SCIENCE: Ice Age or Global Warming… Pick A Scientist

DNA.   While many believe their DNA traces them to Africa, this is largely an assumption based science, and not a factual based science.   Classic DNA assumes each parent represents 50% of two parents.   But the further back you go the less accurate is the science.   Classic DNA tests for ancestry are simply another sales tool of assumptions – claiming 300 to 1100 years of ‘accuracy’.  

When conducting DNA testing, science starts with the assumption that all homo sapiens evolved from Africa. In fact, the assumption is that all homo sapiens DNA originated from one African ancestor 115,000 years ago!   Oddly, this dating to 115,000 years ago coincides with the assumption of the last great Ice Age which lasted from 115,000 years ago to roughly 10,000 years ago.

Alas, some scientists believe the Ice Age never ended and has been going on for 40 million years, or maybe 2.5 million years…   In other words, science is not a factual detail of data, it is a thought built on maybe’s, could have been, likely, in theory, suppositions, and – I have an idea… And literally no two scientists will agree on much of anything.

According to Mark Thomas, professor of evolutionary genetics in London, “Tracing ancestry beyond 300 years is futile as you only directly inherit DNA from a small fraction of your ancestors – the others are called ‘pedigree ancestors.”

The first known human was Lucy dated 3.2 million years ago.   The first homo erectus was dated as of 2 million years ago.   The means used to date Lucy was based on volcanic ash sediment 8 and 1 meter below her bone fragment using the argon-argon technique.   Radioactive decay rates are based on the last 60 years of changes.   Using this rate, all techniques calculate a linear rate equal to this ratio.   Lucy was not dated, the volcanic ash beneath her bone fragment was. The assumption being that for 3.2 million years her bone never moved from this position or place…

The Point.

Today we are told that literally everything science tells us is an absolute fact even though 20-30,000 other scientists disagree. In fact, there may be 30,000 or more versions of the same ‘fact’.   So which ‘fact’ do we believe?   Because in reality, there is no such thing as a consensus – either a fact is a fact or it is not! It can not be a sortof fact or a maybe fact, or a I think it might be fact.

But that is exactly what we are fed through our propaganda feeding tubes.

Deutsche Welle, citing activists, world leaders and society, is today responding to an IPCC report which states, ‘…something has to change…’.   WOW – what a scientifically researched analysis!

Why? Why does something have to change?   Because earth is heating up to extreme and everyone will die. Using the ever scientific authority of Greta Thunberg, an 18 year old high school dropout with multiple mental issues, she states, “…it (IPCC Report) is a solid summary of the current best available science”.     OUCH!   Scientists are cringing!

And then there is the most authoritarian scientist, John Kerry, stating “The science has been certain for decades,…”  As in 2 decades – because prior to that scientists were absolutely positively convinced we were heading into another apocalyptic Ice Age…

But “Science” tells us we are at the end of a warming trend and the next Ice Age is only years away. In fact, earth’s entire existence is only periodically impregnated with life only to be absorbed into the next deep freeze for millions of years. The primary reason? A change in earth’s axis – according to science.  That axis change is reverse polarization which we are undergoing more rapidly – now.

So which ‘science’ is accurate? The science according to Greta? Or the science according to Scientists?

Friederike Otto, is the climate expert Deutsche Welle cited as determining that climate change today is 100% human caused.   Her expertise is attributable to her PhD in ‘the philosophy of science’.   Her goal is stipulated to be to validate climate models in order to prove that current conditions are human caused.    In other words she begins with her end result and works backward to prove her claim.

These ‘experts’ do not research climate history, causes of historical ice ages, volcanic and planetary shifts, or ANY historical data whatsoever and instead look for accreditation and media attention for their unsupported opinions that supplant Science with Quackery.

The language these organizations espouse when bolstering their acclaim is revealing in their end-game wordplay:   1. We use peer reviewed science, 2.   Our team believes that careful science based assessment is valuable,   3.   We apply a unique scientific approach, 4.   Through extensive liberal media engagement we have helped change the conversation…

One such Project from Otto’s organization, World Weather Attribution, is working within modeling in association with   Prediction!?   WWA believes that Probabilistic Event Attribution is valuable in proving humans caused global warming.

