Propaganda Ideology vs Creative Intellectualism; Manipulating our Minds

IT is Sunday.

As I scrolled through some FB posts I lingered on a few; one was a remembrance for a woman, her husband and their dog who all died separately within the span of six months. The woman was a local politician well loved and respected.   My curiosity took me down a dark path as I googled her name and there were literally pages of articles all spewing the same bent:   She was unvaxxed and deserved to die!   The vitriol was astounding.   Literally thousands of posts/comments the vast majority – ‘let her rot in Hell’.

I then googled an acquaintance of mine, Bill Sardi who died this past February.   Thousands of people responded, not with heartfelt grief and encouragement, but with something beyond ‘hate’.   Something so vile it could not possibly emit from a human soul.

And all I could think was that these people couldn’t possibly be human – they must be another species…

These responses were not boxed within black and white they were simply men and women of all shapes and sizes and colors and religions who felt the need to demonize a dead person whose only crime was ‘unvaxxed’.   That word became their entire moral and ethical character.

I then read another FB post in which a man said he didn’t ‘understand’ the attraction between gay peoples.   And the first thing that came to mind was the fact that 99% of men will declare they don’t understand – women.

Do we need to ‘understand’ everything?   Does understanding equate to acceptance?   IF that were the case, then relationships between men and women would not exist!   So the short answer is – NO. But the long implications are that understanding can be ‘cherry-picked’.

Surely, those who are Christians would never behave in this rabid manner!

But they do.   Churches continually focus on the sin of homosexuality – yet statistically 65% of their congregation indulges in porn. So what is the point?   Division.   Another form of propaganda.

God doesn’t use propaganda – churches do. The media does. Politicians do. And even ourselves – we do.

People used to just be people. There were good cops and bad cops. Good neighbors and bad neighbors.   Good politicians….   Oh never mind!   But in that – we didn’t understand why – but we accepted this as a logical event of earth.   Understanding does not make one an intellectual.   And intellectualism does not create understanding.

The behavioral manipulation of minds has been a part of society since its inception. Some of our favorite authors in the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s were actually Marxists.   But we didn’t know.   We read with enthusiasm.

*The Suffragists were socialists, union labor adherents.   Some were communists, some were anarchists and some were Marxists. But today we bow and scrape to their commitment to feminism – because they gave women the right to vote.

*Bertrand Russell was a self proclaimed Marxist.   At the time it was called ‘progressive intellectualism’. The same term used by Hillary to describe herself.

*George Orwell who wrote 1984 was a Socialist with Marxist ideologies. Yet we quote his book now as intellectual genius in reference to what our government has become.

There are many others including; Ibsen, Sartre, Tolstoy, Brecht, Hemingway, etc…

The propagandists have altered history to reflect contrasting realities.   Just as they are doing today – and we cherry-pick our propaganda – believing some and trashing others.   But when we take that ‘side’ and begin being the source of the vitriol, we have truly lost our Holy Spirit.   While we are all sinners, being unvaxxed is NOT a sin.   It is NOT a morality.

The seven deadly sins are: lust, gluttony, pride, greed, laziness and wrath.   Perhaps churches should be more focused on these and less on division and understanding of differences.

God Bless you all – may He shield you in His armour from the propaganda a and vitriol that has consumed society.

Media Mockingbird – The Battery That Never Dies

Once again the bizarre rhetoric from the New York Times defies logic or reason.  They state that,  “While President Trump has described the wall’s progress, not a single mile of extended wall has been constructed since he took office.”  The statement is true, but it purports to denounce Trump, his statements, and twist reality into some sort of negative afront. What it does accomplish is this subconscious inciting of anger.

The budget that was in place only allowed for remediation to the existing wall.  And that is how Trump spent the money.  Legally.  Since then, yes he has hit a proverbial wall in attempting to extract, redistribute, funds from other areas in favor of ‘finishing what was initiated by Bush and Obama’.  That is – the point.

