Russian “Annexations” Legal Under International LAW

Under International Law, secession and annexation of a part of a country is legal if the part seceding is legal if the people were being oppressed.   Clearly, the Donetsk Region of Ukraine was being ‘oppressed’ – in fact they were being systemically murdered in a bid for genocide of anyone Russian.   This ‘oppression’ was documented by Amnesty International and the UN prior to 2022.  

In 2015, in 2017 and again in 2019, the UN Security Council met and demanded Ukraine uphold the Minsk Agreement in eastern Ukraine citing ‘dangerous deterioration’.   Declaring the civilian population bearing the brunt of Ukrainian shelling, the UN has provided the basis for upholding the Referendum and Secession based on their own criteria ‘oppression’.

Prior to 2022, Amnesty International wrote extensive reports detailing the mass inhumanity the Ukrainian government continued unabated toward the eastern peoples, including torture and murder:

The authorities continued to predominantly target ethnic Crimean Tatars.

Parliament had still not ratified the Council of Europe Convention on preventing and combating violence against women

The investigations into the killings of journalists Oles Buzina in 2015, and Pavel Sheremet in 2016, had yielded no results. The authorities continued their attempts to limit the right to freedom of expression by instigating trumped-up criminal cases against journalists who criticized the government over its failure to implement reforms and its policies in eastern Ukraine.

The Chief Military Prosecutor’s investigation into the allegations of secret detention by the SBU in eastern Ukraine was ineffective. Evidence published in 2016 by international NGOs showing the existence of this practice was largely ignored by the authorities.

The investigation into the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) for its alleged secret prisons failed to make any progress. Law enforcement officials continued to use torture and other ill-treatment. The Ukrainian authorities increased pressure on their critics and independent NGOs, including journalists and anti-corruption activists. The authorities launched criminal investigations and passed laws aimed at restricting the rights to freedom of expression and freedom of association, among other things.

These statements supersede ANY opinion issued by media pundits or western governments.     They provide the basis for the legal referendum and annexation as a means of preservation of life given the blatant desire to commit genocide!

While The Economist, various other liberal media and western governments reference the Russian Referendums as ‘sham’ there is absolutely no evidence for the accusation.   And opinion is not evidence.

The true evidence was laid since 2015 by the global governing authorities and did not alter until the Cabalists told the Media and governments what to say, and how to frame the Lies in 2022.   Unfortunately, those frames are rubbish given the claims asserted by both Amnesty International and the UN.

In reality, given these organizations were more than aware of the genocide, atrocities, and torture, they failed to do their job in ‘peacemaking’.   If anyone is to Blame for the aftermath, it is them.  The UN and Amnesty International allowed the torture, rape and murder for 7 years without intervention.   They demanded that the Ukrainian government uphold the Minsk Agreement.  The SAME Agreement that Russia demanded be upheld by NATO and the EU – to which they responded – Rubbish!

United Nations Cries Foul! The 2030 Agenda is Behind Schedule!

The UN is calling for help!   The 2030 Agenda is Behind schedule!   As a direct result of the Pandemic, the ‘push’ for Universal Health Coverage has come to a halt. A greater government commitment is necessary to reach the goal by 2030. Because countries health systems were pushed to the limit, causing TB and malaria deaths due to lack of immunizations. But the health systems of most African countries are nationalized public systems covering 80% of the population.   Patient charges are based on income.   Like taxes in the US.   A government model.

So how could the Pandemic alter public health subsidized by the government?

ANSWER:   It can’t and the UN is crying Wolf while advocating for ‘the sky is falling’ Chicken Little fantasy.

3500 clinics across Africa provide free treatment for pregnant women and children under 6. HIV treatment is free across the continent.   As are vaccinations.

Parallel to the public run medical facilities in Africa is private care.   Private care is only available to those who can afford it. As such 80% of all doctors work in ‘private care’ supporting 20% of the population.   Because – they actually get PAID.

CoVid barely touched Africa which has an overall vaccination rate of 6%.   Assuming one believes even that number.   The Pandemic had little to no effect on Africa at all!    So the UN is – lying.   You can’t ‘push a health system to the limit’ when you don’t have a Pandemic to blame…

The cases just recently hitting Africa defined as Omicron, are less than a mild flu – and thus would have -0- impact on hospitals!

UN Scenario Propaganda:   “Even before the COVID-19 pandemic struck, almost 1 billion people were spending more than 10 per cent of their household budget on health”.   Certainly that would be the case under US Obamacare…  But How does this relate to Africa – the source of all things United Nations and FREE?

