Comey: House of Cards Unraveling

The circulating MSM meme is that there were no indictments in the various scandals that erupted in the Obama years and therefore everyone is ‘clean’.   James Comey and Loretta Lynch found the IRS, Lois Lerner – clean.   But now, James Comey and Loretta Lynch are named in the Criminal Referral led by Ron DeSantis in a letter to AG Sessions, FBI Director, Wray and US Attorney, Huber:  

In the Criminal Referral, Comey is charged with making the statement that in his view no charges can be interred against Hillary before he interviewed Hillary and 17 other witnesses, thus implying a rigged investigation.   In addition, questionable conduct with respect to Trump regarding Comey leaking memoranda to the NY Times which were marked Secret or Confidential, could be held as treasonous.

Loretta Lynch is being charged with threatening a reprisal against a former FBI informant who was going to testify regarding the Hillary Uranium One deal.

Obviously the integrity of both Comey and Lynch is at stake and uproots previous decisions and actions including Lois Lerner, as well as Lynch’s meeting with Bill Clinton in her private plane for which she has denied any conspiracy wrong doing…

While the DeSantis Criminal Referral also includes; Hillary Clinton, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, and Lisa Page, a host of others within the Swamp have fearfully resigned/quit, including:   James Comey’s chief-of-staff, James Rybicki (resigned); FBI Director of Communications Michael Kortan (resigned); DOJ-NSD Asst Attorney David Laufman (resigned);  DOJ-NSD head Mary McCord (April ’17) and DOJ-NSD head John Carlin (Oct 16).

Even more revealing with potential to explode criminally, is the revelation that Comey had hired a friend and professor, Daniel Richman, on an unpaid basis to consult within the Bureau while having access to the FISA database and classified information. Richman was delegated by Comey to be the ‘source’ of the leaked classified memos. Richman is only one of several outside contractors working within the FBI with apparently ungoverned access to highly sensitive and classified material.   Fusion GPS, the organization tasked with creating the infamous “Trump Dossier” was also an outside contractor working inside the FBI.

Enter Mueller.   Mueller was appointed to take over the investigation from Bill Priestap who was originally assigned Counterintelligence in the FBI by Comey.   Priestap was the first to allege the Russian Election Meddling as briefed to the Senate Intelligence Committee, June 2017.   It would have been Priestap who authorized Peter Strzok to engage with Christopher Steele in the Dossier scandal, and Strzok who interviewed Michael Flynn.

Bill Priestap’s wife is Sabina Menschal, a Hillary contributor, and the current CEO of Nardello, a top private eye firm in the DC Beltway.  Daniel Nardello previously worked for US Attorney Rudy Giuliani, as well as Patterson, Belknap, Webb and Tyler whose notable attorneys include former mayor, Rudy Giuliani.

Sabina’s uncle, Robert Menschal, was former senior Director at Goldman Sachs and a heavy weight contributor to the Hillary campaign along with her father, Richard.  They are both worth billions.

Still more: Fusion GPS co-founder, Glenn Simpson, hired Nellie Ohr, the wife of Bruce Ohr, former Associate Deputy AG, to investigate Trump.   Christopher Steele, of Fusion GPS Dossier, stated that he was desperate that Trump not get elected… which is odd on the surface given that Steele is a British citizen who was working for M16.   Of course, the implication may mean that M16 is a part of the Swamp. The current head is Alex Younger, appointed in 2014 by Foreign Secretary Hague and then Prime Minister, David Cameron.   Hague and Clinton were mutual admirers lauding each other publicly for their political acumen.  Hague was so close to Hillary that after she stepped down as Secretary of State, he hosted a dinner party for her…

In 2016, the same time that Priestap was implicating Russia in election meddling, M16’s, Younger, made similar comments claiming “Russia” posed a fundamental threat to European democracies.

While the extent of the circular path is difficult to wrap around, it does provide a glimpse into the convoluted design of corruption and manipulation which would likely find it’s initial source/core breath in the Hillary camp.   The intent was not only to take down Trump before the election, but after through possible impeachment proceedings to create a gravity that would potentially make the election null and give it to Hillary with all her figureheads in place already within the White House.

The fact that investigative work has been able to unearth these extensive collusions is certainly a massive victory for Trump that highlights a power that must be enormously expansive to be able to bring down so many officials in the political Swamp we once called our capitol, Washington, DC.

BREXIT Poll: The Independent

A British media presence which is described as tremendously ‘Liberal’ despite its rather oblique name, The Independent, has conducted its very own poll which has been picked up by the mainstream media in which it claims that over half of the UK now opposes BREXIT.   This same non-Independent routinely teams with Al Jazeera in promoting news briefs and articles. In 2008 it relaunched itself from its status as a ‘Tabloid’ and began attempting to report – actual news.

And this ‘Poll’ is completely – Independent…

Of course its connection to Al Jazeera a Qatari media front, is further supported by the fact that the principle owner of The Independent is Sultan Muhammad Abjljadayel, a Saudi businessman. It is further revealed that Sultan Muhammad Abuljadayel works for NCB Capital, the investment banking arm of the National Commercial Bank, which is controlled by the Saudi government and is one of the biggest banks in the Middle East.

Al Jazeera was formed by the former Qatari Emir, Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, who overthrew his father as Emir, who overthrew his cousin. He attended the Royal British Military Academy, as did his son – who is now the current Emir of Qatar.

