Israel Bombs Syria – IAEC Cries FOUL!

The International Atomic Energy Commission (IAEC) is crying foul for the Israeli attack on Syria yesterday.  As an ‘independent’ agency tasked with defining, and monitoring nuclear activity, it is their assertion that they should have been privy to the documents that Netanyahu is using as evidence to support the Israeli bombing.

Okay.   But who/what is The International Atomic Energy Commission?  

They were initially created in 1957 to act independently of the UN, except that they report directly to the General Assembly of the UN…  Oops.

In 2005, their former Director General, whose four year terms began in 1997,  extended 2001 and 2005, Mohamed ElBaradei, and the IAEC were jointly awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.   It was his inspection in Iraq that preceded the invasion for Chemicals of Mass Destruction.   He later was quoted as claiming that inspections should take more time after it was deemed that they in essence were never discovered to exist – and his assessment was flawed.  Sorry Iraq.   ElBaradei was instrumental in the 2011 Revolution which ousted Egypt’s Mubarek, as well as the 2013 coup again in Egypt.  He belongs to the Constitution Party which he founded in 2012 and advocates “Revolution” – within “Liberal” ideals…

In fact, all the founding members of the Constitution Party consider themselves Revolutionaries.   Not sure exactly how the Nobel Peace Prize governors determine what defines “peace”?

Nobel Peace Prize?

He has also been quoted as saying that Israel poses the biggest threat to the Middle East!  In other words, this man of peace who was ‘neutral’ and awarded the Nobel Prize For Peace, has in fact been a demonstrative anarchist with an agenda against Iraq, Iran and Israel…calling for war, destruction, annihilation and anarchy.   Huh.

The current Director General, Yukya Amano, belongs to the Liberal Party and previously worked as a civil servant for the UN.    He was Chairman of the IAEC at the time it was awarded the joint 2005 Nobel Peace Prize, although it is oddly unclear what Peace they achieved?

Apparently, the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to these joint efforts for their efforts to “deter nuclear energy from being used for military purposes”.   Unfortunately, it is unclear exactly what they accomplished as this is not stated in any descriptive format and is prelude to their anarchist revolutionary coups…

So what we have is a UN Agency, that is actually ‘NOT” a UN Agency, which is tauted as being “Independent”, but is headed by Liberal Revolutionaries who have participated in violent coups, as being the ‘go to’ agency to make first determinations whether the documents Netanyahu espouses, are in fact, authentic?

Because, they are the UN?  And in dire need to prove they are worthy of their Budget?

Like all UN Agencies, the IAEC has expanded it’s trough into Climate Change, ecosystems, women in positions of power, nuclear workforce capability, medical imaging, cancer, and a host of efforts to justify their $500 million per year budget which grossly failed Chernobyl and Fukushima.

What have they accomplished?   Not really anything.

What their website does lack is any discussion about Iran and the Iranian deal instituted by Obama and supported by Merkel and Macron.   In fact, their latest report, March 2018, states that Iran is in full compliance.   In fact, Director General Amano released a press report stating that:   “As of today, I can state that Iran is implementing its nuclear-related commitments,” he said in his introductory statement to the Board. “The JCPOA represents a significant gain for verification. It is essential that Iran continues to fully implement those commitments. If the JCPOA were to fail, it would be a great loss for nuclear verification and for multilateralism.”


Obviously, given Netanyahu’s document evidence, the IAEC has absolutely no idea what is going on, and as another UN Agency is completely and utterly inept merely voicing/reading a prepared statement that justifies their existence.

Who to trust?

This topsy-turvydom of information is rife with misinformation, delusion, fakery, corruption, propaganda, and manipulation.   Do you believe Bibi?   The UN AIEC?   Assad?  Iran?

