UK – Cameron Says Be Brave When ISIS Arrives

M15 Intelligence has stated that at no time in history has the UK been more at risk for terrorism and possibility for a catastrophic hit. They have thwarted six attempts so far but have shared that it is only a matter of time, they only have to miss one, to suffer and become victim of the horrific consequences. There are multiple cells in the UK, they are planning, they are working towards their aim for jihad, and there will be a day that they succeed.

So what is Cameron doing about that potential, about the biggest threat in history? Well… he’s pledging…and talking…and pledging…and talking about how much help they, the UK, plan to give the US in the fight against ISIS. He keeps telling the Brits to be brave, to carry on, to pretend that there is no threat… That is – until it happens.

In the meantime, Mr. Cameron can be found, well, hip-hopping and hob-nobbing about. He’s been in Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, India, China and Spain. He’s peddling the wares of the UK to generate more revenue. Not a shoddy speculation for the country’s economy, but if it is in rubble after an ISIS attack, no contract is going to save the UK. So what are they doing to destroy ISIS? Why they are the cheerleaders in the stands urging the US football players to take ’em out – rah- rah – rah…

But they aren’t the only bystanders. Where is our beloved Denmark, The Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Norway, Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, Holland, Spain, Poland, where ARE THEY? As ISIS continues to infiltrate, they do nothing – “as Rome burned, Nero watched”.

They watch as more and more illegal Muslims flock into their countries in droves. No one can venture who is a terrorist and who is not, but the new numbers indicate that upwards of 80% of the influx of migrants are not even Syrian. Yawn. How astute our media is in their disinformation.

What is Austria doing in the fight against ISIS? They are telling the US to involve Assad. Otherwise, they are doing – nothing. What is Norway doing? Well, as of March, according to the Daily Mail, 50 Norwegian punisher troops are being sent to combat the threat… and to further scare ISIS, they are wearing patches on their uniform that mimic the Marvel cartoon character skull emblem… I don’t think ISIS was scared… especially since, there is no mention of the battalion since.

The fact is, few to nobody is ‘doing’ anything. Europe faces their biggest threat and yet remain unmoving, immobile, apathetic – wondering who will save them. The US continues to drop bombs on targets that oddly don’t seem to include many actual ISIS terrorists, and a year and a half later, there is only a ‘growth factor’.

We see endless photos of NATO commands in full regalia, arms and weapons ladeling their bodies as though they are on the front lines combating this world threat. But no reports of them actually doing anything, just pictures, posed for the media. Not the fault of the troops – by any means – they do what they are told – this is the military way. But we have to have a come-to-Jesus moment and finally ask, “HUH?”

When I have to go to Al Jazeera news to find out what is going on in Colorado – something is very wrong.

And while Putin continues to be demonized, why is it that Russia, Syria and Iran seem to be the only countries who want to defeat ISIS? The media continues to talk about targets being hit, but after 18-24 months and a progress that is in the negative territory, why aren’t we asking more questions? Why aren’t we concerned more? How is it that Cameron can simply placate his people and say such drivel as; be brave, pretend there is no threat?

While I haven’t figured out what the true agenda is, you can be sure there is one. And while myths and conspiracies all have some grounding in fact, it is embellished fact and peeling away the disinformation requires more than perfunctory analysis.

And while ‘a report’ from Germany concluded that one refugee was recently abducted by police after discovering that, gasp, he was actually a terrorist, we can all rest assured that the slate is not clean – there are ‘more than one’. This one does not obliterate the threat even marginally.

So the question remains – why?

Why don’t the governments of the US and the EU care? Why do they sit back and do the barest of minimum to bomb buildings and vacant land that may or could have once housed ISIS while they grow and proliferate? Because, you have to understand they stand united in their cause to do – nothing.

Total number killed by ISIS – estimated at 170,000 or – more

Total number killed by al Qaeda – estimated at 150,000 or more

Total number killed by al Shabaab – no one is keeping a tally

Total number killed by al Nusra – no tally is being kept

Total dead – over 1/3 million and counting… but they aren’t the real threat…. right? Business as usual.

Migrants – Eritrea aligned with Qatar or Shabaab?

If the immigrants want to go to Germany, if Germany says they are more than happy to accept upwards of 500,000 per year, why doesn’t the EU simply step in and fast track them from Hungary, Greece and Italy to Germany? Seems to me it would solve the problem completely.

The UK which is not technically a part of the EU and does not have to comply with the immigrant acceptance rules, has taken in refugees from Eritrea, Pakistan and Syria. Eritrea? Not in the news much… A small country in the horn of Africa, Eritrea has quite an interesting history.