In line with the Sustainable Development Plan, The UN Powers want to reduce vehicle ownership rates to something more tenable for Climate Change…   you see.   The electric grid might thus be simply a distraction as higher automobile costs drive less ownership.   Some cities are offering free transportation as a means of guiding the citizens toward nonownership.

In line with that nonownership theme, rebuilding American cities from the ground up – aka scratch, first requires destroying them.   Without legal repercussion.   The cities most targeted include:   New York City, Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, Chicago, San Francisco, DC, Philadelphia, and to a lesser degree Denver, Trenton, St Louis, Oakland, Dallas, Detroit and Atlanta.   Some areas have become proverbial ghost towns. Others are crime riddled.

New York’s BLM Leader has declared unabashedly that should the new NYC mayor have any compunction of arresting anyone, BLM will burn the city down and will cause a bloodbath.   End of discussion.  

Why isn’t that an Constitutional Incitement?   Why isn’t he prosecuted?   Why are BLM Members allowed to decimate entire major cities?  Without consequence…

If you recall, the original plan by the Gates clan was to build futuristic cities from scratch. But the sheer cost has left the land vacant.   A brilliant new plan was developed;   destroy the largest cities run by democrats, and have taxpayers foot the bill to rebuild from scratch – beginning with ‘infrastructure’.   You know, that ‘racial inequality infrastructure’ being allotted by Petey Piper.

Once the buildings are razed, new infrastructure installed, new mega cities will rise to house the proletariats who have no ownership of anything. Bezos vision for Amazon – life is Amazon. Google’s vision, workers hours increase to 11 per day 7 days a week. Life is Google.

The droll 1984 voice will be “you are happy, you are happy…” Because you own nothing, are relieved of all responsibility, and ‘cities will educate your children’, freeing you up to be an AI.  Ommmmmm.

But if consumerism dies, what will businesses business?   If nobody is buying anything what will the Bezos’ of the world do?   Amazon and Google will be irrelevant.   Iphones extinct.   Television an AI propaganda mechanism.   Clothing replaced by uniforms.

If there is no consumerism, what will the proletariats ‘do’ to support the Nobles?

In Middle Age monarchies, the role of the peasants was agriculture.   They didn’t own land, they didn’t own a home, they were simply worker bees who were ordered to be – happy.   Providing sustenance for everyone else. Knights were privileged, but they were required to come from a ‘noble family’. The Noble Families were the Monarchy.

Constant, unabated war was the sustenance and the means for population degradation and control.   For among the privileged another privileged always wanted the other’s chattel – land and slaves. And that was – life. And that is the definition of Marxism despite Karl’s utopian psychosis.

What would be different in the Cabal vision?   Nothing. Nothing at all.

Economies would not prosper.   Art would be nonexistent.   Development would cave and crash.   Because without incentive – nothing grows, not even a seed.

Scientists would fade into oblivious boredom, the lack of camaraderie on their level severely diminished. No stimulation. And ultimately the Cabal monarchial powers would grow angry!   As evolution backslides to cavman.

And War would be their only outlet for challenge.

A vicious cycle that was eliminated by the founding of America.   In theory.   Because it would appear, that many of the ‘founding fathers’ were actually still aligned with the British monarchy – by shadow.   Much like the fake republicans of today. Taught by NGO’s how to fool the populace into thinking you are a member of this party when in fact you are a liberal Marxist.   Shrouded in sheep’s wool.

CoVid presented many benefits for the UN Cabalists who had been hypothesizing and analyzing how this Pandemic could serve as the impetus for the Global Fall, well before the Pandemic existed.

But the Might of Many still exists.   That ‘Might’ is reliant on Social Media.   And thus the Cabalists are aggressively attacking social media – to divide and conquer this last bastion of revolution.  It began in 2015 with the installation of Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai.   It has evolved to the ousting of Twitter’s Dorsey for Parag Agrawal, the death of Apple’s Steve Jobs, relieving Gates from Microsoft for Satya Nadella, IBM’s new CEO as of 2020, Arvind Krishna, Oracle CEO as of 2019, Safra Catz, HP CEO, Antonio Neri as of 2018,   etc…, all sympathetic to corporate global governance while having no per se allegiance to the company itself – or the world in general.  Instead, the allegiance is to corporate dominance of the global government.   Euphemistically – The Cabal.

And certain cultures are more inclined to subservience – than others.  Like certain populace.   The $1.95 question?  What to do with the naysayers?  The  patriots?   The People …?  That are so annoying….

