Geo-engineered Fire Bombs = Directed Energy Weapons not Climate Change

As war drums beat across Africa, as China cleans up after devastating floods, as Maui searches remains, a tsunami is scheduled to hit Japan Tuesday with predictions of 20 inches of rain in 24 hours.   Climate is changing patterns both naturally and thru geoengineering with bomb like consequences.   And Niger’s military coup has sparked a western reaction – WAR!

It is playing out like a 4th of July fireworks display with the finale being a ratcheted torrent of bombs bursting in air!   Ordinary people are on edge, their tongues quick to lash out with anger and even rage.

Are we in the midst of a geoengineered tit-for-tat war?  

The media overwhelmingly claim the Maui fire was caused by climate change.   Why?   Because the topsy-turvydom world claims everything nefarious is now caused by climate change.   Vax deaths are because of – climate change.   Plane crashes are – climate change.   Citywide chaos is caused by – climate change.   All because The Media says so.

The concept that a hurricane south of Hawaii caused the ‘climate change’ fires in Maui is preposterous!   According to a past weather graph, the temperatures in Maui were normal, peaking at 88’, the wind speed was NE peaking at 25 mph at noon. This is normal. Hurricane Dora never made landfall and was tracked 500 miles ‘south’ of Hawaii amidst Northeasterly winds blowing southwest.   Maui is north of Hawaii.

A normal ‘fast fire’ can travel up to 14 mph.   The Maui fire was stated to be traveling at 60 mph.

According to government officials, the vast majority of the recent fires in Greece and Italy were arson. These coordinated blazes also spread across Croatia, Portugal, Spain, and Algeria. In each scenario, the respective governments blamed ‘arson terrorists’.   NOT Climate Change!

Therefore, what if Hawaii was a tit-for-tat weaponized reaction to the China flooding? Or, what if it was a US military exercise using Directed Energy Lasers – gone awry…?

Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) use electromagnetic energy via energy lasers and high power microwave rays.   Sonar is used to hone in on a target.   They are being developed and/or are already in use by:   US, China, Russia, India, Pakistan, Japan, Korea, UK, Germany, France, Iran and Turkey. Their impact is somewhat akin to an atomic bomb.

Lockheed Martin:   “At sea, in the air and on the ground, Lockheed Martin is developing laser weapon systems ready to defend U.S. and allied forces. Combined with our platform integration expertise, these systems are designed to defeat a growing range of threats to military forces and infrastructure across all domains.”

Lockheed, Northrop, Raytheon are in various stages of testing Directed Energy Laser Weapons. It is NOT a conspiracy.   Their websites are rife with bravado regarding their ability to target our ‘enemies’.   Certainly, it would not be the first time the US military ‘accidentally’ destroyed a city/town.

The 2010 earthquake in Haiti was considered by ‘conspiracy theorists’ to have been caused by a HAARP experiment causing tectonic plate shifts. The recent earthquake in Turkey was a ‘threat’ to Erdogan to obey and abide by Western Cartels.  OUR Government is a Conspiracy – incapable of providing anything remotely parallel to Truth.

The power and control these DEW weapons can yield is considered much more efficient than nuclear. Yet governments continue to parlay the effects of climate change as though the military industrial complex is nonexistent.

The Jet Stream:   Jet streams are narrow bands of strong wind currents that occur in the upper atmosphere around 30,000 feet. The jet streams roughly follow the earth’s rotation. The speed of rotation is fastest at the equator, and slows to zero at the north & south poles. Typically these air currents flow west to east and when cold air collides with warm air, the jet stream moves north or south creating curvature blips.

Jet streams cause changes in weather, affecting high and low pressure systems – and shaping the weather.   Climate enthusiasts assert the opposite – that climate changes cause jet streams – a scientifically proven false assertion.

According to Science Alert, today jet streams are chaotic and undefinable. The current fragmentation of the jet streams are fueling catastrophic weather patterns.   Scientists are baffled.   As a result, they are calling for more geoengineered manipulation – which will likely cause more chaos.

The flooding in China is damaging crops.   The western media is fueling claims that China’s flooding could result in Xi Jinping’s government being blamed causing a collapse of faith in his power.  And once again, the point of the accusation is to undermine Xi Jinping in order to insert a western proxy. The secondary point is the creation of a global food shortage.