It is said to be the resting place of the Ark of the Covenant, and the home of the Queen of Sheba. It has been ruled within Christianity, conquered and ruled under the Ottoman Empire and seized by Italy as the Italian Eritrea. It was ruled by the British and then became a federated conscript of Ethiopia. The UN granted Eritrea independence in 1993 and it was taken over by the Eritrean Peoples Liberation Front. They held to Marxist ideologies which became unpopular and the group evolved into what is the ruling party today – the Peoples Front for Democracy and Justice. Nice sounding – but still communist in its ideology.

The president under this rather oblique sounding organization is Isaias Afeworki who has been in office since 1993. So much for the Democracy part. The country continues to fight all its neighbors, most specifically, Ethiopia for which it harbors distinct animosity.

Then something very strange happened.

Situated across the Red Sea from Yemen and Saudi Arabia, Eritrea has been home to the al Qaeda affiliate Shabaab. The country has been likened to North Korea with its dictator rule and government controlled authoritarian power grid. Most of the refugees claim that the requirement for military service which can be 10 to 40 years is the primary reason they flee the country. Others talk of torture and human rights. But hugely compounding the immigration problem is that often human traffickers get ahold of the immigrants, capture them and hold them for ransom. Many that flee are Christian. Some have been captured by ISIS and executed.

In 2006, the Qatari royal family government who had befriended Afeworki, gained permission to build a $115 million resort on the Eritrean island of Dahlak Kebir. The first phase included 48 bungalows, a desalinization plant, pools and electrical grids is completed. But the relations between Afeworki and Qatar have somewhat soured and the project is on hold.

So what is the connection? Why would the Qatari’s want to build a $115 million resort in a country that has been called the North Korea of Africa?

The Qatari government has for years been accused of supporting Al Shabaab in their fight against the Somali’s. The US accused Qatar of funding the insurgents through a sort of money laundering scheme that funneled cash through Eritrea to Shabaab in Somalia. I imagine this ‘private resort’ in Eritrea houses a number of Shabaab militants as a safe house.

And now, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey are collaborating to install appropriate governments in Yemen, Syria, and Libya. I imagine the fear is that their loyalties could extend to ousting the current president of Eritrea so as to gain the domination of the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden. Why?

Qatar is nowhere near the Red Sea situated on the other side of Saudi Arabia. Taking control of Eritrea could help put Eritrea on the map and give Qatar a boost in power – a win-win situation for Qatar, but what about Isaias? The building of what was to be an international playground resort may have been pretty good incentive for Isaias – given the amount of revenue that would undoubtably be generated. Qatar’s relationship with Saudi Arabia has been friend and foe changing on a dime. Gaining power means gaining allies.

So, as the Middle East is redefined, and countries are gobbled up and spit back out anew, the US may be unwittingly creating a Frankenstein only to learn too careful what you wish for ’cause you just might get it

Refugees – Migrants? What Did You Expect?

I read the headlines nearly every day, …The Saudi Led Coalition in Yemen... We read, and we accept the words, but then –

What is a ‘coalition’? I looked it up: Merriam Webster – ‘The action or process of joining together with others for a common purpose”. It is used in politics to suggest the union of two or more political parties in a joint belief. It is used in economics to define the coming together of potentially two competing companies in a shared voice. It is a coming together in a good way – it comes from the Latin word meaning ‘to grow together’.

In other words, until recently, it’s usage has had a much higher integrity than it’s current one, ie, joining forces to annihilate a country and its people.

As in Syria. As in Yemen.

Migrants and refugees flocking to Europe in the millions, mostly from Syria, or countries that temporarily housed the Syrians and don’t want them any longer. And where do you suppose the Yemeni’s will go when our ‘coalition’ is done bombing their country? A lesson never learned, is an idiot without a soul. Enter David Cameron.

Cameron made the absurd statement that ‘the refugee crisis in Syria is the fault of Assad and ISIS’. The epitome of refusal to accept ownership, the arrogance of blame. If you destroy a country, where do you think the people will go? The Syrian ‘war’ was created when a coalition of countries decided they wanted to oust the current regime, and their efforts backfired. As a result, they armed the enemy and allowed the country to fall into the hands of ISIS.

As in the most basic of relationships, marriage, if you refuse to accept responsibility for your action(s), then they will continue unabated and the fixing will never occur. Pointing a blame finger Mr. Cameron only serves to escalate further implosion within every country the ‘coalition’ decides would be better under their tutorial.

I believe the vast majority of citizens know this, embrace this and accept this, it is only the bombastion of governments that would like to pretend that we the people are too stupid to get it! I am tired of the government acting as though we are all children under their thumbs, too ignorant to understand basic humanity and basic compassion and basic life principles.

