Fauci’s Experimental Death Labs – Human and Animal

100 Macaques – 3 escape – 3 euthanized – no explanation.   While the CDC gave the media the statement, the Macaques were destined to one of two possible labs that routinely use them for research: LabCorp or Charles River Labs.   While the narrative is that they came from Mauritius, there is another possible source – a South Caroline Island owned by NAIAD.  A Primate Death Camp.

The White Coat Waste Project which provided the evidence and photos of the hideous Fauci Beaglegate Project have unveiled another Fauci terrorism:   They claim that roughly 600 macaques are shipped from Morgan Island, South Carolina each year and sent to laboratories for painful experimentation.   Documents detail that as of June 2019, over 3044 monkeys were on the island, the vast majority – 77%, females.   They are bred on the island and then shipped to the labs without constraint or humanity.

All paid for by US Taxpayers. A breeding colony.

Charles River Labs manages and operates the island on behalf of NAIAD.   The monkeys are the property of NAIAD.   And funding is allocated to Charles River Labs estimated to be $13.5 million of a $27.5 million contract.

An NIH study conducted in 2018 on Macaques details them being infected with Congo Hemorrhagic Fever.   Tick born, it does not affect wild animals but can be deadly to humans.   While the disease may be present in a wild animal or domesticated horse, sheep or pigs, simple human contact from an infected animal can transmit the disease.  AKA, the woman who helped rescue the overturned truck’s Macaques in Philadelphia.

In this study 12 macaques were infected and studied as the disease developed.   Bleeding from the eyes, mouth and under the skin is symptomatic as is liver damage, fever, and petechiae, among other painful affects.   Outbreaks have been anywhere from 4 people to 100 people per year – globally.   There are over 31 mutations of the disease.   The western hemisphere is not affected.  And somehow this warrants the torture and death of thousands upon thousands of primates.

Over 70,000 macaques are killed every year in the US in laboratories.

Technically, primates may only be used for research if there is no other available means for experimentations.  Obviously, this is continually corrupted.  The ‘veterinary care’ per the NIH study was provided by Atsuchi Okumura, a veterinarian for the government of Japan in their department of defense who later became a fellow at Johns Hopkins. The same Johns Hopkins that tabulates via analytic algorithms all CoVid date globally… The veterinary ‘care’ is defined as providing food and water while housed in cages.  And ultimately euthanizing the primates that haven’t already died.

Okumura produced numerous studies regarding CoVid using Macaque and African Green Monkeys as experimental subjects.   The end result was ALWAYS – euthanasia. He also has filed a number of patents thru assignee’s Nintendo, Johns Hopkins, Hitachi, and Sony.

The true reason behind the use of primates and beagles and other unknown animals is determined to be because human trials are more and more difficult given the risk issue.   Which is why Gates ultimately moved his human subject trials to African and Indian villages.   If a macaque dies – no one sues.   If 70,000 macaques die – no one cares.

While Beaglegate took place in Tunisia, NIH bought the beagles in the US from a puppy mill in Virginia for $1.2 million using taxpayer funding. The reason stated for using Beagles is because they are small, docile, friendly and loyal…

The vile inhumane experiments being conducted unhampered under the NIH regime of Fauci are only beginning to be unveiled.   It is likely that this is just a infinitesimal grain of sand on a beach of revelations during his 40 years instituting pseudo Nazi inhumanity.

The psyche of such a person can only be described as Satanic.   There is absolutely NO evidence that ANY of his induced disease, pain, and death of humans and animals resulted in any positive outcome.   No cures.   No prevention.   Giving rise to the only concrete conclusion that Fauci did it because he enjoyed the resultant infliction.   It would not seem coincidental that his wife, Christine, is head of the NIH Department of Bioethics.   Her degree is in ‘philosophy’.

According to Christine Grady’s bio her main areas of concern are:   informed consent, ethics, and vulnerability.   Obviously incompatible with Fauci’s actionable offenses.

“Hear no evil, see no evil”.

We cannot undo the death, torture, maiming and abuse inflicted by Fauci and NIH in their untenable inflictions, but we can stop the future of evil in perpetuity.  In psychiatric circles, this behavior would be considered ‘evil’.

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  1. Never mind that after WW2, many of the German scientists who spent a few years in prison and then were released were hired by pharmaceutical companies and this is where we are. We are living in a hellish drug-controlled nightmare where survival depends upon avoiding drugs, vaccines, and other pharma/government poisons. It is getting more difficult every day and I fell great trepidation for the younger generations and what they will face from these tyrannical idiots.

  2. Helena-

    We have a marsh house on Coosaw Island that is < 2 mi. from Morgan. We're not "boaters", but our neighbors will take their jet ski over there every now and then. The monkeys will swim out to meet them, and they reward them with fruit.

    Rep. Nancy Mace and Gov. McMaster are trying to stop this horrid practice, but I have no idea of their progress. Our local rag is pre-occupied with COVID. But it does cover the whole Murdaugh fiasco rather well. BTW, his embezzlement and theft from escrow accounts at his law firm is up to $20MM. His bail is $7MM.

    • it is basic psychology that when a person abuses animals they abuse humans – and Fauci is such a creature. FYI – my boys used to go to Bald Head Island – NC

    • Went to a friend’s wedding to Margaret Storrs (her father Tom was CEO at BoA at that time) at BHI – $$$$$ place. Starting back in the early 90s I did all the underground tank removals for the Powell family that started LabCorp.

  3. Helena,thank you,your voice is a thousand time louder than ours! i’m glad to see you bringing this stuff out,more people need to hear about what this little psychopath has been up to! when all this is over,i want a front row seat to this little runts hanging,i’ll gladly pull the pin on the gallows,and there’s a lot more than just fauci,that’s the really sad part about it.look up what the little runt was doing to the foster kids in new york,there’s a grave yard on long island full of small,plain caskets from all the kids he used for experiments who had no family,he was tied in with child services of new york,they would screen the kids for relatives and if they didn’t have any,they got sent to his death house,who was the last bastard to experiment on children,good old mengele,same type of person,a phyco!!

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