CHINA Trade – Bill Gates – The Economic War of Survival

Exodus from China.  

Who is onboard the Trump Train?   Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has announced that manufacturing will leave China in order to be more resilient in the future. Their largest trade partners are US, EU, Japan, Hong Kong and South Korea.   Three of the five largest partner countries have significant deficit trade with China, representing a net positive to China of roughly $650 billion. The two partners that have a surplus trade represent a deficit to China of about $100 billion as of 2017. As the global economy screeches to a fingernail on blackboard halt, China stands to fall the farthest. And this is making some very wealthy people – very angry.

Between 2007 and 2018, US direct investments in China rose by 414%. The largest market share companies in China are KFC, Microsoft, GM, Boeing, Nike, Coca Cola, P&G, Intel, Starbucks and Apple. Microsoft has the largest market share at 99.3% with zero competition. While sales are huge, profits are minimal given a laptop or PC can sell for as little as $100 new. The same computer in the US might run 4 to 9 times more.   While Microsoft recognizes that rampant piracy is part of the china game and equal sales in US vs China will result in a 95% less profit, the company merely raises the price in the US to offset the lower margin in China.

Essentially, US purchasers of Microsoft products are subsidizing China 95%.

The virus has not deterred Starbucks for slating aside $130 million to build a new plant in China as per an announcement this March.

While media personalities claim that GM leaving China would cost them $2 billion bottom line per year, their financial statements reveal an interesting anomaly:   1. 2015 thru 2019, GM revenue halved.   Income taxes paid to ‘foreign governments’ totaled $3.319 billion. During the same period income taxes paid domestically totaled $199 million.   Net Income for 2019 was $6.73 billion. So if these pundits are correct – GM would lose 30% of their net revenue. China’s tariff on auto’s is 25% – in order to absorb those tariffs, GM would charge more for the vehicle – in the US. The price paid for the same car in China vs the US is roughly 26.5% cheaper. Who picks up that tab?   US auto buyers.

So is GM really a benefit to the US?   Not much…

In 2019, GM’s top six executives were paid roughly $56 million. Eleven Board members earned between $374,000 and $215,000 to do – literally, next to nothing, they meet annually. This would account for an additional $3.3 million.

These largess companies were dripping in revenue to such an extent they didn’t need to manage their finances, they didn’t need to curb costs, they didn’t need to adjust Executive salaries to a more literal value worth.   They spent lavishly, because they could!

It is complicated.

If the Reset were to include a restructure of the top end to more relative numbers, I think there would be no objection by The People, no matter their political affiliation. But if that restructuring meant a conversion from freedom to peasantry under communist rule – then any sane person – would object.

And while few would argue that the world is over-populated, the means of reduction is the value point.   Bill Gates would argue – death to thee and thee, but not to me and mine.   Gates has 3 children – so he is NOT population zero much less population reduction.   Is he willing to sacrifice 2 of his children to his depopulation agenda? How would he choose?

As of 2019, to the best of our knowledge, Bill Gates owned 5 massive real estate properties – not including land owned thru his Foundation or Trust outside of the US.   He just purchased an additional $43 million property in Del Mar, and is purportedly purchasing a $660 million yacht.   Exactly how does that translate to a benefactor of philanthropy?

It doesn’t.   It translates to a man obsessed with ownership, who has little understanding of the poverty he claims to desire to vanquish.   In reality poverty during his philanthropy has grown significantly.   Malaria has grown and HIV?Aids deaths have grown.

The MASK, the illusion.   The Wizard of Oz behind the great red curtain of Communism.   And there we find Mr. Bill and Melinda Gates.

If one were to translate Bill Gates real estate into a true cause – he could likely support the continent of Africa.   But Gates motives are not eradication of poverty so much as eradication of those in poverty so as to reduce global population by his own parameters of who is qualified to die and who is worthy to live.

And while his ‘carbon footprint’ is likely equal to Australia, he advocates for the eradication of climate change – via you and yours, not me and mine.

Bill Gates created an illusion of who he is.   He can manipulate internet data, he can purge data, he can censor data and he can rewrite data.

In the very small world of Bill Gates, we must vaccinate every single live person on earth for everything – provided he will financially benefit. If he could vaccinate the universe, he would likely call for that as well.   The man is a megalomaniac – a person obsessed with the delusion of wealth, power and omnipotence!

And all his little subjects are led to believe they will ultimately be a part of his delusion – when in fact, they don’t realize in these eyes of psychosis– they are fundamentally ‘nonessential’.  They provide nothing of value – and will be the first to be disposed of in the gulags of Democratic Marxism.


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  1. Bill Gates and his wife are mad ,sick people..I would like to see inter views with parents of Bill Gates Foundation. Has any children been missing in his foundation?listen to the song by Queen..We are the champion.Thank you for all your emails.. Stay safe..i feel like I’m going to be killed for all the things I have been posting. I just feel that stay safe please

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