HISTORY of Black Racism and Slavery

The World at large would have us believe that ‘racism’ is born and bred among white men – particularly in the United States and to a lesser extent Europe.   But racism has a deeply ancient character that is likely much more colorful than it is white.

In its purest form racism was simply culture division.   It is widely practiced in Muslim countries today wherein any ‘foreigner’ is paid a low wage to perform tedious labor. Historically, this was common amongst Greeks, Egyptians, Africans, Phoenicians, Romans, Asians, Indians, etc…   In times of antiquity it was called tribalism and referred to anyone who was outside of the tribe representative of a particular city or state as inferior.

In Fact it is believed that slavery was actually created by Blacks as a source of free labor dating to the Akkadian King, Sargon The Great, in 2300 BC.

All foreigners were considered enemies as they did not abide by the cultural and legal norms of the ‘existing tribe’.   Slavery was a custom.   And Africa in particular enjoyed that custom for centuries as a means of expanding wealth among black African traders.

Contrary to popular myth, American settlers didn’t capture slaves, they were bought from Black African slave traders who sold people for money and had no prejudice who might be the buyer.   Sometimes those black African slave traders were selling white people captured from small villages or ships.   It was a common economic practice that had been in existence for centuries and blacks were quite demonstrative in this engagement.

Slaves within Africa were an economic status symbol and boys were frequently given as slave gifts – creating a ‘you owe me one’ mentality among the wealthy elite blacks.   Slaves were used for a variety of purposes; as chattel, as debt payment, as military conscripts, and as human sacrifices among various tribes throughout what are now Nigeria, Ghana, Benin, Ivory Coast, etc…

Over 1.25 million Europeans were captured by African pirates and sold as slaves to North Africa and the Ottoman Empire.   Iberian Jews known as Radhanites captured people from pagan and Christian cites across Europe and sold them to Muslim countries.   White Circassions of Russian heritage were sold to Muslim countries.   Ottomans originated the conscript of Christian galley slavery. Somali was notorious for capturing and enslaving ethnic black Bantu people. Ethiopia enslaved women – and only abolished it in the mid 20th century at the insistence of the United States.   Ugandan royalty historically rewarded bravery by the proffering of a slave as a gift.

It is believed Muslims trafficked upwards of 17-20 million slaves between 1500 and 1900.  Today there are upwards of 9-10 million slaves in Africa – the highest concentration of any country in the world!

Treatment of slaves within Africa and the Middle East was brutal.   Accounts are similar to the concentration camps of the Nazi’s whereby those who were no longer physically viable were simply shot, hung, or stabbed to death.   The number of Africans enslaved by Africans increased dramatically in the 1800’s as did the brutality toward them.

When America first employed slaves the demand created a quite lucrative business for West African Empires which became wealthy from the resulting trade. Today, Africa counts as the holding the world’s highest number of slaves estimated at just under 10 million.   Oddly, Democrats and African Americans seem to have absolutely no qualm with this statistic and instead focus on an imagined racist mantra in the United States.

Slaves were not always captured, selling one’s kin was also considered a common form of trade – all of which occurred well before America was discovered.

Yet, a simple Google search regarding slavery and racism reveals pages dedicated to American slavery – and completely ignores facts and truths behind its origination.

The largest conscripters today include: Mauritania, Sudan, Eritrea, Libya, Egypt and South Africa.   The main purpose is the trafficking of women and children primarily as sex slaves.

Does the US have a racist problem?

There are certainly ‘pockets’ of racism in the US – as there are in ALL countries across the globe including Africa where tribal racism and racism against whites continues unabated today.   White farmers in Africa have been brutally murdered for decades.   Many have had their land and agricultural property confiscated.   Unfortunately, these instances bring little sympathy, and even less recognition beyond a yawn as they are portrayed as justifiable for historical colonization. The instances became so radical that Russian President Putin offered free land to those affected with the single mandate that the land be used for agricultural purposes.

Was this racism?   Was it tribalism?   Was it a form of genocide?   Did the white people revolt and destroy villages and towns unabated?

The violence being perpetrated in the US under the guise of Black subjected to racism is so completely manifested as a ruse to incite disorder and chaos that it fans the flames of perverse hatred.

