Elon Musk – The Awakening Of A PowerHouse

Off the Fence, Elon Musk is on a roll!   Having attempted to be neutral and listening to all sides, it would seem he has fully awakened!   And we are joyous at this revelation!   A potentially very powerful man who has used his time to try and advance technological fields relevant to our future, Musk has apparently disrupted the Cabalist ‘balance’.   We need 1000 Musk’s.

The height of the recent feud would seem to come on the heels of Biden touring GM and Ford factories while promoting their product line. Essentially becoming an ‘ad’. while ignoring Tesla. Why? It is simply a political response and in this Biden becomes even less relevant to reality. Ignoring Tesla and its massive frontiering in the realm of electric vehicles is akin to requiring the next Supreme Court Justice to be black and female.

It ignores the quality – and supports racism.  

Personally, I would never buy a fully electric vehicle given our grid is less than prepared and more likely to fizzle at any given point.   But still, I admire a man, a person, who forges new ideas and innovations unperturbed.   They are the backbone of America!

While attempting to stand outside the fence of politics, Musk has forged an interesting path into future technology and innovation, including his brain implant for those who can’t walk, to his space travels beyond NASA, to his AI.   He is a forage of innovation!

While I was not so endowed, I can appreciate the internal realization process of ‘wokeness’.   Although in my generation we called these ‘awakenings’.   To realize the actuality behind the illusions presented.

I think he will do well.   I am very encouraged.

By contrast, while Zuckerberg was being scorched by the Cabalist Regime and threatened with takeover, his response was to hype their dictum.   Dorsey, was equally lame in caving only to find himself ‘outed’.   Bezos, even Gates lost control of their own companies to the hype of the Cabal.

Obviously, they wanted Musk – given his vast wealth.   And he has not caved.   Reminiscent of Braveheart and the cry for FREEDOM!

Top three of my favorite movies.

While Tesla shares were a top portfolio holding for all the largest Hedge Funds – as well as Pelosi – it will be interesting to see how this parlays.   Because we all know that the manipulation of our markets is old news – and anyone who bucks is soon hobbled.

While Musk has claimed that his AI robotics will far surpass Tesla in market futures, the cabalists are really not interested in our future so much as our demise.   They support the ugly, the demons, the failure, and the chaos that provides them control.

Musk is fresh!   I only can hope that he remains so.  I very much enjoy his perspective.

As a mother, I commend his mother.   She obviously gave him some principled advice.   We stray, we wander, the Prodigal Sons of life, and we come back.   This judgment down to detail of some perceived infraction 20-30 years ago has lost its luster – that EverReady Battery died.

While the Religious Zealots of the world may not ‘approve’ of Musk given he hasn’t led the perfectionist lifestyle they presuppose is the most important requisite to a leader, as in the John Pipers who couldn’t get past Trump’s marriages, their denunciation has become a largess bane of the demise of America!

I would suggest our current situation is a DIRECT response to this PreEclampsia of religious arrogance.

We are NOT electing a leader for our country based on his religiosity.   That is about as absurd as Biden picking a Supreme Court replacement based on color and gender.

While I am sure, Musk would NOT pass the John Piper test, I am not sure John Piper would pass the Piper Test either.   And perhaps the religious arrogant need to resolve the idea that a leader MUST be equivalent to Jesus Christ.

Because as such – the John Piper ‘extremists’ effectively ushered in Marxism and the crushing demise of America in their arrogance of the perfect human being… SHAME.   

8 thoughts on “Elon Musk – The Awakening Of A PowerHouse

  1. Hi

    “We need 1000 Musk’s.”

    IDK Miss Helena…. That would mean 42,000,000 satellites instead of 42,000 which is bad enough in itself! Cluttering up our sky for a 3rd rate internet service seems a little…. you know,,, out there! But Musk Inc is the exception to the rule.

    Then there’s the EV that many think is the future,,, until they find out a few facts. Sort of like VAERS and the safe and effective kill shot. Musk makes money, not from selling his car but from other car manufactures forced to pay him ECO $$$ for the privilege of building their IC (Internal Combustion) cars which is why they are expensive but still not nearly as expensive as the EV car of the future.

    In winter EV’s are about useless because batteries don’t like cold. Remember it’s all electric,,, including the heater. And since the battery needs to be warm a heater is always on when cold outside slowly draining what little range you have.

    Since all batteries have only so many recharges they must be replaced,,, usually around 10 years and the Tesla battery runs in the neighborhood of 15-20,000 buckeroos. Not a bell ringer for resale or trade in.

    Then you get to pay extra for range and a host of other goodies. Remember, just like an app on your precious cannot do without iphone there is an EULA that basically says you own the device but they own the operating system. Same for Tesla and others.

    Waiting in line for a fast charge station means a hour to ??? hours to get a 80% charge which means 80% range. There are approx 300 million cars in the US. Now does anyone really think the grid is up to it? I would not suggest parking it in your garage unless you have especially good fire insurance. Especially in Commiefornia where they already have brown/black outs. Nope,,, the whole idea is to prevent John and Mary Q Citizen from having any car because they could not afford one. The wealthy Miss Helena might be the exception. 🙂

    Of course our fine constitutional government and military are exempt. They still get their 20,000 pound IC Limo with bullet proof glass and heavily armor plating and the military keeps their IC rocket launchers and tanks. Yes, it’s all about preventing the patriotic and free US citizens trapped at home plate.

    I will say that Musk is a very smart cookie and has many credentials but he uses government and scams to make his fortune from taxpayers which I guess is okay if you can get away with it. Most businesses today do the same. Especially hospitals and ‘doctors’ that have replaced the old school showers and ovens,

    The EV,,, like Global Warming and like the fake virus are scams but it appears Americans, (hell the world), just love scams.


    • technology is not going away unless every brain is zapped. The difference with Musk is that he has a heart and wants to do good things with his talent and money – devising implants for disabled people whereas the Bezos mentality is all about his own preservation – his focus is finding an elixor so he can never die – just him mind you – maybe a girl or two. Or mindless braindead Gates who has no plan at all other than depopulation… then what Gates? Idunno… ugly man.

  2. the thing that bothers me with musk’s (brain) experiments is there will be some force or group or government who will use that technology for the wrong reasons and then we’ll have a entirely new and worst problems to deal with than what we have now. it’s always happened,look what happened with the idea of splitting the atom,we were told it would be a source of cheap energy,you see where that got us,an arms race that still threatens to destroy the world,can you imagine what these globalist would do with a weapon that could control everyone’s mind! and yea,they probably have something close to it now,so called vaccine shots comes to mind. Musk isn’t going to be around forever,who runs his company after he’s gone? will they think and act like he does,the answer is probably no,and the question will be,what will they do,who will their masters be.

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