IS BILL GATES Running For President?

Is Bill Gates running for President?

A slew of videos are circulating with both Billy and Melinda decrying the ineffective leadership of President Trump in ‘allowing’ states to make their own determinations with regard to CoVid 19 instead of dictating from the federal level. Obviously, this would imply that should Bill get elected, his plan of action would be to eliminate governors and mayors because they obviously are nonessential and inadequate, unable to run states and cities appropriately.  

This totalitarian view is shared by Bill Gates good friend Xi Jinping who has recently unraveled a very different persona beneath the mask he has levied for decades. Perhaps the mask grew too tight or too heavy, but the full Communist agenda has been unleashed: closing all Christian churches and orphanages, martial law, censorship, demand for control of all media globally, food shortages, import slashing, lies and deception.   This too can be America under the tutelage of Bill and Melinda Gates.

A Bill Gates presidency would entail: 1. mandated vaccines,  2. mandated tracking 3.   censorship like nothing we can even imagine, 4.   a collapsed economy,   5. limited healthcare given doctors will be subject to a new collective,   6.   the elimination of any upper or middle class given worker status will be mandated by the Communist in charge – Bill Gates, 7.   And of course the ushering in of the New Green Deal which he likely dictated.

Biden is the puppet – no one ever believed he was capable of leading an ant farm much less an entire country. But his health is the necessary deviation from the true agenda of a Bill & Melinda Gates Authoritarian Regime. Trudeau has already backed down as well as the EU, they have no honor or loyalty to their People, only to their Master – like a true Communist soldier. Look no further than North Korean soldiers – the clap on command, smile on command, laugh on command, and snarl on command. Dogs have more freedom.

The videos circulating just in the last two weeks in the propaganda mind control include:

Bill Gates – I Warned Trump.

Bill Gates – I Wish I Had Done More…

Bill Gates – US CoVid Testing is Bogus

Bill Gates – Changing Behaviors…

Bill Gates – Best Case Scenario for US Economy

Melinda Gates – US Lacks Leadership at Federal Level

The Stage is Set. Gates really could care less who goes down in the Mueller, Flynn, Obama fiasco, because he doesn’t much care for people in general – any people. And stupid people who get caught are expendable.

Why didn’t he just run for the Presidency?

Because Bill Gates is a relatively awkward speaker, he is not verbally inclined.   He comes across as stilted, unemotional, uneducated, and somewhat vacant.   He has the personality of a mole.   And thus, they needed a charismatic stand-in. Spared debates, Gates is more inclined to sit behind the scenes safe from crowds and flashing lights, while securing reassurance for every move by Melinda.

Hence the initial role of dual VP status before Biden is committed would enable him to remain somewhat the Wizard of Oz behind the Iron Curtain and appoint his wife as VP.

Wealth begets boredom.   The man has everything except what Hillary wanted – the Supreme Power, the ability to destroy what is – so as to resurrect a vision that would result in a rule by lineage – a Communist Monarchy. But it is also about a legacy, going down in history books he envisions himself a god.

March 2020 Bill Gates inexplicably stepped down from the board of Microsoft and the board of Berkshire Hathaway.   The only logical explanation would be to alleviate any potential for conflict of interest claims so as to emphasize his ‘philanthropy’, which presents an illusion of goodness.

But who has Gates actually given money to that constitutes a grand endeavor of helping the poor? Why is malaria worse since Gates intervention 20 years ago? Why is TB growing despite Gates intervention 20 years ago?   Because each year they require more vaccines – and more profit for Bill Gates.

How does the money flow?   Political NGO’s, Pharma Companies, Chinese Companies, and companies that have in turn made him more money.  Of course the bulk of his philanthropy goes to his own Foundation wherein the tax free circular of NGO’s ultimately fund each other much like a Ponzi scheme of Kiting Checks wherein the money no longer exists. His ‘philanthropy’ is part of the mask – the deception – to sway public view with false illusions.

Melinda Gates is equally entrenched in the world of globalization rule. She has served on the board of the Washington Post, is a regular attendee at the annual Bilderberg Group montages, and according to WikiLeaks Bill & Melinda were considered as a joint VP team for Hillary in 2016.   Hillary likely thought that would be a suicide mission and declined.

