UK – Cameron Says Be Brave When ISIS Arrives

M15 Intelligence has stated that at no time in history has the UK been more at risk for terrorism and possibility for a catastrophic hit. They have thwarted six attempts so far but have shared that it is only a matter of time, they only have to miss one, to suffer and become victim of the horrific consequences. There are multiple cells in the UK, they are planning, they are working towards their aim for jihad, and there will be a day that they succeed.

So what is Cameron doing about that potential, about the biggest threat in history? Well… he’s pledging…and talking…and pledging…and talking about how much help they, the UK, plan to give the US in the fight against ISIS. He keeps telling the Brits to be brave, to carry on, to pretend that there is no threat… That is – until it happens.

In the meantime, Mr. Cameron can be found, well, hip-hopping and hob-nobbing about. He’s been in Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, India, China and Spain. He’s peddling the wares of the UK to generate more revenue. Not a shoddy speculation for the country’s economy, but if it is in rubble after an ISIS attack, no contract is going to save the UK. So what are they doing to destroy ISIS? Why they are the cheerleaders in the stands urging the US football players to take ’em out – rah- rah – rah…

But they aren’t the only bystanders. Where is our beloved Denmark, The Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Norway, Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, Holland, Spain, Poland, where ARE THEY? As ISIS continues to infiltrate, they do nothing – “as Rome burned, Nero watched”.

They watch as more and more illegal Muslims flock into their countries in droves. No one can venture who is a terrorist and who is not, but the new numbers indicate that upwards of 80% of the influx of migrants are not even Syrian. Yawn. How astute our media is in their disinformation.

What is Austria doing in the fight against ISIS? They are telling the US to involve Assad. Otherwise, they are doing – nothing. What is Norway doing? Well, as of March, according to the Daily Mail, 50 Norwegian punisher troops are being sent to combat the threat… and to further scare ISIS, they are wearing patches on their uniform that mimic the Marvel cartoon character skull emblem… I don’t think ISIS was scared… especially since, there is no mention of the battalion since.

The fact is, few to nobody is ‘doing’ anything. Europe faces their biggest threat and yet remain unmoving, immobile, apathetic – wondering who will save them. The US continues to drop bombs on targets that oddly don’t seem to include many actual ISIS terrorists, and a year and a half later, there is only a ‘growth factor’.

We see endless photos of NATO commands in full regalia, arms and weapons ladeling their bodies as though they are on the front lines combating this world threat. But no reports of them actually doing anything, just pictures, posed for the media. Not the fault of the troops – by any means – they do what they are told – this is the military way. But we have to have a come-to-Jesus moment and finally ask, “HUH?”

When I have to go to Al Jazeera news to find out what is going on in Colorado – something is very wrong.

And while Putin continues to be demonized, why is it that Russia, Syria and Iran seem to be the only countries who want to defeat ISIS? The media continues to talk about targets being hit, but after 18-24 months and a progress that is in the negative territory, why aren’t we asking more questions? Why aren’t we concerned more? How is it that Cameron can simply placate his people and say such drivel as; be brave, pretend there is no threat?

While I haven’t figured out what the true agenda is, you can be sure there is one. And while myths and conspiracies all have some grounding in fact, it is embellished fact and peeling away the disinformation requires more than perfunctory analysis.

And while ‘a report’ from Germany concluded that one refugee was recently abducted by police after discovering that, gasp, he was actually a terrorist, we can all rest assured that the slate is not clean – there are ‘more than one’. This one does not obliterate the threat even marginally.

So the question remains – why?

Why don’t the governments of the US and the EU care? Why do they sit back and do the barest of minimum to bomb buildings and vacant land that may or could have once housed ISIS while they grow and proliferate? Because, you have to understand they stand united in their cause to do – nothing.

Total number killed by ISIS – estimated at 170,000 or – more

Total number killed by al Qaeda – estimated at 150,000 or more

Total number killed by al Shabaab – no one is keeping a tally

Total number killed by al Nusra – no tally is being kept

Total dead – over 1/3 million and counting… but they aren’t the real threat…. right? Business as usual.

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