The Saudi’s started a war with Yemen for one reason, to control the country. End of story. We started a war with Syria for one reason, to control the country. That’s really – it, the entire story. Europe bemoans the fact that the migrant/refugee crisis is out of control and yet doesn’t realize it is just beginning. Yemeni’s are only trickling, but they have no more food, no water, they will begin mass exodus – it is just a matter of time.

The UK steps up to the plate after refusing refugees, and announces it will begrudgingly accept 4,000. That’s 4,000 out of hundreds of thousands and perhaps millions soon. To date, the UK has taken in a grand total of 216. Hand picked. Yeehaw Mr. Cameron!  By comparison, Germany has taken in close to a million. Of course if McCain had had his way, there would be far less because we would have simply annihilated them with bombs. Population control according to the intellectuals, as in Mr. Gates.

We can sit around and break down the blame, argue the blame and get all arrogant about the blame. Or we can take ownership and realize that we have created a crisis of astronomical proportions that has a trickle down potential of allowing ISIS and Al Qaeda terrorists to freely enter our countries. We did this. The consequences are ours. But in not even attempting to learn from this lesson, we ‘coalesce’ with the Saudi’s in bombing another country to complete rubble. If I were a citizen of the Middle East right now, I’d be watching my borders, my skies, my back, because there are no allies, no friends, no covenant at all.

The Great Wall of Europe and Mexico

Migrants fleeing to Europe. How many have died attempting to make the crossing? Despite nearly daily reports of scores of deaths, the count remains at a level reported many months ago at 2,000. Odd…

It would appear that there is no ‘official record’ or count of the number who have died. Nor would it seem there is an official count of the number that have survived. A loose number of about a quarter million is the going figure of those fleeing Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran. They travel to Turkey and cross the Mediterranean to Greece. They are then transported to Italy and dispersed throughout Europe.

What happened?

There are 1.6 million Afghan refugees in Pakistan. But now Pakistan doesn’t want them. They say, time is up and they want them to go home. But Afghanistan is a mess. So, instead they are fleeing to Europe. The refugees in Iran are also mostly Afghan standing at over a million. Iran doesn’t want them – go home has become the endearing cry. But they can’t go home. There is no home. So they flee to the only place willing to take them – Europe.

Some are peaceable – but others are not. They are war torn and weary. They are hungry and angry. They have lost everything. And then some are ISIS, Al Qaeda, and therein lies an even greater complication.

Just as Afghanistan can no longer be home, neither will Syria, these places are dust, given to the criminals/terrorists to reign over and rule. A modern day Ghengis Khan.

Fleeing to Europe they are greeted with less than hospitable locals. You see, the locals are already consumed in their own financial collapse and bitterness and have little patience for the onslaught of foreigners much less possible terrorists to integrate. They see money that could be spent on their failing economy instead spent on migrants. So where in Europe do they end up? Norway, Switzerland, UK, Germany, Sweden, France and Italy have taken in the largest segment. But the proportion of other EU countries taking in refugees is relatively small.

What happens to these immigrants when they arrive to their ‘host country’?

Germany expects to see 450,000+ immigrants this year alone. They are initially housed in tents, or at sports facilities until they can be properly documented. This process can take from 3 months to a year During which time they can not work and must subsist on government entitlements. How much does that cost? Billions?  We don’t know exactly because no one has done a tally for the continent.  The UK estimates put the bill at 4 billion euro’s per year just for them.

The US is embroiled in its own immigrant crisis, most are coming from drug ravaged countries, but many are also ISIS. They build sophisticated tunnels, they come in the dark, and we continue to do little to nothing except turn a blind eye and exclaim loudly about the – ‘crisis’. How much does the illegal immigration cost the US? Estimates put the cost at $100 billion per year!

That could certainly build a lot of wall… The border between the US and Mexico is just shy of 2000 miles long. So far the government has spent $1.7 billion to build 653 miles of wall/fencing.

A) we all take for granted it would have been half that amount had the contract not been with the government.

B) if immigrants cost us $100 billion annually and the wall costs conservatively $5 billion, we are still $95 billion in the black the first year alone! It’s a one time cost!

But Washington doesn’t think in mindsets of businessmen, they think in mindsets of bureaucracy. They look at the committees that would have to ‘plan the fence’, the architecture and design committee, the permit committee, the commission committee, and the final planning committee. If they are anything like the EPA, a probable evaluation and report might be issued in 2020 with construction bids still outstanding. Of course, by then the committee’s would have billed taxpayers $100 billion and the contractors would puff up their costs to $25 billion with a five year construction contingency that would fall apart because they never collaborated with the architectural committee and thus find that the drawings required materials to be shipped from China, but in the meantime we would have slapped China with Tariffs and Taxes thereby causing the prices to inflate 150% which would put the project out of budget and require it to go back to the ‘planning committee’ for re-evaluation.

Just a thought…