Is Bill Gates running for President?   He has begun a massive media campaign since February which is often the most viable indicator.   Would that election decimate the US?   We would become China’s Gulag.

9 thoughts on “IS BILL GATES Running For President?

  1. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has produced extraordinary progress in health around the world, especially in Africa. No, malaria is not worse than 20 years ago. That and countless other diseases are down, to the tune of millions of lives saved because of the Foundation. Easy to carp at Bill Gates, but the snipers here are missing the main story of Bill Gates. Or maybe changing living conditions for those in utter poverty is of no concern.

    Like hundreds before him, Bill Gates will pass from this earth without becoming the Antichrist so confidently predicted. Maybe we can get the letters of his name or foundation to add up to 666 or something. That worked for Kissinger predictions as I recall. Meanwhile, in the real world ….

    • You sound like you are reading from his Foundation website as to the claims of success, because When you buy your statistics you can say whatever you want. The only corroborating source is WHO which is bought and paid for by Gates. The statistics are based on a model produced by Gates, much like the model he used to predict 2+ million US deaths from CoVid…

  2. My answer to this question is NO – Bill Gates wants to play God. He and his wealthy globalist friends have been running this country for decades. Gates is a eugenicist – a set of beliefs and practices the aim to improve the genetic quality of a human population, typically by excluding people and groups judged to be inferior and promoting those judged to be superior. Historically, eugenicists advocated selective breeding to achieve these goals. Today we have technologies that make it possible to more directly alter the genetic composition of an individual. GILL GATES COVID-19 Vaccine will bring him his ultimate goal – genetically creating the perfect population to serve the ruling classes already in control. This vaccine is a DNA-RNA based vaccine in which foreign DNA-RNA will be injected into every human. Yes, “so as to resurrect a vision that would result in a rule by lineage – A Communist Monarchy.” Just how Gates plans to put himself on the throne is another question – he may be running to be President which would certainly put him in total control and the country into chaos, darkness, and perhaps civil war for decades…

    • How does one play god? Ego demands identity. Gates is tired of being the nobody behind the scenes and wants recognition for his esteem – his finesse – his superiority… And that is obtained by being elected President of the US. After this conquest, his footprint in China will assure him Global King. The Ego rules and is their downfall…

  3. Bil Gates is the Worlds CEO. The man is into everything. He doesn’t need to run for President, thats a step down, he gives the orders and his cohorts tell Presidents what to do. Its usually scripted out in advance with the help of Hollywood writers. He runs Hollywood too. Look at all those Pandemic documentaries in production or released before the Pandemic.

    Elected Presidents today , of both parties, are simply actors following a script. Its Fake Wrestling. Kayfabe. Nobody better to play that part than Trump having experiencing hosting a bunch of events in Atlantic City.

    Plus, imagine what would happens if they tried to pull this off with a Democrat or left leaning lib. All those gun toting Republican would hit the streets firing away. With a Republican President they stay at home and stockpile, and blame Democratic governors , CNN and Gates.

    You cant tell me a President cant force the governors to open up. Already declared a National Emergency. Sign an EO opening up full and threaten to withhold aid as a start. Heck Eisenhower sent the National Guard in to open up schools, he would have sent in tanks against anyone shutting down the economy and violating citizens constitutional rights because of a flu. I guess it helps the Fed can prop up the stock market. Free markets as a principle are out too.

    Not only isn’t he stopping them, he is giving them tens of billions if not more to help them. Cuomo wants 60 billion. California wants more. Lol. Disaster Capitalism at its finest, and that’s not counting corporate bailouts to funding to Big Pharma, Airlines,Boeing, etc. 2% of the handouts go to the little guy. Enough for a years worth of pizza.

    • Not all presidents are actors reading scripts – and Trump certainly is not – otherwise liberals wouldn’t be criticizing what he says! he has had good people and not so good surround him and continues to drain the traitors. Your idea of a forced open tells me you don’t understand politics, art of war, business, or diplomacy… What states want – what Cuomo wants has NOT been given to them – it may be in Pelosi’s Bill – but it has not passed the House or Senate or Trump…

    • “bill gates is after one thing,POWER….” Well, power and more money. Beaucoup more money.

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