Russian “Annexations” Legal Under International LAW

Under International Law, secession and annexation of a part of a country is legal if the part seceding is legal if the people were being oppressed.   Clearly, the Donetsk Region of Ukraine was being ‘oppressed’ – in fact they were being systemically murdered in a bid for genocide of anyone Russian.   This ‘oppression’ was documented by Amnesty International and the UN prior to 2022.  

In 2015, in 2017 and again in 2019, the UN Security Council met and demanded Ukraine uphold the Minsk Agreement in eastern Ukraine citing ‘dangerous deterioration’.   Declaring the civilian population bearing the brunt of Ukrainian shelling, the UN has provided the basis for upholding the Referendum and Secession based on their own criteria ‘oppression’.

Prior to 2022, Amnesty International wrote extensive reports detailing the mass inhumanity the Ukrainian government continued unabated toward the eastern peoples, including torture and murder:

The authorities continued to predominantly target ethnic Crimean Tatars.

Parliament had still not ratified the Council of Europe Convention on preventing and combating violence against women

The investigations into the killings of journalists Oles Buzina in 2015, and Pavel Sheremet in 2016, had yielded no results. The authorities continued their attempts to limit the right to freedom of expression by instigating trumped-up criminal cases against journalists who criticized the government over its failure to implement reforms and its policies in eastern Ukraine.

The Chief Military Prosecutor’s investigation into the allegations of secret detention by the SBU in eastern Ukraine was ineffective. Evidence published in 2016 by international NGOs showing the existence of this practice was largely ignored by the authorities.

The investigation into the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) for its alleged secret prisons failed to make any progress. Law enforcement officials continued to use torture and other ill-treatment. The Ukrainian authorities increased pressure on their critics and independent NGOs, including journalists and anti-corruption activists. The authorities launched criminal investigations and passed laws aimed at restricting the rights to freedom of expression and freedom of association, among other things.

These statements supersede ANY opinion issued by media pundits or western governments.     They provide the basis for the legal referendum and annexation as a means of preservation of life given the blatant desire to commit genocide!

While The Economist, various other liberal media and western governments reference the Russian Referendums as ‘sham’ there is absolutely no evidence for the accusation.   And opinion is not evidence.

The true evidence was laid since 2015 by the global governing authorities and did not alter until the Cabalists told the Media and governments what to say, and how to frame the Lies in 2022.   Unfortunately, those frames are rubbish given the claims asserted by both Amnesty International and the UN.

In reality, given these organizations were more than aware of the genocide, atrocities, and torture, they failed to do their job in ‘peacemaking’.   If anyone is to Blame for the aftermath, it is them.  The UN and Amnesty International allowed the torture, rape and murder for 7 years without intervention.   They demanded that the Ukrainian government uphold the Minsk Agreement.  The SAME Agreement that Russia demanded be upheld by NATO and the EU – to which they responded – Rubbish!

2 thoughts on “Russian “Annexations” Legal Under International LAW

  1. “Under International Law, secession and annexation of a part of a country is legal”

    Like everything laws notta matter. Whoever has the biggest gun usually determines the ‘legal’ outcome. The US Northern war of aggression against the US South highlights that. In the case of Ukraine,,, it was never a bonafide nation. Today it is still a border land but filled with Nazi wannabees.

    The Fascist US now coming out of the closet backing this group sadly shows those fighting Nazism in WWII,,, those that died and were wounded did so for no reason.

    Been this way since the revolution. And looking around, what did the brave men in the revolt fight for?
    I’ll take that 2 cent tea tax any day over the 60% I paid during my career.

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