As in – All In The Family – Britain first…

The other two owners of the Non-Independent are a Russian father and son team, Lebedev. Alexander Lebedev’s parents were both Russian intelligentisia, and Alexander was former KGB assigned to London. Alexander Lebedev is also part owner of the Russian paper, Novaya Gazeta, which supports Liberalism, an anti-Putin regime, and is affiliated with the New York Times; they have an agreement to publish selected articles translated into Russian.

It would also appear that Lebedev has financial assets in the Ukraine and specifically Crimea which came under attack by former President Yanukovich for allegations of tax evasion prior to the coup.

The other independent news outlet owned by Lebdeved is the London evening Standard, which is billed as a tabloid and is free.

The point? Contrary to the rant of David Cameron claiming that Democracy is at stake when Trump exposes fake journalism, the media is sorely NOT Independent. It has long been exploited and used as a tool to subvert Democracy and to wield a heavy hand in creating a staged world.

The same David Cameron ‘pretended’ to be a conservative until elected whereupon he began to implement his ‘progressive liberal’ positions. The same Cameron whose wealth was hidden in offshore accounts as exposed by the Panama Paper Caper. The same David Cameron who is chairman for The National Citizen Service, an organization created by Cameron while Prime Minister, funded by the UK government, and has been under tremendous criticism since it’s inception as a Big Society format within a purely Socialist ideology that sounds a bit too close to the Soros placard of Open Society…

And so – The Independent poll conducted by the Non-Independent news media has about as much truth to it as the … Mueller hypocrisy…mess.

Hollande bestows French Legion of Honor Medal – on Saudi prince

Which is worse? Obama getting the Nobel Peace Prize when he’s done nothing peaceful? Or the Saudi Prince getting the highest medal of honor from France’s Hollande, for human rights and fighting terrorism…?

Is this insane or what?

Hollande has obviously spurned himself to the lowest of scullery maids in bowing and scraping to the Saudi’s. But he has also made the award, The Legion of Honor, – worthless for all future potential recipients. As did the Nobel Peace Prize panel.

While Bush was scurled for the Afghan war, Obama has been instrumental in A) continuing that war, B) instigating the Ukraine civil war, C) destroying Syria D) allowing for the takeover of Iraq by ISIS, E) destroying Yemen, F) failed coups in Egypt, Turkey, Argentina and Brazil, and G) creating the worst racial divide not seen since the 1950’s and 1960’s!  Gee, that’s definitely deserving of a “Peace Prize”! In the meantime, the US would seem to have fewer and fewer friends left and many allies that would seem to be instrumental in helping ISIS and love beheading people. Not good….. not good at all.

The Saudi Prince is no better:    supporting ISIS, ethnic cleansing in Yemen, ethnic cleansing in Syria, beheadings, bombing of schools, hospitals, and civilians indiscriminately…   Worthy of a medal for Human Rights and fighting Terrorism…  And France bestows upon them the highest nationalist award in the country.  WOW!

But the topsy-turviness continues –

After David Cameron resolutely decried that Trump was devisive, wrong, Islamaphobic and stupid on banning refugee immigration, today the UK Metropolitan Police Commissioner declared that the UK was facing the threat of ‘enormous and spectacular attacks by ISIS’, and Cameron stated that the UK would not join in the EU migrant quota to divvy up refugees… So I guess that makes Cameron – divisive, stupid, wrong and Islamaphobic.

In addition, the UK has launched the HMS Enterprise, a British warship, in the Aegean Sea to pick up migrants and return them to Libya. Something similar to building a wall, only this would be termed a sea barrier…so I guess that’s different…

These referendums come on the heels of the upcoming vote as to whether Britain should exit the EU or remain. While Cameron clearly wants to remain, many within his cabinet are not so keen. Why? Fears rule. While the UK would thus be free of the regulations, rules, and doctrines imposed by the European Commission, trade tariffs would apply. But the bigger fear is that the wealth of the EU would be further diminished given the wealthiest Norwegian countries are out, and more and more impoverished nations vie to gain access to the pool of EU Commission benefits.  The countries that have the highest ‘net benefit’ from the EU Commission are Poland, Greece, Portugal, Hungary, Romania and Czech Republic. Other countries that have net benefits are: Slovakia, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Latvia, Estonia and Luxembourg.  That means of 28 member countries, about 18 receive ‘net benefits’ – 64% get back more than they pay.

Why Luxembourg? They have the second largest GDP per capita in the world, why would they have a net benefit from the Commission?  Agriculture subsidies. According to Farm Subsidies, the transparency of who-what-why Luxembourg would be such a recipient is oddly unaccounted. No one will talk – not the Commission or Luxembourg. Reporting is scarce to non-existent despite Commission requirements.  More Commission sticky fingers.

In the meantime, the ever emboldened Erdogan smiles deliciously as he offers to ‘take back’ all the non-Syrian refugees he released into Europe – for a price – a pretty penny price of about $3.3 billion. Calling it ‘cooperation’ a term that is better defined as ‘Bribery’. And no doubt the EU will comply, maybe just as the UK makes it’s Brexit thus preserving their ‘fair share’ of the $3.3 to perhaps $20 billion that Turkey may ultimately demand. Of course we can completely trust Erdogan at his word…

Hollande spits back that the UK will suffer ‘consequences’ should they exit. And Germany will be left to absorb the bill.  But hey, the governments know what they are doing – right?