The Media, The Mind, and The Propagation of Lies

A man in New York throws his four year old brother from the roof of their apartment building – killing him. A man pushes another man off a bridge nearly killing him.  A man sets a girl on fire, killing her.   According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, 20% of all adult people in the US experience mental illness in any given year…   And 1 in 25 adults experiences severe mental illness in any given year.   That equates to 10 million people capable of severe mental actionable cause, and 44 million potentially falling victim to their mental aberration in any given year.  

And no one seems to find this particular statistic relevant to the cock-eyed craziness that we read about daily from men masturbating on airplane flights, to maga hat eruptions, to the idea that ridiculing someone in a public restaurant is not ‘bullying’.

To the people yet to be victimized, they view it as television, a computer game, something foreign, benign, not of their world.   But to the victims, it can be devastatingly traumatic.

I’m not talking a grope, 36 years ago, or a construction worker saying, ‘nice a**’ forty years ago, that no one even gave a second thought to.  I’m talking about NOW.  Today.  The heinous actions by out of control people who might qualify as ‘mentally ill’.

Define Mental Illness. Interestingly, it is actually quite vague:  

  1. any of various disorders in which a person’s thoughts, emotions, or behaviour are so abnormal as to cause suffering to himself, herself, or other people.

This would apply to just about anyone who hurts another due to their own inability to ‘feel’ outside of self.

  1. a mental condition marked primarily by sufficient disorganization of personality, mind, and emotions to seriously impair the normal psychological and often social functioning of the individual.

This begs the question, ‘what is normal’?  Because according to what is now acceptable, a person may harass, slander, libel, lie, cheat, swindle, threaten, and scream obscenely, and no one considers this behavior – abnormal.  These people freely employ these behaviors and if we challenge this, we are either racist, judgmental, crossing the line of freedom of speech, or a host of other justifications.

According to psychology definitions, normal can be either what is normal for that particular person, as in Kathy Griffin, or normal for society as in …  hmmm?

In other words, normal no longer exists.  All ne need do is use Kathy Griffin as evidence of that fact, and attest to her ability to say, do, and walk freely, and in this regard, there is no abnormal. Except that psychologists assert that 20% of us are ‘abnormal’.

But no one goes to jail for being abnormal or mentally ill, instead, they are ignored because the line or boundary of definition is so vague that should we put away one – we would put away the many.  Really?

But it gets even more interesting.

In 2012, there were just 35,000 people in state mental institutions, and 356,000 in jails who were considered to have severe mental illness.   Roughly 400,000 are incarcerated in some way!  WOW!  Until you measure that to the statistics.   400,000 out of 44 million – less than 1%.   That leaves 43 million 600,000 still on the streets committing their abnormal acts.

Another statistic:  Our prison population is roughly 1.6 million.  Of those 356,000 are considered mentally insane.   25%!   Yet they are not labeled so.  They are not wearing a badge.   And they are not treated as mentally ill.  Why?  Because after the hubrub of the 1950’s enormous failures in psychiatric methodologies, it was determined that there was no cure – nothing was successful.  Nothing.

Not drugs.  Not magic.  Not incantations.  Not hallucinations.  Not talk. Nothing.

And so, they decided to alter the definition of mental illness, ‘what is not normal for the person’, which in reality is so broad that it can encompass – everything is ok!  As in Kathy Griffin.  It is all normal – for her.  If a person has been setting fire to cats all their life, that is ‘their norm’.

While our jail system is undeniably broken, as we are subjected to mass shootings, political propaganda, and devious sexual assault allegations, it is also true that the mentally insane are gaining traction in creating chaos and in instigating division.  It just isn’t coming from where we are led to believe when the media opens it’s mouth and the tongue wags a tale of deception.  The deceit is a tool of brainwashing, of constantly indoctrinating the mind to believe a statement when in fact it is a blatant lie.

And so we are left wit dissemination, the process of digging and churning up the dirt to find what is real beneath the layers of media dung that we have been subjected to for upwards of 60 years!   It takes a strong person to wish to see, and an even stronger person to hold onto the sight.  It ain’t easy.  But then, no one promised it would be – except – the media.

