US PUBLIC EDUCATION: A Failure while Home Schooling Shines!

There is an ongoing debate on social media about the abysmal salaries teachers make.   These poor overworked under-appreciated teachers should all be given raises and lauded for their sacrifices…   We should worship them and decry foul when any election initiative that is directed to raise taxpayer taxes so that teachers get raises and gets shot down by stupid taxpayers undermines these angels of democracy.

These are the words.   And if you doubt them, they use Dr. Phil as proof positive of these factoids. Including that they work 4,000 hours per year seven days a week … with no vacation time because they have to attend meetings and events and and… according to the esteemed Dr. Phil, teacher’s pay rate is $4.50 per hour.

I am blocked from responding to this social media post because I dared to provide facts:

1)   teachers are pre-awarded 13 sick/personal days a year.

2)   their benefit package costs them roughly 1/3 of the actual cost. NO Social Security Cost for certain states –

3)   their first year of employment in my District entitles them to 2 weeks vacation.

4)   they typically work 180 hours per month compared to 260 hours for a professional.

5)   80 hours of pandemic/public emergency pay is granted at 100% pay rate.

6)   32 hours of paid bereavement.

7)   2 weeks each for winter and spring break

8)   10 weeks off during the summer.

9)   And after 30 years – full pay entitlement for life.

By comparison, the life of a professional:   Starting pay roughly 140% of a teacher, 60 hour work-week, 2 weeks vacation and ‘some’ federal holidays.   No Pension.

When my children were in school I frequently had arguments with teachers who claimed they were teaching my child what the ‘real business world’ was like – having never worked a day in the ‘real business world’!   But then they think Dr. Phil is an employment and business expert… SIGH.

A teacher with a bachelors degree starts working at age 22 and retires with full benefits at 52.   A professional is not eligible for their social security until they are 67 – 15 years later!   The SS benefit on average is roughly 1/3 of a teacher’s pension.

These are just basic differences.

Public schools now run roughly $15,000 to $30,000 annual cost per student K-12 (including parental FEES). On par to more than a college education.   The number of public school students is on a decline which is predicted to continue declining for the next ten years.   Despite the falling student population the mill levy on property taxes is increasing – a diametrically opposed financial equation.

Roughly 85% of District expenses are allocated to salaries and benefits.   Which includes – pensions.   Upwards of 30% of the budgeted salary expense is actually spent on pensions.   Eliminate pensions and everyone gets a 30% raise.  VOILA!

With few exceptions, in the EU starting salaries for teachers are in the range of $1600 per month – not even $20,000 annually.   Luxembourg and Switzerland are two countries that bely that ridiculous wage.

Broken Education:   As of 2022, math proficiency was as low as 26% and reading proficiency was 33%.   The response?   Teach CRT, gender trans studies, and hatred of whites.   That’ll fix it!     The federal government gave out $123 billion last year requiring a meager 20% be used to bring students up to par.   An additional $123 billion was added for 2023.   Districts?   GIMME MORE!

SCIENCE is not even a proficiency apparently.

On this social media account, a purported lawyer was advising teachers to go on strike for more pay.   He claimed that their was a national teacher shortage therefore they could get whatever they demanded.   When I reviewed the ‘teaching’ positions available online they were startling:   advanced and moderate disability hard to place teachers came in first.   Second was assistant or substitute teachers.   Behavioral therapists and speech pathologists were third.   Security and kitchen helpers were fourth. There was a call for one math teacher and one Spanish teacher.

Along with most government systems, public education in the US is a failure.   Throwing more money at a broken system that values 115 genders over science instruction is is beyond incomprehensible. As a result the exodus from public schools to home schooling groups is accelerating rapidly.   A Home School kit runs about $700 per child – and can be ‘reused’.   Groups typically rotate allowing mothers to work if they choose.   On average a home school child is taking local community college classes at 15-16.   And the CRT, race baiting and biting and gender studies are no longer a curriculum – not to mention common core MATH!

US SCHOOL ABJECT FAILURE – The Dumbing of America

The Abysmal No Child Left Behind 100% Proficient Act is 100% a FAILURE.   Public schools across the country reveal a striking disintegration and teachers refuse to accept any blame.   While promoting sex, CRT, sex, and nonhistory derangement, teachers blink a rapid vapid denial of acknowledgement or knowledge of what their role is in the public school system.   I am assured by Kamaltoes as she eyes the ceiling and the floor and the walls right and left, that everything is hunky-dory.   But teachers are the end-all culprit.

