SOTOMAYOR and CRUZ, two bewildering, baffling, enigma’s sitting on opposite sides of the party but lying through their teeth as though their puppet master’s want to ridicule and shame them …

Sotomayor, a Supreme Court Justice, decided to offer her ‘opinion’ as an unsolicited factoid of evidentiary matter between the lawyers for Biden and the lawyers against.   The case is massive with far reaching ramifications as it decides if OSHA has the authority through Biden to require vaccines for ALL private industries employing over 100.

As a judge, her duty is to hear the evidence of both sides, not create false and misleading talking points that have absolutely NOTHING to do with the case at hand.   Judges NEVER provide evidence – that is the job of the attorneys.   Judges weigh the evidence within Constitutional Law and make an informed decision.

But Sotomayor saw fit to publicly declare that over 100,000 children are in ICU’s because of CoVid – today.

a)   that has nothing to do with the mandate.

b)   in a lower court, such an outburst by a judge might be cause for a ‘mistrail’.

c)   both the CDC and NIH have countered that claim!

And thus the liberal Obama appointee has egg on her face and the potential for her recusal from the case of the Bench.

Fauci declared that children hospitalizations with CoVid are hugely overstated given they are tested for the virus AFTER being admitted for something else.   In addition, such test would likely be the now defunct PCR test that was scrapped 12/31.

The CDC concurs with Walensky stating that it is impossible to know from the outside whether a child is in ICU because of CoVid or simply asymptomatic CoVid testing positive.

NOW, Sotomayor looks like the fool, talks like the fool, and will go down as the fool.

Ted Cruz gave his January 6th rendition of a liberal democrat denouncing the events that occurred last year.   Very succinctly, Cruz declared that not only were the protestors terrorists, he also claimed Trump was an instigator, and that all those who align with Trump are therefore ‘terrorists’.


Tucker Carlson immediately called him out whereupon Cruz agreed to come on Tucker’s show and beg for forgiveness for being a fool and misstating.   Begging.   Realizing he royally screwed his political future.   Tucker continued to slay the dragon stating he didn’t believe Cruz.   Cruz begged.     And possibly some of the more weak emotional persons caved for Cruz – until it was revealed he was making the exact same statement he made just after January 5, 2021.  A written statement that he can not deny!

Declaring that the protestors were terrorist and Trump was responsible.

Even if we give Cruz a break, what his statement revealed is that he has absolutely ZERO intention of aiding the hundreds of men and women confined in DC jail squalor, tortured, assaulted, and left in solitary for a year.

Given that NO one has yet to be charged as a domestic terrorist, the treatment is highly illegal under The US Constitution and ALL conventions of Human Rights – including the United Nations’.   Terrorists go to GITMO.   Terrorists are those that planned and executed 9-11 wherein over 3,000 people died, buildings were destroyed completely, and thousands more subsequently died helping the injured.

Essentially, Cruz has condemned each and every one of these people in jail to an eternity of hell on earth.

He tried to claim that terrorists kill cops.   No cops were killed. TWO people were killed – both by Police.   The evidence is rampant, available easily in video and compilations.   Instigated by FBI plants who were told to act in this capacity by whom?    The real million dollar question.   Bloomberg?

Like Trey Gowdy, Cruz’s future as a politician will likely transform into an entertainer on an obscure media platform.   His legacy will be just another fake republican – But even worse for a man professing Christianity, he will face his God for selling out hundreds of American Patriots!   Making him no different than Fauci.  Not a martyr, but a wolf!

Ted Cruz Quotes:

“We need a president who is willing to uphold the law.”

“I want you to take a good hard look at me America, because this is exactly what you’ve got coming”.

“It’s very simple to be likable in Washington, you just go along to get along. You just do what your leadership wants”.

Be Careful What You Wish For.