Green Party Reigns Solidarity – Germany Goes Marxist!

Under Annalena Boerbeck, Germany’s newly imposed Greenie Foreign Minister has stated, “A country that, like China, tramples on the rights of its own people should not be given a stage for games that stand for peace and solidarity.”   When referring to the Olympics.

As the Green Grinches take over Germany and preserve their Marxist agenda in a totalitarian rule, it is a witless airhead statement by Boerbeck.   Germany is in LOCKDOWN.   Unvaccinated individuals are wearing a gold star.   And ‘trampling on the rights of its own people’ Germany should be sanctioned from the Olympics – FOREVER>.

And just like that, the same country, China, that made the Biden family wealthy, Fauci a Gain of Function hero, and Bill Gates a vaccine tzar, is now the demon country.   What happened to the thousands of Chinese scientists knowingly stealing secrets from our university research institutes? No one cared… in fact universities viciously fought each other for the privilege of being the source of the ‘theft’.

China was used for one purpose – the scapegoat in a global Pandemic. A sting operation hosted by the globalists. Like Nixon, Xi Jinping’s biggest error was being stupid and falling for the trap.  

But picking a fight with China and Russia simultaneously is even more ‘stupid’ –   that is unless you have a bunker somewhere to weather the coming nuclear blizzard and it’s fallout.

In 2018, it was noted by Bloomberg and others that the elite were buying up land and having bunkers installed in New Zealand.   The belief was that New Zealand was neutral and thus less likely to suffer from a world war fallout.   The bunkers sold for up to $12 million and remain unoccupied.     It is difficult to imagine elite businessmen sitting in a bunker with a wife and girlfriend for years endlessly without going utterly ‘bonkers’.   Given the bonker-bunkers likely come equipped with guns and ammo, it might be a good idea to sit it out alone, in solitary confinement… just a thought.

Rhino’s in the Rhineland known affectionately as DC are eagerly calling for Russia to be ‘nuked’ – and would have no problem simply murdering an entire country’s population!   Not sure why that wouldn’t come under the “incitement to violence” threshold of tolerance or treason, but then like democrats, rhino’s are exempt from all the laws and rules and regulations established under the US Constitution.   Why?   Because they don’t recognize its validity.

How we can easily spot them in a police line-up. Bail is set at $3.50.

The Rhino in the nuke scenario is Roger Wabbit Wicker.   He is the force dejure within the Cabalist couture of Cheney, Romney, and Amash, who want to preserve the hawks under the guise of ‘republican party’ stature.   The NED’s.   The Albrights.   “How wicked doth they lay their hearts upon our land, when destruction and death is their mantra.”  

But they have a problem.   The same Big Tech that they deplore has failed to deflect the Truth.   Unlike George Orwell’s Big Brother, these maniacs have yet to completely garner the hosting of ALL our information.   As such they have gone on a blitze to oust CEO’s, founders, and Board Chairs, so as to insert their own.   That would include Twitter, Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and Apple.   HOWEVER, they have yet to enable a suicide of Facebook.  And that game has been given pronounced media attention in recent weeks!  Demon Facebook!

BUT that failure is eating at their narcissistic ego. Big Time!   Russia and Facebook actually share the exact same publicity and vault by the Cabalists!  Isn’t that crazy!

The Globalist failure to collapse Russia and install their puppet fish, Navalny has been a nightmare for a decade!   In the real world of intel, these failures would have severe consequences…   And yet, they continue as though a “Reptilian Brain” is the source.   As I have noted before, the CIA has revealed that ‘if you don’t see the internal corruption, you aren’t a very good agent and worthy of nothing.   If you see the corruption and do nothing – you are complicit.   In Either CASE, the CIA is completely toasted.

The problem, is that a sub-person such as myself can figure out their obtuse game plan because it is so incredibly lame and lacking in finesse – attributes we used to attribute to our intelligentsia!

Today, Lloyd is so blinkin’ obsessed with appealing to the LGBTQRXXYZ community that he hasn’t a grip on anything actually ‘military’. But then, the man has spent the vast majority of his career-life reading books in a library, and hoping he gets promoted because he is black.

I remember when my brother-in-law decided to teach himself how to windsurf via a book.   He diligently bought the book, read it from cover to cover, bought the windsurfer and set sail from our dock in rural Maine.   It was an abject disaster and he never tried again.   Why?   The book didn’t explain winds, and wind corners, it didn’t explain the inherent mental acuity, the understanding, the listening, the solitary that winds elude.   Instead it was a graph – and in the wild, the graph was about as useful as tweezers in the African desert.

