. Dancing for their King.

This same fraud has thus been perpetrated since 1920 – 100 years.

It wasn’t until AFTER a group of scientists agreed by concensus (as opposed to studies, research and evidence based science) that HIV led to AIDS, that papers were released supporting the conclusion.   In other words, the papers were created without empirical evidence to support a conclusion that had not been scientifically evaluated. Why?   Likely greased, Likely money. And Fauci was given the green light by the newly empowered, Bill Gates who basically took the baton from Rockefeller.

But Mullis was not done.   Some of the more damning evidence submitted by Kary Mullis was the fact that in all Fauci driven studies when Chimps were infected with the HIV bacteria – they did not develop AIDS.   In addition, like CoVid positive PCR tests, both the ELIZA and the Western Blot used to detect HIV are antibody tests, not tests for active, replicating virus or bacterial infections. Both have also been shown to cross-react with things other than HIV antibodies. Completely blowing a hole in Fauci’s money driven plan.

HIV patients who had a simple lung virus were thus given autoimmune suppressant drugs for NO reason and their health collapsed under the side effects of the drugs as opposed to the con defining HIV.

HIV is not even a virus.   HIV is caused by a bacterial parasite.   For those with an immune deficiency, whether by drugs, genetics, or other disease, the HIV virus compromises and attacks the system further causing pneumonia type symptoms.   The same exact profile that presents with CoVid.

ART is one such medication. ART is pushed as the medication of choice to not ‘cure’ HIV, but to manage it by enriching the disease with a medication whose side effects include:   High cholesterol, heart disease requiring statins, high blood sugar, fat redistribution, liver damage, loss of bone density, weight gain, mitochondria which causes heart, pancreas, muscle, and nerve damage, lactic acidosis, and death.

ALL known to – Science – to be an elaborately structured Ponzi scheme.

PopART is an NGO inserted in the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine dedicated to HIV and AIDS among other ‘incurable diseases’.   Funded by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, their objective is the push for ART medications in Africa and the US as a means of intervention to cure the 15,000 or so deaths in the US which have been diagnosed using a faulty method and never attributed to HIV or AIDS.  Africa has no means of measuring any causes of death as a universal number for the continent.   So those estimated numbers are based on fear tactics and nothing more.

“The results of the PopART study suggest that conducting population-wide, home-based HIV testing and offering treatment to those diagnosed with HIV could help control the epidemic in certain settings,” said Anthony S. Fauci, M.D..  Translation:  Bill Gates wants the entire global population to buy Test Kits for HIV because more testing could solve the epidemic of -0- deaths per year!

It Gets Worse:   These HIV home test kits are not testing for HIV, they are testing for any common STD including; chlamydia, ghonorrea, syphilis, mycoplasma, and trichamoniasis.  All of which are transmitted via a bacterial parasite.  None of which require national reporting or surveillance, according to the CDC despite their ‘estimate’ of 2 million cases per year. All of which are treated with antibiotics. Meaning HIV is a common bacterial parasitic infection that could be cured with standard antibiotics like all other STD’s.

Fauci and his ‘science’ cohorts and culling foundations, are not just guilty of fraud, but of assault causing injury, and murder.   Taking them down would just be the tip of the prick…

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  1. I’d love to dig into this…do you have source links?
    Looking forward to the day Fraudci is tried for crimes against humanity.

  2. More than likely. There have been numerous attempts over the last 40 years to do what CoV-2 eventually did. That is scare the heck out of people with the fear of dying from a fake virus where over 97% of people have virtually no risk of that event occurring. This has led them into becoming so petrified that they have lined up to get a possible death injection. We won’t know for sure for another 5 years, at least. Again, Mengele fauci is at the head of this ruse. He is one sorry excuse for a human being. In a class with Hitler, Mao and Stalin.

  3. Hi

    Nice coverage… Welcome to the Covid conspiracy club! (lol)

    Yep,,, it’s a shame Kary died just a couple months before the plandemic…….. Really convenient for the cause tho!

    The drug AZT is what killed most of the AIDS patients. And a Doctor Robert Willner has a nice video out where he would take a hiv injection. He died suddenly as well, heart attack I believe. Probably for the cause as well.

    His video

    Kary tried to defend his PCR test but Lord Fraudci saw $$$ figuring that it would find Elvis with enough cycles.

    HIV was one,,, another in 2007 where the PCR ‘found’ pertussis in 142 people…. 4500 were ‘vaccinated. 8 months later it was found no one had whooping cough. The PCR was 100% wrong. Dartmouth Medical Center in NH.

    And now we have the covid….


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