What is; The Purpose of the UN, NATO, WHO, Federal Reserve?

**What is the Purpose of the United Nations?

The UN was created after WWII’ to replace the ineffective League of Nations.   It was based on the Four Major allies of the globe; Soviet Union, US, China and UK under New Deal aspirations magistrate – FDR. The UN Charter which was signed by 50 countries was officially penned in 1945 with the addition of France as a Major Allied Nation.   Not Germany. Why? Because Germany was the evil axis that had initiated both WWI & WWII.

It was the UN that partitioned Palestine to create Israel. It was the UN that partitioned the Soviet Union.   Effectively redistributing entire land mass countries according to their design.  Including Ukraine.

As their ‘peacekeeping missions’ continually fell short and had little to no effect, they redesigned themselves. They had lost luster and their purpose diminished continually.   By the 1970s, the UN budget for social and economic development was far greater than its peacekeeping budget.

They waned.  Albeit temporarily.

President Reagan actually withdrew monetary support of the UN in 1984.   By 1988 as Bush took the presidency from Reagan for a reign in January 1989 – UN monetary support reversed.   Suddenly, the powers exponentiated!   The UN became embroiled in conflicts from Salvadoran War, Khmer Rouge, US led Iraq invasion of Kuwait, and apartheid in South Africa.

Between the Bush and Clinton era’s, the UN became the Global Government.

**What is the Purpose of NATO?

NATO was established in 1949 after WWII to protect France and the UK against an attack by Germany or the Soviet Union.   Given the Soviet Union no longer exists, technically that would mean NATO’s purpose is to protect European countries from – Germany. It’s purpose was specifically delineated to be defensive – to deescalate situations in the promotion of peace.  Key Word – DeEscalate.

Oddly, their missions have been offensive in:   Ukraine, Turkey, Iraq, Somalia, Libya, Afghanistan, Syria, Kosovo, Bosnia, Yugoslavia, and Kuwait.   ALL in the guise of the Partnership For Peace.

Today, NATO has unilaterally redefined themselves as:   “partners through military-to-military cooperation on training, exercises, disaster planning and response, science and environmental issues, professionalization, policy planning, and relations with civilian government.”

Civilian Government?   Who could that be?

**What is the Purpose of WHO?

World Health Organization was launched in 1948 as a ‘subsidiary of sorts’ of the UN at the behest of – China.  Its Logo was the symbol for ‘Healing’.   At the time, the diseases rampant included: malaria, TB, and STD’s.   But maternal and child health in terms of ‘nutrition and hygiene’ were also control vectors.

In 2020, WHO announced there were 600 million new STD’s with the US having the highest rate among developed countries at the rate of 124 among 100,000 people.   And despite all their eradication & healing efforts, 630,000 die each year – among 241 million annual cases.

While WHO considers these numbers a great accomplishment, it should be noted there were no aggregate global disease numbers in 1950, 1960, 1990…   or even 2020 for comparison.   WHY?   Because no one reports these diseases in Africa or India!   And thus, WHO creates back-estimates, present guesstimates, and future crystal ball numero’s in order to create a fabricated statistical chart.

Anybody who ever studied statistics in the foregone age of real learning institutions, they were the bastion. If nothing else you had – statistics. Truth. Real.   No more!   (In my mother’s world, etiquette according to the authority of Ann Landers was your ‘statistic’ go to in the event of well, anything…).

Statistics have gone the way of polls and surveys, and critical race theory.  And WHO has failed to eradicate diseases from 70+ years ago and HEAL.   

*What is the Purpose of The Federal Reserve?

In 1913 when the Fed was founded, its principal function was to make sure the U.S. banking system could endure bank runs created by unforeseen financial shocks.

The means of achieving this was determined to be the task of making loans to its member banks when the banks needed more liquidity. These loans were to be paid in Federal Reserve Notes, a new banknote that the Fed was given the legal authority to issue.

Economist, Milton Friedman, declared that it was the Federal Reserve that created the 1929 Great Depression! Years later in 2002, Ben Bernanke as Chairman of the Federal Reserve stated that Friedman was correct and apologized for causing the Great Depression.