My Brother-in-law gave up and never tried to windsurf again.  I imagine Lloyd Austin has about the same military soul.   He was retired.   Enjoying his nonexistence.   Now he is personally responsible for the deaths of thousands of people directly because of his stupid decisions.   He gave up because he didn’t understand – the soul.   And now, he appears to have had his brain expunged when we see him at any ‘event’.  His eyes are gone.  His body – soulless.

Sailing – isn’t about a book, it is about the soul.   The Movie White Squall delineates this most aptly.

And so I come back to the Greenie Weenies who have captured Germany. They are a book.   They have no heart. They have no soul. Nor do they have the remotest idea what these values do, why they persist, or their inherent strength.

And THAT may be the core, the crux of what ultimately Fells the Cabalist Regime.   Their reptilian logic, their lack of red blood, their inherent lack of heart and soul is exactly what frames them and destroys their rise.

What is most interesting about them is that they rise with such force, and fall with such failure – as they never ever change the game plan.   The largess difference today is our media – Twitter, Facebook, Gab, etc… that reveals the faults and fisures much faster than historically.  Stuck in the Bolshevik mindset, they haven’t caught up to the present.   THAT Is and Will Always Be – THEIR FAILURE>

In order for them to actually gain – they need to reinvent themselves.   And yet, thousands of years later, they always emerge as the – Reptilian.   MEANING.  WE ARE ACTUALLY MORE POWERFUL – and the illusion – is that they have any power at all…

NATO Setting The Stage For WWIII

The Cabalist Magicians have ordered NATO to stage a war with Russia under the guise of ‘saving Ukraine’.   Russia becomes the justification and WWIII is on the brink.   With the US and the UK amassing troops and military equipment along Ukraine’s border with Russia the chess game was set in motion.   Russia responded in kind, and the Biden Intel ramped up the propaganda through their global military NATO.

Taking out Russia will not be a clean war by any means.   But the Cabalists have reached the end of their patience and see no other alternative in order to own the last sovereign nation on earth – Russia.

The western countries that border Russia include:   Ukraine, Belarus, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia.   Of those, Belarus is the only nation supporting Russia and independent of NATO.   Ukraine’s PM, Zelensky, is being used as a puppet to instigate a war which would result in the absolute destruction of Ukraine where US and UK militaries have congregated.   It would seem obvious that Zelensky would realize this and yet he continues to declare war with Russia nonetheless…   Unlike Syria’s Assad who fought for his country to the end, Zelensky would seem to have sold his soul in a stampede of failed courage –

But a war with Russia would not just obliterate Ukraine, instead it would likely implode into a full EU brigade.  Should China get involved, there goeth Australia.  And suddenly the WWIII option is on Stage Front.

Merkel’s warning to Germans to learn to live this winter without heating fuel becomes eerily sinister.  

Ukraine became a western ally when the Bidens and McCains first moved in for the  NED Color Revolution ousting the then pro-Russian president Yanukovych in 2014 and inserting their western chocolate king, Poroshenko.   Today, a former Foreign Minister envisions a complete Cabalist coup in Russia wherein the spoils will be divided among 12 reclassed states.   Tribal States?   Much like the obliteration and redistribution of the Ottoman Empire.  The purpose would be to confiscate the vast wealth that would immediately be available for those who already have vast wealth.  Plunder.

The provocation was raised a few notches when in 2020, the US moved nuclear weapons to Romania.   The idea of moving more nukes to Poland remains ‘supposedly’ on the table.    But given a desk-jockey puppet at the helm of the US Department of Defense, Lloyd Austin, anything to destroy America is on the table.  And where goeth America goeth the world as WWIII would be vastly more destructive.

Caitlin Johnston, an Australian reporter has written about the threat of a nuclear war being spiked and identifies a ‘poll which concludes that over half of Americans support war should Russia invade Ukraine.   But the Chicago Council Survey was the source of the poll which isn’t a poll at all.   The survey was actually conducted by Ipsos using its nationwide online research panel of just over 2,000 individuals.   KnowledgePanel is a membership based panel of pre-approved individuals.   For this survey, 2082 individuals were ‘chosen’ to provide their view, likely with Ipsos determining what they wanted as an end result..   The survey does NOT delineate ANY factors about the respondents.

In other words – it is further Propaganda and Hype. It is – worthless.

I doubt the vast majority of American People want a war with anyone.  