Of course, this is the point of it all – to defraud the populace and make truth so confusing as to obliterate logic and delude us into a fantasy or illusion wherein the magician presents – a slight of hand…

Hollande bestows French Legion of Honor Medal – on Saudi prince

Which is worse? Obama getting the Nobel Peace Prize when he’s done nothing peaceful? Or the Saudi Prince getting the highest medal of honor from France’s Hollande, for human rights and fighting terrorism…?

Is this insane or what?

Hollande has obviously spurned himself to the lowest of scullery maids in bowing and scraping to the Saudi’s. But he has also made the award, The Legion of Honor, – worthless for all future potential recipients. As did the Nobel Peace Prize panel.

While Bush was scurled for the Afghan war, Obama has been instrumental in A) continuing that war, B) instigating the Ukraine civil war, C) destroying Syria D) allowing for the takeover of Iraq by ISIS, E) destroying Yemen, F) failed coups in Egypt, Turkey, Argentina and Brazil, and G) creating the worst racial divide not seen since the 1950’s and 1960’s!  Gee, that’s definitely deserving of a “Peace Prize”! In the meantime, the US would seem to have fewer and fewer friends left and many allies that would seem to be instrumental in helping ISIS and love beheading people. Not good….. not good at all.

The Saudi Prince is no better:    supporting ISIS, ethnic cleansing in Yemen, ethnic cleansing in Syria, beheadings, bombing of schools, hospitals, and civilians indiscriminately…   Worthy of a medal for Human Rights and fighting Terrorism…  And France bestows upon them the highest nationalist award in the country.  WOW!

But the topsy-turviness continues –

After David Cameron resolutely decried that Trump was devisive, wrong, Islamaphobic and stupid on banning refugee immigration, today the UK Metropolitan Police Commissioner declared that the UK was facing the threat of ‘enormous and spectacular attacks by ISIS’, and Cameron stated that the UK would not join in the EU migrant quota to divvy up refugees… So I guess that makes Cameron – divisive, stupid, wrong and Islamaphobic.

In addition, the UK has launched the HMS Enterprise, a British warship, in the Aegean Sea to pick up migrants and return them to Libya. Something similar to building a wall, only this would be termed a sea barrier…so I guess that’s different…

These referendums come on the heels of the upcoming vote as to whether Britain should exit the EU or remain. While Cameron clearly wants to remain, many within his cabinet are not so keen. Why? Fears rule. While the UK would thus be free of the regulations, rules, and doctrines imposed by the European Commission, trade tariffs would apply. But the bigger fear is that the wealth of the EU would be further diminished given the wealthiest Norwegian countries are out, and more and more impoverished nations vie to gain access to the pool of EU Commission benefits.  The countries that have the highest ‘net benefit’ from the EU Commission are Poland, Greece, Portugal, Hungary, Romania and Czech Republic. Other countries that have net benefits are: Slovakia, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Latvia, Estonia and Luxembourg.  That means of 28 member countries, about 18 receive ‘net benefits’ – 64% get back more than they pay.

Why Luxembourg? They have the second largest GDP per capita in the world, why would they have a net benefit from the Commission?  Agriculture subsidies. According to Farm Subsidies, the transparency of who-what-why Luxembourg would be such a recipient is oddly unaccounted. No one will talk – not the Commission or Luxembourg. Reporting is scarce to non-existent despite Commission requirements.  More Commission sticky fingers.

In the meantime, the ever emboldened Erdogan smiles deliciously as he offers to ‘take back’ all the non-Syrian refugees he released into Europe – for a price – a pretty penny price of about $3.3 billion. Calling it ‘cooperation’ a term that is better defined as ‘Bribery’. And no doubt the EU will comply, maybe just as the UK makes it’s Brexit thus preserving their ‘fair share’ of the $3.3 to perhaps $20 billion that Turkey may ultimately demand. Of course we can completely trust Erdogan at his word…

Hollande spits back that the UK will suffer ‘consequences’ should they exit. And Germany will be left to absorb the bill.  But hey, the governments know what they are doing – right?