Propaganda Ideology vs Creative Intellectualism; Manipulating our Minds

IT is Sunday.

As I scrolled through some FB posts I lingered on a few; one was a remembrance for a woman, her husband and their dog who all died separately within the span of six months. The woman was a local politician well loved and respected.   My curiosity took me down a dark path as I googled her name and there were literally pages of articles all spewing the same bent:   She was unvaxxed and deserved to die!   The vitriol was astounding.   Literally thousands of posts/comments the vast majority – ‘let her rot in Hell’.

I then googled an acquaintance of mine, Bill Sardi who died this past February.   Thousands of people responded, not with heartfelt grief and encouragement, but with something beyond ‘hate’.   Something so vile it could not possibly emit from a human soul.

And all I could think was that these people couldn’t possibly be human – they must be another species…

These responses were not boxed within black and white they were simply men and women of all shapes and sizes and colors and religions who felt the need to demonize a dead person whose only crime was ‘unvaxxed’.   That word became their entire moral and ethical character.

I then read another FB post in which a man said he didn’t ‘understand’ the attraction between gay peoples.   And the first thing that came to mind was the fact that 99% of men will declare they don’t understand – women.

Do we need to ‘understand’ everything?   Does understanding equate to acceptance?   IF that were the case, then relationships between men and women would not exist!   So the short answer is – NO. But the long implications are that understanding can be ‘cherry-picked’.

Surely, those who are Christians would never behave in this rabid manner!

But they do.   Churches continually focus on the sin of homosexuality – yet statistically 65% of their congregation indulges in porn. So what is the point?   Division.   Another form of propaganda.

God doesn’t use propaganda – churches do. The media does. Politicians do. And even ourselves – we do.

People used to just be people. There were good cops and bad cops. Good neighbors and bad neighbors.   Good politicians….   Oh never mind!   But in that – we didn’t understand why – but we accepted this as a logical event of earth.   Understanding does not make one an intellectual.   And intellectualism does not create understanding.

The behavioral manipulation of minds has been a part of society since its inception. Some of our favorite authors in the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s were actually Marxists.   But we didn’t know.   We read with enthusiasm.

*The Suffragists were socialists, union labor adherents.   Some were communists, some were anarchists and some were Marxists. But today we bow and scrape to their commitment to feminism – because they gave women the right to vote.

*Bertrand Russell was a self proclaimed Marxist.   At the time it was called ‘progressive intellectualism’. The same term used by Hillary to describe herself.

*George Orwell who wrote 1984 was a Socialist with Marxist ideologies. Yet we quote his book now as intellectual genius in reference to what our government has become.

There are many others including; Ibsen, Sartre, Tolstoy, Brecht, Hemingway, etc…

The propagandists have altered history to reflect contrasting realities.   Just as they are doing today – and we cherry-pick our propaganda – believing some and trashing others.   But when we take that ‘side’ and begin being the source of the vitriol, we have truly lost our Holy Spirit.   While we are all sinners, being unvaxxed is NOT a sin.   It is NOT a morality.

The seven deadly sins are: lust, gluttony, pride, greed, laziness and wrath.   Perhaps churches should be more focused on these and less on division and understanding of differences.

God Bless you all – may He shield you in His armour from the propaganda a and vitriol that has consumed society.

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