Probabilistic references – algorithms.   When algorithms go HAYWIRE:   1.   In the UK algorithms were used to generate students grades when they were not in school during coVid!   Aka, the input was meager and the output was ‘predicted’.   2.   Bill Gates CoVid modeling algorithm predicted that over 2 million Americans would die of CoVid the first 3 months and over 33 million worldwide – sending massive panic!   3.   ‘experts’ claimed that CoVid would be more deadly than the Spanish Flu which killed over 50million.   According to Fauci – the Spanish flu was neither Spanish nor a flu – but the result of a tainted vaccine mandated by the Rockefeller Institute which induced bacterial pneumonia.

Experts would appear to have the expertise of Greta. As we build toward the end of a warm era and face the next Ice Age, historically, North America and Europe will be an ice sheet – whereas South Africa and South America will be the most habitable.   Basing our means of survival on 60 years of tainted modeling and false algorithms is like premeditated murder.

But it would explain why driving chaos in South Africa so as to vacate the premises for future colonization would appear to be the Present Day Algorithm!

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  1. Actual Science Based on Physics, Avoided By Marxist Operatives Intent on The “Abolition of Religion”

    (1) Plate Tectonics & The Loss Of Ground Ice

    The thin Earth surface sits on a soft magma blanket that reacts to weight differentials on the surface. That means as ice runs off ground into the oceans, the weight of that added water sinks the oceans’ surface, while at the same time raising the land surface, resulting in an increase in (1) land surface; and (2) land capable of cropping. That means Greenland, with a landmass eight times greater than Great Britain, is slated to be a fertile land once again, and capable of sustaining a population equal to approximately 8X that of Great Britain.

    The less ice on the planet the better for human growth, but that would violate the Satanist establishment’s objective of sabotaging God’s prime directive to be fruitful and multiply.

    (2) Floods, tornadoes & hurricanes

    A warming planet means LESS severe storms, as identified by simple physics that when two weather collision extremes are muted, so too are the severity of tornadoes, hurricanes, etc.

    Since the Earth is warming, we’re told, that means the upper and lower troposphere are now warmer, thereby damping [pun intended] the severe effects when colder air in the upper troposphere collides with warmer air in the lower troposphere.

    (3) Drought

    A warming planet means greater evaporation of water, hence increased rainfall.

    (4) Thermal energy is responsible for 90% of the atmosphere’s heating, not anemic longwave infrared radiation

    The Electromagnetic Spectrum is composed of the same substance throughout the spectrum, photons. The intensity of the radiation is determined by the distance between a photon’s wave’s two humps, where gamma radiation has the shortest distance between wave humps, therefore is the most powerful radiation type on the spectrum…

    Sunlight, ultraviolet, and shortwave infrared-derived thermals are emitted from the surface during daytime hours, heating the atmosphere directly via those three sources’ thermal energy. When the sun begins to set, those three radiation categories weaken into shortwave infrared radiation. Then when nighttime arrives, shortwave infrared radiation weakens into even weaker longwave infrared radiation, and it is this longwave infrared radiation that assists in keeping the atmosphere from cooling more during the night.

    This relatively weak longwave infrared radiation is too anemic to directly heat the atmosphere at night. When emitted by the surface at night it is directly absorbed by carbon dioxide, methane, water vapor, and indirectly absorbed by nitrogen and oxygen. Longwave infrared radiation photons indirectly heats the atmosphere by its photons bumping into a gas molecule’s electrons, and this kinetic energy produces heat energy.


    During daylight hours, only stronger sunlight, ultraviolet, and shortwave infrared electromagnetic spectrum radiation can be emitted by the surface via thermal energy. At sunset, the electromagnetic spectrum weakens to shortwave infrared radiation, then to longwave infrared radiation at nighttime.

    Since longwave infrared radiation can only be emitted at nighttime,* we have therefore identified the focal point for the ‘climate change’ fraud, where during daylight hours the Earth’s atmosphere magically fails to turn into trillions of tons of ice, crushing all life below.

  2. Hi

    You want doom and gloom… I give you doom and gloom. 🙂

    There’s a 12,068 cycle of pole reversals and sun novas. Next one is due in 2046. This all calculated by Douglas Vogt. I happen to think he is on to something. This might explain why the push for depopulation before the event.

    Just think,,, the Kill Gates, Soros and Schwabs descendants will survive to propagate the species. (lol) What a lovely world that would be.

    Well,,, not your everyday Greta scientist anyhow.


  3. I tend to look at the sky more these days. Geoengineering seems to be going on all the more. Can ‘they’ control the weather these days? I suspect they can, up to a point.

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