Their usefulness is obviously – greatly exaggerated.

The Federal Funds Rate did not exist until 1954 – post WWII.   A chart delineating annual inflation since 1929 and Federal Funds Rates since 1954 reveals the correlation is nonexistent.   Their Monetary Policy – does NOT exist.   And thus – the entire concept of Monetary Policy – is an Illusion.

These cornerstones of our current, present economy have not achieved their purpose since their inception – 109 years ago to 70 years ago – and yet they continually empower themselves unilaterally – without citizen votes or input.

The point?   NONE of these organizations have usefulness.   On the contrary, they have revealed incompetency, fraud, corruption, and a narcissistic proclivity as pathological liars.   Still, they believe they are the coming Global Power that will rule via their Sustainable Development Plan – The Fourth Industrial Revolution, The Great RESET.

This is why Democrats and neo-conservative Republicans are fleeing Congress – they have been told there will be no more – elections. The Committee Government has risen.

4 thoughts on “What is; The Purpose of the UN, NATO, WHO, Federal Reserve?

  1. ” This is why Democrats and neo-conservative Republicans are fleeing Congress – they have been told there will be no more – elections. The Committee Government has risen.”
    An interesting observation as I look out to the upcoming 2022 mid-term elections and certainly 2024 presidential election.
    Please consider a future article building in more depth on the USA becoming another EU: The European Parliament has no power and the unelected EU Commission makes the decisions (the citizens vote means nothing).

    Back in the USA, Nov.3, 2020 smacks of Stalin’s remark, ‘ who counts the vote ‘, in building to the rise of a ‘ Committee Government ‘ alphabet soup and no more elections. With a Klaus Schwab EU – USA design there will be no middleman needed. Nothing to count. Committee Government.

    A politician to voluntarily leave off, not run again, always raises an eye. Why so many now? I welcome any additional build out on what these politicians have been told.
    Thank you.

  2. I would like very much a second political party, a new party, to test your theory that the FRS is useless. Let the new party organize a movement to abolish state control over the issuance of money and price fixing (i.e. setting exchange rates and interest rates). If that party were successful, government would lose any and all power to coin money and to regulate the value thereof. Let the new party promise also that government will lose power even to declare what can be used as money. Then observe how the demons of capital and finance react to the effort to deprive them the use of a favorite statist racket. I would expect those demons to howl in pain, and when they do, they will be thinking also about possible replacements—new global central banking schemes—which “racists”, “anti-Semites”, “homophobes”, “transphobes”, and “Nazis”, and threatening to prevent.

    It’s by the way that you will find the name “United Nations” on the “ACT OF MILITARY SURRENDER” which the victors imposed upon foolish Germany at Rheims. Sec. 4 of that document reads as follows:

    4. This act of military surrender is without prejudice to, and will be superseded by any general instrument of surrender imposed by, or on behalf of the United Nations and applicable to GERMANY and the German armed forces as a whole.

    That was signed on 7 May, 1945, and within a year of that, following the surrender of Japan, the United Nations commenced a great pincers movement in Asia against Korea, Viet Nam, and China to destory peoples and cultures which stood in the way of “the United Nations (a truly United Nations)”. David Ben-Gurion, a co-founder of Israel and its first PM, predicted that this super duper UN “will build a Shrine of the Prophets to serve the federated union of all continents”. He added that “this will be the seat of the Supreme Court of Mankind, to settle all controversies among the federated continents, as prophesied by Isaiah.” Ben-Gurion’s aspiration was expressed as a prediction and published in January 1962 in an edition of Look magazine while he was still PM.

    P.S. Check out these United Nations posters from the war: https://duckduckgo.com/?q=ww2+united+nations+posters&t=h_&ia=images&iax=images

  3. all four of these criminal organizations should have be abolished years ago when we had a chance to do it peacefully,now i’m afraid we are at the point of no return. i don’t see how we can possibly exist now unless we fight to get rid of them now. they’re overwhelming the world’s population with covid,wars,financial collapse,race wars,the list goes on,they are trying to break the will of the people,let’s pray that enough of us stay strong,if not,we are doomed.

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