Republican Debate Moderators – Mental Minions

A baby is born innocent. But they are also born demanding, selfish, impatient, unloving, inclined to anger when they don’t get their way, greedy, gluttonous, and consumed with self. Over the years, it is a mother’s job to instill values and to moderate behavior, pulling it back, putting it in its proper place. And when the child ventures into the world on their own, hopefully the mother and father have taught them love, compassion, respect, patience and honor.

The commentators of the debate last night missed those lessons.

Will they be penalized? Will they be lectured for their absolute indecent behavior? Or are they all high fiving it and chugging shots behind the curtain of Oz?

Sometimes people don’t realize that when they slander another person, use bully tactics, and ignore common decency, they become the focus instead of the one they are trying to intimidate. Their behavior is so filled with venom that no matter who they were speaking to, no matter what the other person said, they are now the focus of venom.

John Harwood. Becky Quick. Both heavy duty Clintonites.

The fact that Ben Carson stepped out of the fray was possibly the best and most sane move anyone could have committed given the hatred packed fumes that were expelled from the mouths of babes. While the media is asserting that the Republican candidates are just angry because they were asked tough questions, lets take a look at some of these ‘toughies’:

  1. Should fantasy football be regulated by the government?
  2. Referencing Trump, ‘is this a comic book version of a presidential candidate’?
  3. When Carson stated that he was not affiliated with a company that had illegally placed his picture on their website, the commentator said, ‘doesn’t that speak to your vetting process’?
  4. Rubio was asked about a newspaper’s editorial calling for him to resign
  5. Asking Carson why he serves on the board of Costco which is gay friendly
  6. Asking Trump why he said Facebook founder, Zuckerberg, was wrong about immigration?

How do any of these questions address the economy? They don’t. They were created to slander and denounce the individual. Petty. Stupid.

And if that wasn’t enough, apparently Hillary was busy having her campaign managers text notes to reporters in which she chastised the candidates and their answers. Did Hillary create the questions for the commentators? Or does she just tell the media what to say?

In this topsy turvy world we have made a befuddled mess. We learned nothing from the debate because the questions posed were about nothing and deserved the befuddlement responses. The commentators were harsh, rude and ill-prepared with facts. What they did possess was a true laissez faire attitude that proved beyond a reasonable doubt that they failed to grow beyond the arrogance of a babe at birth. Tch Tch.

Presidential Debate – Tears and Joy

When the host of a debate, or a television newscast for that matter, makes a jab that is so obnoxious as to be infinitely rude, I immediately side with the person being attacked and cringe at the audacity of the horrible person making the attack – even – even if I am not a fan of the person being attacked! It is a bad, bad tactic!

While Fiorina, Christie and Cruz may be ‘right’, right unfortunately, doesn’t make ‘win’. They say what is good and right and yes, I am so behind their wisdom, but is that what creates a win? If we look at history, what makes a win, is who has manipulated the vote. Sorry! But that’s the reality as much as you want to pretend. It is why we accept without question that 130% of the voters turned out in any district… Do you even understand what that means? It means that one fourth of voters voted twice.

Or it means, that the tally centers, which are routinely conducted by a firm owned by Soros – out of this country, is completely without – fraud… Personally, I find that a remote – remote possibility. In that vein, we need to accept that our elections are rigged. Completely. Totally. Which is why, Hillary girl, is not too concerned. She is not sweating.

Watching the debates I am reminded of a time when I was the lone ‘woman’ out, I was amongst a gang of female liberal attorneys and I was the lone republican. Within a few short minutes, they were leaning in, pointing fingers and screaming in my face. It was a surreal experience. They were a gang of perhaps ten or eleven – against – me. I was the lone wolf. And they went for a kill! Not in a symbolic way, they wanted a real – kill.

I didn’t handle it very well. I refused to cry in front of them, and so excused myself to a hallway of shame where I burst into tears and felt very denigrated. I called my husband and asked for support. I was so devastated, I could not go back to them and went to my room in a veil of or shroud of – solace. But I did learn something. I learned that the words of evil are sincerely vicious!

The point was – that these liberal people were incredibly ugly. They had no collaborative vein of compassion or listening or sharing, they were only about destruction and winning. And I was so naïve, I had no idea this was the agenda, this was conceivable, this was women. They had no other agenda than to destroy me from every angle of ethic, morality, compassion, value, belief, and care. And I was completely, totally, unprepared for such an inhumane attack.

And such is what I watch tonight. An inhumane attack on some parts, whereas it is a pushing of agenda on the other. Why would certain Republicans be accepted, and others attacked? I watched as the front runner is the most attacked – Carson. I suppose there is logic in that. Why would you bother attacking the ones that posed no real threat? And so, Carson has become the threat.

Trump could be a service to the cause if he were to back Carson. While Christie and Rubio have incredible talents at speaking, and words, they have a connection to shadows that could prove they are more Democratic than Republican in values and ethics. And that is a viable consideration. Both of them have ties to Soros, and thus their credibility is under scrutiny!

The questions posed at the debate were hugely stacked. Sometimes in favor and sometimes to discredit. To me, it was obvious. Not good for the ones that were pandered to – the republicans that scaped. Not a good place to be – sorry.

How to answer all the idiosyncrasies of the debate without creating rux among the others? Impossible. So, the debate becomes a point of who can speak and who can’t vs, who is and who isn’t a valid – person. Sorry.

Personally, I am not a debate person, the questions are posed, the answers orchestrated, the debate is more of the answers than of the ethic. The debate is more about saying what they debater thinks the person wants to hear, than a debate about what is right or wrong. How absurd to believe that a debate is anything to do with what is one the heart and mind of the person…

So, I take them with a grain of salt, much like a commercial on television which has nothing to do with reality – in my view.

Still, the commentators hold to rudeness, and the debaters hold to voter propaganda, it has nothing to do with allegiance, so much as a desire to win.

We are so oppressed that we cannot listen to the words without forming an opinion way before the second word has formed from the mouth. THAT is not right. I wish that the attitude was levied against the Democrats. I wish that people could see what is happening… I wish that the world would awaken as though from a slumber and see what is happening. I wish… But I am just one.

Do you know what it means to be – the salt of the earth?

Maybe that will answer the question – mine and yours. WAKE UP!