Oxford Academy in California ranks in the top 1%.   70% of their students are Asian.   To be admitted to junior high, a student must pass rigorous tests.   Student to teacher ratio is high, and yet, somehow, they surpass the abysmal averages which now project proficiency in the 30% ratio.

Apparently, Bush’s ‘No Child Left Behind’ left near everyone – BEHIND!

In 2017, a report determined that the main reason for a failed public school system was ‘lack of parent involvement’.   Unfortunately, the report also found that a ‘lack of diversity’ in the gifted programs needed an overhaul. Why?   Because schools needed to find ‘different ways of recognizing different talents’ so as to make gifted ‘all inclusive’.   In other words you can be academically stupid, but gifted in rap, and that should be enough to grade your giftedness…

School spending is stagnant was another failure.   School spending per pupil has now reached beyond college tuition rates with $25,000 per student, per year, considered ‘not enough’.

Yet homeschool costs range in the $500-$1000 per child ratio.   Where does the money go?

The Witches Brew of course. Pensions.   Benefits.  

When my children were in school, I balked at the biannual fees I was required to pay to rent books and supplies including toilet paper and sneeze tissue.   Of course these costs are doubly taxed as subsidized by every person who has the audacity to own their own home – including those on Social Security.

So how would education be funded in the Great RESET when home ownership is vacated?

Perhaps the great seerers of mankind haven’t thought that far. Or perhaps they see no point in educating peasants. Or perhaps they see education as an elite privilege…   Even if their intellect is indubitably negligible.    I have had the dubious opportunity to have worked with a fair share of those ‘negligibles’.

Pension spending in public schools accounts for a low 11% of expenditures to a high of 40% in Illinois where government corruption and fraud is a mainstay.   For example:   In Colorado, the 2010 pension reform gradually phased in increases to the amount of money school districts had to contribute to pensions for each dollar spent on employee salaries, from 13.85 percent that year to more than 20 percent in 2018.

These numbers reflect costs ‘prior’ to the CoVid School closures wherein ALL costs were maintained despite layoffs of teachers, bus drivers, cafeteria workers, admin, janitors, etc… Somehow, despite ALL THE LAYOFFS, costs emerged higher than the previous year…

And the victims are Children and the dwindling number of US homeowners.

In Germany where homeschooling is illegal, the home ownership rate is a dismal 50%.   The US is conflating between 63% and 65%, France is about 64%, and the Bernie Sanders of the world blink rapidly as they pronounce China’s rate of 90% and South Africa’s on par with the US…

How is that possible?

It’s not – it is the rules of snake oil factoids perpetrated by communist countries.  In China an 8×5 foot cage in a hallway classifies as ‘home ownership”.

In 2019, Colorado Springs Colorado school district learned that in order to be ‘solvent by 2049’ a budget cut of $900,000 annually would be required.   Of course that was based on Common Core Math and would likely be double that number in the real world of Math.   Pensions accounted for a budget expense of $35 million per year and the district was toying with bankruptcy.

In other words, the Public School System in the US is beyond broke and bankrupt – it is operating on fumes.   All while Proficiency ratings virtually tank!   Reading and Math Proficiency for Colorado is not the 100% touted by Bush, it is in the low 40th percentile ranking for reading and 35th percentile for Math.

We are raising the next generation of Imbeciles!   Burger flippers.   With Attitude.

Think their earnings will support the Social Security deficit? The deficit that was the result of loans to the ‘General Fund’ for such admiral causes included mercenaries and coups and wars.? Called the Pentagon’s Black Book?   Maybe we should confiscate investment earnings from all Congressional Members?

I remember when the Mafia was accused of keeping two sets of books – now it is our government.

As I have vocally stated, while the vast majority of property tax assessments are for public schools ‘based on enrollment’ and enrollment has been virtually decimated in the past two years – shouldn’t my taxes recognize that downturn? Instead they rose 20%.   As did most other homeowners.

A Class Action lawsuit against County Tax Assessments would assume a lawyer with the guts and ethics to fight.   But as we have been made witness, lawyers are for the most part drivel amoeba’s. Including the lawyers that presume Congressional Office as our State Representatives.

On Holiday.   On our Tax Bill.

Just Sayin’