EX-TV Reporter – Murder By Insanity

Jeffrey Marks – an amazing spokesman, I listened to his take on the shooting-murder of two of his people by the disgruntled ex-employee. His response was both heartfelt and ethical, it showed a man of values and integrity…and I don’t say that often.

It is what many of us believe, that there is no fathoming of the ‘why’, because their simply can never be a ‘why’, because so doing justifies the act. And the act really has no justification – it is insanity. A cold blooded murderer has to be insane and anything else just isn’t – possible.

It is no different than James Holmes opening fire in a movie theater. Of course he is insane! There is no other way we can wrap around such an action. What we need to do is have a separate insanity plea that means the guy acknowledges he is eternally insane and that he has to be committed to an institution of some nature – for life. Of course, yes, I know, an insane person cannot acknowledge anything – but that’s when the common rule of three unaffiliated psychoanalysts will confirm – not his insanity, but the fact that he can not be ‘repaired’.

Some in the media would label this rampage ‘a workplace grudge’. But a grudge is a feeling, not a venge filled brutal murder. A grudge is something far less than the planned, videotaped, assault on innocent people who have done nothing to justify this action. And to call it such minimizes their death and minimizes the terrorism with which this man acted.

Again, this speaks to mental illness, and the lacking command of the US to tend to a growing epidemic. In a paper released by NIH, the author addresses the fact that insanity in the US is increasing, and it’s increase is not simply a product of a growing population, but a product of ratios.

Mental health issues have survived as long as mankind. Their causes are vast including environmental, genetic, and conditional – that is, a result of a life event(s). But we’ve also witnessed a new form in the past few decades, a mental illness that is created as a result of medications. When I had breast cancer my oncologist prescribed Arimidex, a type of chemo drug with vast side-effects. When I confronted him with the side-effects (blurred vision, extreme pain, numbness, severe dizziness, swollen legs, high blood pressure, arthritis, bone loss, vomiting, fatigue, weight gain, sleep disorders, hair falling out, hives, breast lumps…) his response was to casually declare that all side-effects could be handled with an additional prescription medication. He calculated that a lot of women took upwards of 12 different meds as a result – all of which gave him kick-backs (he didn’t say that part).

Of course the other mistake was the fact that this medication is used for ‘post-menopausal’ women only and I had not even begun menopause. A gross misdiagnosis with me as the patsy.

The point is that America has become the land of prescription drugs. Something wrong? Give it a drug. More things wrong – more drugs.

Facts: One in four children take one or more prescription drugs. Age 65 and older the rate rockets to 9 out of 10. Overall, 70% of Americans are on some type of prescription drug. 13% of the population is on painkillers, and another 13% on anti-depressants.

Do drugs exasperate mental health issues or mask them? They certainly don’t cure anything.

According to Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, 20% of Americans have mental health problems, although they say the reality could be as high as 30%. According to their study, the states with the highest incidence include; Washington, Oregon, Utah, Idaho, Maine, Oklahoma, Tennessee and West Virginia. So we have a problem, a big problem. Bigger than cancer, guns, heart disease, this is a travesty ignored. How can we possibly deny that these killers are anything but insane? And what are we doing to mitigate this? Giving more pills and making gun laws will do nothing to curb insanity…

According to a report in 1894, the biggest causes of insanity included; epilepsy, hereditary, intemperance, morphine, masturbation, and that ubiquitous class, ‘other’. And while we think we have progressed beyond some of the more inane causes stated in 1894, think again… Some researchers state that cigarette smoking leads to schizophrenia, and synthetic drugs (like the ones prescribed to combat depression and anxiety may cause insanity). In other words, a lot of what we do to battle illnesses will cause mental illness. But the most obvious of all seems to be a defective gene. As researchers have come around from blaming red meat, mushrooms, tomatoes, potatoes, nuts, as culprits, as the primary cause of cancer, the true demon would appear to be a defective – gene.

And while this does not rule out that situations, trauma, and psychological factors play a part, or contribute, it would make sense that in the billions of genes that make and create who we are physically and mentally could easily risk having a deformity, however slight, that will alter our being.

How we look to cure that – is still a far leap in the future. But recognizing it is a first step, albeit a baby step.