War has always been the most efficient means for depopulation.   The Pandemic failed to produce the necessary outcome, Russia has continued to thwart the Navalny/Magician takeover, and 2030 is quickly approaching.   The Sustainable Development Goals may be the United Nation’s blueprint, but they are a distraction.   They were created to lure the Utopian ignorant youth while serving as the Menu of Man.   

What would a Ukrainian war with Russia look like?

Without NATO, the US and the EU, Ukraine is toasted. They haven’t the weapons, the man power, or the military acumen.   They might put up a good front for a few days, but ultimately, Russia no longer wants to prolong anything.   Pro-Russian citizens will be evacuated, and Ukraine destroyed.   As the escalation ramps up, NATO will use the Russian aggression as justification for involvement.   Countries will be forced to choose sides.   And WWIII will be the result.

Weapons have changed dramatically.   Drones would overtake ground forces.   Anti-tank missiles are a Russian mainstay and could annihilate Ukraine’s forces easily.  Coordinated and ready, Russia isn’t fighting Ukraine per se, they are fighting the Cabalist Magicians.   And souls are at stake.  Literally.

Still, Ukraine losing would be to the benefit of the Cabalists. Why? Because stoking a global war is the point. Using Ukraine when it is obliterated would be their justification.   Suddenly, China, Khazastan and Georgia would enter stage right, while Japan and the EU would join the US, Australia, and the UK – stage left.  Where is India?

And perhaps – that is why the Rothschild Economist Magazine has stated that the CoVid Pandemic will fade into obscurity in 2022…

US RACIAL INEQUALITY: The Dastardly Deed of Inclusion

Twenty Five countries in Europe have a black population less than 1%.   Of those, 14 have less than .01%.   In Canada, the black population accounts for less than 3.5%. In Australia, the black population is so relatively small it is not measurable.  In japan  .02% of the population are black.   In India there is a small sect numbering between 25,000 and 50,000 whose historical roots are African.   In China blacks are nearly nonexistent.   In the Middle East blacks and Indians work as slaves. AND YET – the US is the one with a racial problem…

Everywhere else – it is a non issue because …

Inundated, like feminism, Gloria Steinem, the pendulum has swung out of freaking orbit!

Suddenly, blacks rule magazines, sports, fashion, riots, theft, assault, police killing, and we are supposed to pretend that we are ashamed.   I am ashamed.   I am ashamed of the blacks who think this is ok.   I am ashamed of the blacks who think that they ‘deserve’ anything. I am super ashamed of any person of any other race who would bow to this ludicrous insanity of narcissism and scrape their knees on the concrete.   I am ashamed of those who would use this as a game tactic to tear apart America.   But I am even more ashamed of those corporations that have sold their reptilian soul.

That’s what I am ashamed of.

I am sick and tired of hearing about Climate Change when the solution according to the UN is – money.   Drain the swamp of greenies… and greenbacks.

At some point the words don’t have meaning any longer and they drip from the page – unintelligible.   And then one day, all the topics disappear and new ones replace them.   Everyone wakes from their slumber and joins the fight!

How boring!

Follow The Science is akin to seeing a gypsy and consulting her crystal ball – they are defined as “predictions”.   “Scientists predict that in 2000 years we will be worms…”   Ashes to ashes, slug to amoeba.   I remember talking to a male gypsy along some LA boardwalk; black man, crystal blue eyes, and blind.   I was with this man/boy I was dating – and blue eyed went all crazy that this relationship was bad, toxic, even evil!

Well, he was right.

So I guess when science works this way, sometimes they might get it right…

Seems to me we haven’t heard a good assassination perpetrated by Russians, according to unnamed anonymous callers… likely coming soon to a theatre near you!

Peinceypoo Andrew was cleared of any and all charges regarding his ‘friendship status’ and ‘girlfriend status’ because, well, he’s freaking Prince Andrew! What the heck did you expect?

Seems we haven’t had a plane disappear in a while. That’s always a good one for the game planners. But it would have to occur in the vicinity of some country we don’t particularly like right now… Who oh who could that be?   Hmmmmmmm…….   Ah, I know – the Russians.   Those dang mini-me Putin’s just won’t surrender their heart and soul to the Black Dust.

Anywho, seems we have a lot more hearty and hungry monsters to deal with right now, and this racial quackery is just another smoke screen diversion.   I read a meme today which said, “When there is one bee, we bat at it with our hand, and toss it away.   When those bees swarm into thousands, their army is insurmountable.”   Cowards need not Apply.