ELECTION Manipulation: A Global Affair

When reading what I would label the alternate media, ie MSM, from around the world one would think that the US election debacle was simply an anomaly, a blip, a bubble.   Every country is convinced ‘their’ elections are perfectly perfect, and it is only the US that is manipulated.   What an amazingly narrow shrewish view.

When Macron won the presidential election in France in 2017, he won by a ‘landslide’.   This same landslide terminology has been utilized in multiple Democrat election victories across the US.   For Macron there were oddly 11.4 million registered voters who disappeared from the tally – 24%.   An additional 3 million turned in blank ballots and 1 million purposefully ‘spoiled’ their ballot.   And no one thought any of this was a bit unusual.

Macron was backed by the Rothschilds, just 39 years old, terribly immature, and rather unknown.  Yet after eliminating 15 million votes, he won by a ‘landslide’.

In Germany, Merkel won the election with just 33% of the votes. Hardly indicative of a favorable candidate, but given the number of parties represented – so it swung.   Put another way, Merkel lost 67% of the voters and still won.  Not exactly representative of the country. 586,700 votes were tossed and 76% of registered voters voted. The Bundestag has 598 member seats of which Merkel won just 200.   Not sure how this would be considered fair and equitable.

But rarely do Socialist and Communist countries allow election results to be challenged. In fact most communist countries boast of winning by a landslide of 98%!   Often they are the only candidate.

In 2013 Xi Jinping was declared the winner of the presidential election in China.   There were 2956 votes cast and he won with 2952 votes cast for him representing .00015268% of the Chinese population.

North Korea, Kim Jong Il’s election was won with 98.98% of the votes.

But somehow – when a US election is run aground and mired in truckloads of evidence proving massive misappropriation – everyone slowly shakes their head at the dastardly US. Tch – tch.  “This would never happen to us…”

In Spain the Socialist Party Leader won with just 28% of the voter turnout.   How can this possibly be representative of a nation?   Of a voter base of 37million 12.5million did not vote (34%) and 250,000 votes were considered invalid.  DO you suppose shredders were available?   Dominion was headquartered in Spain.

Did Venezuela actually vote for Maduro?

In 2012, there were 150 million registered voters. In 2018 there were roughly 153 million registered voters.   In 2020, somehow that grew to 213.8 million – a growth of 40% in just two years.   How is that even possible?   It would be highly fantastical to believe that 60.8 million kids came of age in 2 years.   The US population records roughly 80 million total people under the age of 19, as in birth to 19. Census declares there are 26.9 million US citizens between the age of 18 and 24 – 55% of whom are registered voters.

What else could possibly account for an increase of 60.8 million ‘registered’ voters?

Net migration to the US was 595,000 between 2018 and 2019, the lowest recorded in a decade.   That would leave 59,205,000 still unaccounted assuming all immigrants were registered to vote as citizens.

SO why would the ‘base’ need to inflate the number of registered voters by 40%?   Because the claim is that 155.1million people voted in the 2020 election.   And that would exceed the 153 million registered voters as per census in 2018 giving the obvious Communist tactic – we WON with 102% of the votes.

Without batting an eye, Hawaii recorded 110% voter turnout.

According to the Center for Election Innovation and Research, a comparison of registered voters between 2016 and July 2020 revealed a ‘decline’ in new registered voters of roughly 350,000.   In other words, not only do we have ‘oddities’ within our voting machines, multiple votes per person, fake people, ballots shred, fake ballots printed in China, we have over 60 million additional ‘registered voters’, an increase of 40% over 2 years and no viable statistic to account for such a massive increase.

These numbers games would seem to have about as much concordance as common core Math:   2+3 doesn’t necessarily = 5, maybe it is just an illusion!  But in France, Germany, China, and Spain, playing a numbers game is simply par when all your out-of-bounds shots just don’t – count.  FOUR!



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  1. Joey couldn’t get 81 people to a rally let alone have 81 million vote for him. Truth in voting has gone the way of the dodo. It’s now down to the nitty gritty of surrendering to the Commies or taking the fight to them. I have come across similar voter comparisons and the number just don’t work. Fake pandemic…fake election.

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