China’s WeChat: Another Distraction for Cabal’s Waning Wealth…

The eight largest US companies bought by Chinese firms occurred between 2012 and 2016 during the Obama administration. The most expensive was Starwood Hotels which was bought for $14.3 billion.   Fifty percent of fortune 500 companies have offices in China – Beijing mostly. In 2011, WeChat was launched as an app using the Apple or Microsoft operating system and has openly been found to analyze, track and share data from US users with the Chinese government.   August 2020, President Trump issued an EO banning transactions with WeChat.   And a number of obvious oligarch monopolies cried fowl…

Chicken Little included.  

Microsoft, Walmart, Apple, Ford, Walt Disney, P&G, Intel, MetLife, UPS, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Merck and Cargill made the claim that they would lose money given the sanction. But WeChat has 9 competitors including: Twitter, Facebook, Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, Instagram, Line, Telegram and Snapchat.   All of which are also used by Chinese citizens. So what’s the beef?

While some of these apps are banned in China, why is it a dastardly sanction to ban WeChat in the US?

The largest aspect of WeChat that is lauded by these mammoth corporations is their payment schematic… meaning ALL information for everyone connected with these conglomerates can be – hacked.   In fact a Google search revealed pages upon pages of methods one can employ to ‘hack WeChat 100% Guaranteed’.

With India banning Whatsapp, and now the US, their user base is severely depleted – as is their revenue base.

WhatsApp is owned by Tencent, a Chinese conglomerate formed in 1998 during the Clinton administration whose platform is basically theft of intellectual property.   But ownership records reveal an interesting schism – Tencent’s majority shareholder is Prosus, headquartered in the Netherlands!   It’s chair is from South Africa with a stake holding of over 30%.   One of their subsidiaries includes Media 24 which was convicted of price fixing and fixing of trade conditions.   Other subsidiaries have been accused of monopoly practices, and bribery.

But the collaboration of South Africa and China is an interesting revelation – indeed.

So when these US conglomerates decry ‘fowl’ who are they representing?

Long we have known that the Cartel/Cabal have their sites on Africa for colonization via land grabs, so how is this connected?

*Ford is the best selling used vehicle in South Africa…

*IN 2018, Walmart bought a 51% share of Massmart in South Africa. Today there are nearly 400 stores in – South Africa. In contrast, WalMart has 411 stores in all of China. And 4770 in US.   Worldwide, Walmart claims to have 11,500 stores. So why is the China market so important when it represents 3.5% of total global stores? And prices are significantly par?

*Disney has a theme park in Shanghai that has under quarantine and most recently 30% capacity regulations.   But China government owns 57% of Shanghai Disneyland 57% of Hong Kong Disneyland, so in essence when Disney is clambering at President Trump over his China sanction declarations on behalf of Disney, it is the Chinese government making the loudest noises!

*Morgan Stanley bought their rights in China boasting the first US banking institution to do so – in 2006.

March 2020, along with a few peers, Morgan Stanley was granted permission sby the Chinese Government to take majority interest control of their financial institutions that were under China rule.   Just in time for a Pandemic crisis that has led to runs on various banks in China as the economy completely tailspins out of control.  Morgan Stanley doesn’t care about WeChat, they care about their Chinese investments going sour and becoming the biggest purveyor of losses.

So when these massive global conglomerates declare they will suffer if the US sanctions WeChat is the furthest truism from any semblance of truth.   China is symbolic.   Any garage/basement hack could re-create WeChat for $1.95 and a case of beer.

In fact WeChat itself is simply a theft from a variety of platforms.

So obviously, WeChat is meaningless.   And the larger picture is Anything that could possibly represent an attack on our ‘investments’ at large deserves annihilation.

After the US, Africa is China’s only safe harbor. Without either they will collapse.   And the circumstances that created this need have come to a crisis point.

India coming into the mix with already stretched relations with China, has become the godchild – the only blackmail China had left.   Ramping up betwixt anger!   The Taming of the Shrews.  The US shifted to India.

So why would anyone care about an app that could be duplicated in a micro-second and sold thru every Apple and Microsoft operating system? Hello?

The App is a distraction for a larger problem. If the economy of China collapses, a lot of people are going to lose – a lot of money – and that would make them somewhat mad…

If in fact most of China’s IT market is based on intellectual theft, certainly there are subhuman droids capable of creating a WhatsApp that infiltrates all internet without censorship.   And this entire false fisting by a bunch of China dolls could be passed. I no longer see the need for pretense – and so we have been inadvertently made aware of a handful of the companies owned by the Cartel.

Why?   Why is Obama so scared that Biden could conceivably “F*** it up!”   If there wasn’t a play in production already staged and into Act IV?

And many are only now picking up their programs and browsing the contents having seen only a blank stage to date.

No one really gives a dang about WeChat, a South African owned IT company that can be replicated in an instant… but a front is always necessary to mask the true intent – with China being at the forefront – and possibly trillions of investments at stake….

They misjudged. They underrated.   They messed up torrentially – and now they are desperate to create a hologram of reality.   How best than to conjoin in order to decry the lost revenue from a company whose revenue is a spattering of Facebook or Twitter.   Logical?

It gives them a window. TO clean themselves up. Whomever is able to divest soonest will gain the most – or perhaps, winner takes all, and there are internal disruptions within the Cartel itself!.   It is likely a heated stress filled time – for those wallets.

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  1. china deserves everything that’s happening to them,they are deviate,back stabbing people,they don’t even care about the suffering of their own people.karma is a bitch!

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