According to Earthquake Track there have been 4502 earthquakes in the past year in the Northern Atlantic Ocean registering between 1.5 magnitude and 6.7 magnitude.

Yesterday the Alaskan Peninsula was rocked by an 8.2 earthquake at a depth of 29 miles triggering a tsunami warning. Over the past 30 days, the Southern Pacific had 855 earthquakes measuring between a magnitude of 2 and 6.3.  In fact there are now over 20,000 earthquakes across the globe every year measuring greater than 2!  

The inner core of the earth is iron.   This core grows continually, albeit slowly, however, the eastern side near Indonesia is the source of disproportionate growth. Iron particles from the eastern inner core are pushed north and south evening the distribution.   But that evening of distribution takes time, and reveals that the outer core under the Banda Sea is removing heat at a faster rate, which would indicate a quicker cooling effect on one side of the planet.

That cooling effect would trigger flooding.

Given we have little historical data to compare to present day, it remains unknown whether this uneven distribution of iron core is normal, or even whether the size of the three cores is growing or contracting. While reverse polarity has been identified historically, the solid iron inner core turns once every 120 years or so.   This reversal of polarity is referred to as the ‘chaos theory’.

Earth’s magnetic field begins in this iron core extending through the second layer of liquid iron core, which acts as a conductor, and then through the rocky mantle before extending through earth’s surface and into space where it interacts with the sun’s solar wind.   Earthquakes under the ocean are a result of movement in the inner and outer core.   These constants continually alter our magnetic field.

And those alterations are responsible for “Climate Change”!

Disruptions in our magnetic field alter our climate. But the source is not solar winds, as our climate guru’s would have us believe, the source is our core.

These cycles have been relatively naturally occurring since the formation of earth.   This would be evident in climate models that have been ‘scientifically theorized’ dating back hundreds of thousands of years.   As such, they would likely answer what happened to dinosaurs and various civilizations that have disappeared.

The $24 question would beare the iron core and liquid core threatening to take earth into another ice age or heat simulation that could substantially alter our environment once again? Obviously such an alteration would severely impact society and possibly be the impetus for Bill Gates population reduction agenda – The Survivors.

In such an instance, instead of following the money, it would be wise to follow the water. As in drinking water and water for agriculture.

Science speculates that as reverse polarity increases earth will experience; massive earthquakes, super volcanoes, oceanic flooding, and the global destruction of the electric power grid.   Ultimately, the result would be a new Ice Age.   It is thought that the molten iron core is the trigger that creates this polar shift.   A weakened magnetic field at the core would result in a weakened mantle above earth protecting us from intense solar radiation.

Massive flooding would be the first event causing shifts in tectonic plates.   Shifts of these plates would trigger volcanic eruptions and wipe out the electric grid completely.

The 10 largest volcanoes include:
1.   Ojos del Salado – Chile

  1. Nevado Coropuna – Peru
  2. Chimborazo – Ecuador
  3. El Misti – Peru
  4. Guagua Pichincha Volcano – Ecuador
  5. Klyuchevskaya Sopka – Russia
  6. Mount Shasta – California
  7. Volcan Tajumulco – Guatemala
  8. Cerro Azule – Chile
  9. Haleakala – Hawaii

Over the last 10,000 years, the land area of Europe has shrunk considerably as the oceans have been rising steadily.   Major earthquakes have also steadily increased in number and magnitude.  ALL of which point to the coming ICE AGE.

Given this data comes from NASA, National Earthquake Center, USGS, and various science articles, it is curious that we are being fed an illusion that human activity has any impact whatsoever.   Perhaps it is being used as a distraction.   Perhaps mankind would devolve into chaos if the truth were known.

While magnetic north has been moving for some time, scientists note that as it gets closer to the equator, the speed will increase dramatically and rapidly.   While a complete shift could take less than 100 years, the disruptions will begin to be evident well beforehand. And spending our precious time creating electric cars has the logical sense of an amoeba becoming a human.

Footnote:   It is notable to mention that for the past 30+ years, many of the military and NASA sightings of UFO’s detail they’re diving into or out of the Atlantic Ocean…some as large as 1.5 kilometers.   Speculation as to the reason could span from their monitoring the inner iron core shift on our behalf to causing it.


  1. I love your articles, but all this speculation about earth’s inner cores, or any cores for that matter is complete nonsense. Well, maybe not complete nonsense, but more of a philosophical belief, not based on factual evidence. One verified fact is we’ve never drilled more that 8 miles into the earths surface, so how would anyone know?

    And then you mention UFO’s and NASA?? Unfortunately I hate to say, but this entire article is complete science fiction, other than than, yes, we’re actually going into a cooling phase..

    • Keith – speculation about the earth’s core is 30-60+ years of scientific analysis – as I stated via NASA and USGS among MULTIPLE other ‘reputable’ science organizations. This is NOT my opinion or conjecture. If you disagree then you are more than welcome to provide conflicting scientific evidence… and debate. However to simply toss what is said as false – is unworthy of anything, much less research and scientific endeavor. I would suggest you bring up factual data with organizations supporting your conflicting ‘opinion’. I bring up UFO’s as a footnote – a coincidence – wherein coincidences are not plausible – . To intrigue, thought, speculation, opinion, and alternate theory. You have provided NONE of these – and simply claim ‘science fiction’ – which begs the question… what is your alternate hypothesis? With scientific data? I would be more than happy to evaluate and debate…

    • I agree, her hearts in the right place but her sources are way way off. For one there’s the exoskeleton under us we are just learning about and it’s tentacles appear to be able to cause immense damage, see Large low sheer velocity province’s or LLSVPs. Second, it’s massive changes to our solar system at the same time which alludes to the changes being external to our earth. 3rd the Novas which have been detected between our solar system and our galactic core seem to show something is coming our way (galactic current sheet?). Whichever it is, I came to the conclusion as soon as covid became the number one world wide media propaganda talking point that the elites enacted there eugenics plan in order to not have to deal with billions of corpses after our solar Nova/pole flip/ice age. And an instant ice age like prior ones can only happen via Boyles Law. A massive compression of our atmosphere would have to take place (nova event) the result of which a huge chuck of our atmosphere would have to be burnt off followed by Boyles law instantly cryofreezing as it filled in the atmosphere.

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