The Democrats not only understand this divisive division, they created it – not to preserve black integrity, but to destroy it.   If we are to destroy those historically connected to slavery in the US, there are numerous celebrities today who are descendants of slave owners including: Anderson Cooper, Ben Affleck, George Bush, Larry David, Richard Dawkins, John McCain, Jimmy Carter, FDR, Oprah Winfrey, Chris Rock, Morgan Freeman, Spike Lee, Blair Underwood, Don Cheadle, Joe Biden, – and the piece-de-resistance: Barack Obama AND Michelle Obama both had ancestors who were slave OWNERS!

Perhaps BLM should consider the demolition of the Obama Library as well as monetary reparations in their quest for denunciation all things racist…

But of course, the Obama’s get a pass, because “White Supremacy” is the causal factor even though Black Supremacy created racial and tribal divide centuries before America or Europe even existed.

8 thoughts on “HISTORY of Black Racism and Slavery

  1. If someone is looking for sources, start with a good world history textbook.

    If one would like a good alternative to the mainstream media narrative on race relations, read Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams.

    It is good to have an international perspective like Helena has. Thomas Sowell’s Wealth, Poverty, and Politics: An International Perspective.

    I’m not providing the sources to the article here because I don’t have them, but I’m providing material that can help one to derive at a similar perspective….an international perspective…which is clearly demonstrated in this blog post.

    I found after studying comparative history and comparative political ideologies — I noticed public school and higher ed history focused almost entirely on the theme of victimization — a Marxist/Socialist tendency. It is an insult to humanity to view history primarily through this lens. This is what higher ed and mainstream media have done to Black America as well. They prefer to teach Black kids that they are victims. Instead, Black kids could be taught the heroic effort their forefathers made to rebuild their families upon the conclusion of the Civil War, and throughout Jim Crow. Such that, by the 1950’s, 8 out of 10 black households were headed by a mother and father, compared to 9 out of 10 white households headed by a mother and father. Also, in the 1950’s, black and white unemployment were about the same. Who would ever know this? And it begs the question. What is the real institutional racism that destroyed the black family so much so that 7 out of 10 black kids grow up without a father? And what does that have to do with me and my kids who happen to be white – born long after integrated public schools.

  2. This is a truly bewildering article. I’d echo and ask for sources, but I doubt you have acceptable sources, and it wouldn’t actually make much of a difference.

    So you gave us a weird history lesson that slavery has existed in other cultures and other times. We all knew this. What exactly does that have to do with White Supremacy in America and the fact that slavery existed in America? Shouldn’t we hold ourselves up to a higher standard than just claiming that because something existed in the past that it was acceptable for Americans to follow suit? Who cares that you can trace current, prominent Black people to slave owner ancestors? Slave owners did whatever they wanted including rape.

    What’s next? Are you going to tell us that segregation existed in South Africa and that because of this it wasn’t a uniquely American problem and that we should all feel OK?

    Why don’t you explain why you wrote this article and what steps we should take to mollify the damage slavery has done?

    • -why is it bewildering?
      -why do you want sources?
      -who are you?
      History Lesson. Who is everyone? I would suggest you ask people on the street about the history of slavery. White supremacy is a myth – created to demoralize and demean. Period. Slavery was abolished in the US. At what point in history would you suggest that reparations for everything heinous would be appropriate? Should we go back hundreds of years and ignore thousands of years? Who should pay for reparations? Who pays for enslaving women and children? who pays for the enslaving of Whites? Should we sue Greeks, Egyptians, Muslims, Phoenicians?
      History is what it is – we can not alter it, but we can and have changed the present. You think destroying businesses and cities is the answer? How will reparations play out in the future for those people’s lives destroyed by violent protesters?
      You are thinking in a bubble of self pity. Get out of your bubble and fix what is wrong today – family units. Teach your children that slavery was never about ‘color’ – define yourself and your neighbors by goodness and grace instead. Slavery didn’t DO the damage to today! Teaching anger, bitterness, pissiness, vengeance, and destruction is the problem TODAY!
      Get your head out of the bubble! Wake Up! This temperament has done nothing but incite hatred. And your attitude is complicit.

  3. Come on Helena, you can do better than that brushoff response!

    Inquiring minds like facts and credible references or why should we return to your website.?

    I am drawn to this website as it appears to present an alternative well thought out and above average communicated point of view.

    Por favor keep up the hunt for the “truth” and provide links to your sources.

    • Actually, it was not a brush-off, it was truth – no one provides ‘links’ in blogs, articles, or commentaries. references are for college papers and professional journals and periodicals as you well know. I maintain ALL my links/references/sources for each article I write. But as you know if I provide all my research anyone can steal my work which negates my time and effort. Again, I know you are well aware of these precautions.

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