Over and over again there are multiple memes in which Obama, Hillary, Billy, and even Schumer are on record denouncing illegal immigration and firmly espousing the need for a wall.  And appropriations were made in order to erect what we have in place.

But it is insufficient. Obviously.   Or we wouldn’t continue to have a problem – Houston…

While Congressional members continue to claim their paychecks despite the government shutdown, the working people, the laborers are left dry, not because Trump called for the shutdown, but because from a business point of view, the Democrats refuse to acknowledge what it means to negotiate, compromise, and act like professionals.

Even Communist China understands that sticking point!

But many in Congress have never held a real job, they have no understanding of the real world.  Negotiation and strategy are foreign concepts.  I remember having a argument with my youngest son’s teacher who then called for backup, a board, to address my concerns. They sat eight to one.  My son had left his homework in his locker, the teacher refused to allow him to get it in order to turn it in, and instead gave him a zero.  Their argument?  They were teaching him a lesson in how the real world would react in a business environment.  A. none of them had ever worked in a business environment.   B.  If a subordinate left the power point presentation in his office down the hall, would his boss refuse to allow him to obtain it and present it before the client?  Of course NOT!  What an idiotic rationale.  But that is the same attitude we are now facing with the Pelosi/Schumer Democrats.

In a nutshell, what most people understood when they voted for Trump was that a career politician would do – nothing.  We did and do understand that the incredible depth of The Swamp can not be obliterated in minutes, months, or two years.   We understand that the world does not revolve around our agenda, as in the Me, I generation.   And we understand that we are NOT the center of the universe.

Pelosi’s strategy is to say she will give nothing $0, and could care less about the fact that this serves no one except her ego, her house compound, her personal wall.

But it isn’t just Democrats who are the negative naysayers, conservative, Ann Coulter, has been less than supportive, claiming the glass isn’t half full or half empty, but nonexistent.   She represents the naysayers, the doom and gloom, highly critical of everything, and completely unable to be ‘pleased’.  You can’t even begin to converse or have a dialogue with that kind of attitude. And I see it in the Liberal dialogue endlessly.

As such, the House is now drooling for Trump to use Department of Defense funding, or claim a National Emergency, so they can pounce, scratch, rip, tear, and devour – Trump. It has nothing to do with the Wall, which they have all previously supported, and everything to do with trying to force Trump into a corner that gives them cause for impeachment.

It all goes back to the Clintons.  Revenge. Vengeance.  Clinton wasn’t impeached because he was set up, or because Congress daily tried antagonized him, verbally assault him, and force him to have sex with his interns and visit Epstein Island for hookups.   He acted freely on his egocentric testosterone grid and tripped himself up.   But the Clintons don’t see it that way.  They see blood.  Hillary lost, and she has no intention of not punishing the victor.

The country is angry! Divided!  And the media continues to stoke the flame over and over again. That is the Mockingbird.

Enter Ocasio, a nobody from a nothing District, who has the mental capacity of a frog.  Yet she manages to make front page in the mainstream media daily.  Why? Because she generates rage, she stokes anger, incites violence, and is calling for an actionable civil war.

And thus, the Media and Wiley Mittens Romney, turn with glazed popping eyeballs and – blame Trump. The idea is that most Americans are too stupid to realize they are being mind manipulated and will froth at the mouth until blind violence is all they see.  Civil War within the US is the end game.  The Arab Spring, the EU Spring, the US Spring, the provocation of China, the destruction of Venezuela, and Russia is left, the last man standing. How?  Because Soros and the Rothschilds can’t get a foothold in the country in order to stoke their demise.  They hate Russia.  But because they didn’t get the opportunity to infiltrate their schools and indoctrinate their youth, Russia is still immune.

The good news?

Mexico has a new President who is determined to stem the caravans and illegal immigrants.  Eastern Europe is growing ever stronger modeling after Trump’s sovereignty, Brazil has a new President who is seemingly pro-Trump, and more and more across the globe people are shaking off this mental warfare and seeing the Truth.