Trumps First 100 Days vs Obama

The media, and democrats in general, are having a hissy fit claiming that Trump hasn’t performed much in his first 100 days. Unfortunately, every time they seem to gnaw and complain, it bites them back ten times harder…

The Washington Post, picked up by the Denver Post, is claiming that Trump has basically accomplished – nothing in his 7 week tenure as US President. Really? And so, the claim begs a response.

Trump’s First 49 days:

  1. enacted a federal hiring freeze
  2. put a gag on federal funding for abortion
  3. tabled the TPP Agreement
  4. froze all federal regulations that were awaiting approval
  5. renewed construction on the North Dakota Pipeline
  6. in the process of dismantling and replacing Obamacare
  7. introduced temporary restrictions on immigration
  8. created a requirement that for every new fedral regulation – 2 must be repealed.
  9. restructured the National Security Council
  10. Mexico says it will take deported illegals
  11. began construction on the Wall
  12. improved relations with Israel
  13. DOW reached all time highs – ever
  14. ended federal funding for sanctuary cities
  15. incentivized corporations to remain in US and hire US employees
  16. repealed Obamacare and released new health care Bill for Congressional vote
  17. created billions of investment pledges by numerous corporations wanting to expand US operations
  18. arrested over 1500 perps charges with child trafficking
  19. reinstated coal mining – thus the return of jobs
  20. And Exposed The Fake Media for what it truly is –

Okay, let’s compare that to Obama’s first 100 days in 2009 (that would be 2x Trump’s days so far – for the mathematically challenged):

  1. First and foremost he languished in exuding charm and created a media obsessed with schmoozing over him like a prostitute. In fact, his persona was so important, Pew Research devoted an 8 page article to his ooze effect.
  2. he signed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, although some strange oddities concerning this Bill need to be noted:  A)  no one or group is taking credit for writing this Bill.  B) there is no data regarding how long it took to write – in government terms it could have been years in the making given it’s 427 pages of text, yet it was released just weeks after Obama took office…?

So, during Obama’s first 100 days, he basically schmoozed the press, and signed a bill that had a peculiar if not shadowy creationism.  Not exactly outstanding?   In fact, it is actually rather lame.

Still, the media is bent on claiming that Trump’s term is a veritable mess!  When it is the Media and the Democrat Party that is a mess, their illegalities exposed, their hypocrisy slashed, and their fakery uncovered.

When they make a ridiculous claim, it really doesn’t take much to show how hypocritical is the claim, and by default – they are. One would think they would learn, but that requires wisdom and critical thinking.

2 thoughts on “Trumps First 100 Days vs Obama

  1. OMG!! trump has done nothing except cause chaos and spew lies.. he did not start building the wall.. he did not repeal obamacare.. he has back peddled on every single promise (lie) he spewed..

    Here is the real list of Obama’s accomplishments. .with citations (meaning its not bullshit)

    I’m jumping the gun a little here, but I’d like to remind everyone that during his first month in office, Barack Obama:

    Signed the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act.
    Banned torture.
    Signed a $787 billion stimulus bill.
    Sent 17,000 additional troops to Afghanistan.
    Ended the month with a net job approval rating of +27 percent.
    Donald Trump still has a few days to go, but so far he has:

    Signed no legislation.
    Mostly signed executive orders that are either routine (pay freezes, a halt to new regulation, reversing the Mexico City rule) or little more than PR messages to his base (cracking down on drug cartels, financial regulatory reviews, rebuilding the military, etc.).
    Signed one executive order that was important, but rolled it out so incompetently that it caused massive chaos and was promptly overturned by the courts.
    Sat idly by at dinner while aides discussed a North Korean missile launch and then failed to respond in any way at all.
    Has presided over a White House so epically leak-prone and amateurish that people are already taking bets about which senior officials will get fired within the next few weeks.
    Ended the month with a net job approval rating of about -8 percent.

    • I did look at your citation site and it was impressive… unfortunately, your source does lack credibility:

      Second, while you espouse that Trump’s executive orders amount to garbage – Milt echoes Obama’s accomplishments during the first 100 days as mostly – executive orders. And as for ‘signing the bailout bill’ that was truly an impressive feat of hand to paper – given the bill was drafted and written during the Bush tenure. Thirdly, ‘commitments’ are not accomplishments during Obama’s tenure, they are ideologies, drafts, thoughts, opinions. Fourth, sending troops to a lost war in Afghanistan is most definitely not an ‘accomplishment’. As for the internal spying – it is odd that you would attribute that to Trump since it has already been proven that it ALL came from the Obama ‘leftovers’ and is being investigated for potential criminal conduct. And last – popularity is not an ‘accomplishment’. Maybe it was in junior high school, but being overly gurgling charming does not rate as much of anything in the real world except label you a good schmoozes.

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