PENTAGON Demands War in Ukraine

The Pentagon and Blinkblinkman continue to hype a Ukraine war despite the fact that Ukraine’s president, Zelensky, has denied it exists and has now claimed that the West is Meddling in Ukraine’s affairs.   European countries are standing down including: Germany, Norway, Croatia, and France.   While Finland and Sweden, non-NATO members, call for diplomacy.    If there are no countries willing to allow US troops on their soil – there is no War.

WHY do Lloyd Austin and General Milley demand a gateway to WWIII?

Discussing sanctions against the Kremlin for any attempt by Russia to push a pinky toe across the border has escalated beyond psychosis.   The US claims they are protecting Ukraine’s sovereignty, while breaching that same sovereignty in international law by stoking a foreign war.   Ukraine is not NATO and NATO and the US thus have NO Rights to infiltrate Ukraine.

Knowing this incursion would have no legal basis, enter:   R. P. Eddy, a self deigned expert on international security, bioterrorism, counter-terrorism, disease, and investment… via his own investment company – Four Rivers.

Eddy is now citing cybersecurity threats against the US by Russia as the impetus for a Russia invasion by the US.   BOOM.

An entrenched Clintonite, Eddy has a bachelor degree in neuroscience which apparently has earned him the reputation as:   “Eddy was named by Foreign Policy Magazine as one of America’s most authoritative terrorism and national security experts.”  If a bachelor of neuroscience is our foremost authoritative person on ‘anything’ much less terrorism and national security – then yes we are doomed!

This reminds me of Eliot Higgins, aka “Bellingcat”, who was a jobless admin assistant who suddenly became the authority on all things Syria for the CIA and MI5. He is of course, anti-Russia, anti-Syria, anti-conservative, and embraces the propaganda machinization installed by his Handlers.

Eddy’s bio states: “Eddy ran the White House Presidential Review process to study and respond to U.S. vulnerability to disease proliferation and bioterrorism and the creation of President Clinton’s new national policy to address these threats through improved domestic and international surveillance, prevention, and response measures”.

Oddly, what is omitted from his bio is any association with parents, siblings, wife, children, associates, date of birth, place of birth…etc..   In other words – he simply ‘appeared’ and there is no record of his existence.   Yet using his expertise in his psychology neuroscience degree somehow elevates him to an expert on international security and biological warfare.

The ONLY way the US can assault Russia is if the US has determined that Russia poses a national security threat – to the US.   Not Ukraine.  And voila we have Eddy to assert a US cyber security threat…

They simply altered the directive.

And Ukraine stands to be disintegrated by the West as a result.

In the meantime, China has made it clear that if Taiwan attempts independence, China will attack the US.

And that is likely the bigger war.

The US and certainly Europe, Australia and Canada are WHOLLY unprepared. And this was completely planned.   Germany, France and most of the EU have no viable military – their equipment is antiquated, their troops are untrained and sparse.   The US comparatively ‘was’ well equipped and trained – but that advantage was decimated by Lloyd Austin – the retired desk jockey who sold his country, his troops, and his countrymen.

Canada never even tried with pansy Trudeau literally in hiding as he realizes the decimation that will be his legacy as Canada is obliterated.   Australia’s Morrison would seem to parody that deign to eliminate his fellow citizens at the behest of The Cartel.

The US government has now rivaled itself as worse than Stalin, Mao and Hitler in their denouncement of LAW in favor of economic destruction and societal annihilation!

I can understand Zelensky being a bit confused by the realization that death, annihilation, chaos, and destruction are actually the GOALS.  But he would appear to have awoken from the dream and realizes the true goal;  death at any cost to gain access to the Russian Border

It remains to be seen if any other country decides that preservation is much more gainful.   I am NOT holding my breath –    

2 thoughts on “PENTAGON Demands War in Ukraine

  1. And just what will yet another war prove? Solve? Satisfy? Resolve? Advance? We have been trying this nonsense for over 10,000 years and still man is acting so retarded and infantile.

  2. well i hope that all the assholes that voted for brandon and the whore are happy now,let them cheer in the streets while their kids go to get killed in a war nobody wants but the select few who want us all dead anyway!we will own nothing and be happy,let the German goose stepper who says that go fight his own wars,or the goofy looking austin or milley squeeze back in fatigues and lock and load,austin looks like he has the brain of a 6 year old,i wonder how much ass he kissed to get where he’s at,it certainly wasn’t from his field tactics!they better start worrying about the war they’re starting right here in the states,you can only poke the snake so much before he strikes,that goes for people too.

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