The reality is that earth’s weather is comprised of complex atmospheric and subsurface ecosystems that interact in a completed cycles.   Like a rain forest, if any singular interruption of the eco-balance occurs, the entire system begins a slow death. When we pound particles at CERN, seed clouds, manipulate climate, and block the sun, we are forever destroying the natural balance. And no amount of $$$$$$$$$$$$ will reverse the course SCIENCE has crippled.

Climate Change – Hurricane Madness

Remember the Paris Accord, the Green Climate Fund that was touted as the savior of the world – with the help of $100 billion annually?  Remember that fund that Germany and France and the EU described as all important to sustainability?  Remember how Trump was demonized when he pulled the US out of the agreement and the world chastised and ridiculed him?

Apparently, not even Germany gives a hoot any longer.

Why?  They can’t even begin to come close to meeting emission targets as presumed and simply have given up – the task is daunting, the funds ridiculously outside of reality, and the efforts lame.

According to the latest report by the OECD and NCE, they claim that ‘infrastructure spending needs to exceed $7 trillion per year through 2030’ in order to combat climate change.

Since it’s inception, the Paris Accord Green Climate Fund has raised a total of $10.3 billion in pledges – 20% of which came from the US under Obama.  The EU is not a contributor, Russia and China did not pledge anything, and some of the pledges are actually merely ‘loans’, not full cash gifts.  Based on the $7 trillion required per year since 2016, they are shy $21,989,700,000,000.

The Board at Green Climate has allocated 58% of its funds to Asia and Africa  through intermediaries.  These intermediaries are supposed to dole out the money toward specific goals and objectives. So who are the intermediaries?   World Food Program, The World Bank, United Nations Development Program, UN Food Program, Inter-American Development Bank, etc…

None of the allocated funds are utilized for actual climate change, they are simply redistributed to banks and organizations who have no requirement to delineate transparent use of funds.  In fact it appears that the UN and banks receive the far majority of funds and then disburse the funds as a loan to the project country with ‘commercial rates of interest’.  A win-win for Banks and a slush fund for the UN.

While infrastructure spending can help mitigate natural disasters, like sea-walls for hurricane flooding crisis’, the Green Fund projects seem more aligned to boost agriculture and energy projects – both of which help the underlying shift in land ownership in Africa which is concentrated in higher income locals with ties to the government, China, Middle East, Netherlands, UK and US.  Latin America is no different.  And in reality – has absolutely nothing to do with climate change.

The World Bank recently proposed instituting an annual land tax in Africa which they claim would be utilized to help the locals who are continually displaced due to the Land Grabs. Full Disclosure:  World Bank has been involved in the Land Grabs…

Does this mean that Climate Change is a farse?  No.  It means the Paris Accord was a sham, a Ponzi scheme to reroute funds to support land grab biofuel production while displacing hundreds of thousands of African people.

It means that banks are receiving the money, have absolutely no over-sight, and lend the money that was a gift while charging heavy interest fees that they pocket.

Germany’s carbon footprint has increased over the last few years, China’s is exploding, France and the Netherlands are tackling the problem by stating they will attempt to phase out diesel and petrol by 2040 and 2025 respectively.   Really?   Emissions per capita rank;  Qatar, Kuwait, UAE, Australia, US, Saudi Arabia and Canada as the highest.   Only a spattering of Africa countries even make the list…  Hence the new definition of Climate Change – Infrastructure.

Since the US pullout, most other countries have tabled caring, because it was never about caring, it was about lining banks pockets and free infrastructure in those areas of Africa where the land grabs required better access and more water.

And despite the massive number of hurricanes and cyclones pounding countries and wreaking havoc, no one mentions building sea-walls, canals, moats, gullies, etc… to mitigate damage control.

Weather manipulation has reached far greater capacities than we can imagine.   From radio frequency manipulation, to stratosphere solar deflection, to carbon capture, to cloud brightening techniques, climate geoengineering is very real and very destructive.

Harvard is apparently at the forefront of solar geo-engineering, partially funded by Bill Gates, Pritzker Foundation, The Open Philanthropy Project, and the Arnolds, the same Harvard that has accepted funding for such projects as Evolutionary Dynamics (infectious disease evolutions) for which Jeffrey Epstein was supportive.

Basically, it all evolves around the concept of the Greater Good, wherein only the select shall survive in the utilitarian view of the greater good central to hedonistic self pleasure and profit.

As in:  If we, the banks, can’t have WWIII, then we, the Cabal, will create profit from other destructive means.