Germany’s Axe Attack

The German police have declared that the axe wielding man at the Dusseldorf train station that critically whacked 9 people including an 83 year old man who is seriously injured, was not an act of terror. Instead they have concluded the man was mentally ill. Which is pretty benign given that in most people’s opinion ALL axe wielding murderers are mentally ill…

It is simply a coincidence that the man is Islamic, fled war in Kosovo and settled in a refugee camp in Wuppertal, Germany which hosts thousands of Islamic refugees, was involved in the New Year’s Eve incident in which hundreds of women claimed rape and sexual assault, and where the city boasts its very own  Sharia Police who routinely walk the streets to enforce Salafist laws, which Germany apparently allows because it is all fine and dandy…

Yeah, that mentally ill man.  

The same Germany which declared that three Palestinians in Wuppertal who committed arson by firebombing a Jewish synagogue and were given suspended sentences because the court determined they were merely exercising their freedom of speech by protesting Israel. According to German law the torching was not anti-Semitic, it was anti-Israel, and that is allowed even if destruction of property is involved… WHAT?

This isn’t ‘Fake News’, this is Censored Reporting and Crazy Anti-Justice!

Headline: “German politicians roundly denounce Sharia Police”. That may be, but they simultaneously ‘allow it’. No one is prosecuted because they fear it will create a riot and Muslims all over Germany will rise up at once to defend the one who was prosecuted.

So, the notion that this axe wielding Islamic man who is a refugee living in a city that allows Sharia Police to walk the streets enforcing their Salafi Code, did not commit an act of Terrorism, is Germany showing its finest shrew.

Wuppertal is the same city that saw Pegida protesters attacked by Salafis and ‘counter demonstrators’, requiring the deployment of over 1000 police in 2015. And as recently as this year, another demonstration which asserted that refugees and asylum seekers were taking jobs away from locals, was met by counter demonstrators, aka, Muslims advocating their rights.  More police.  No arrests.

Most of the recruits joining ISIS are Sunni Salafists. With a growing population of Salafi’s in Wuppertal and Germany as a whole, the extremists are considered very ‘concerning’, and yet Germany has proclaimed a censorship of anything anti-Muslim while bizarrely advocating anti-Israel.

The area around Dusseldorf where the mentally ill axe host committed his rampage, is host to Germany’s largest concentration of Yazidis, numbering about 60,000. In August 2014, a number of extremist Salafis stormed a Yazidi owned restaurant and using knives and bottles attempted to ‘convert’ the restaurateurs and owner. ISIS supporter Salafis are allowed to hold demonstrations throughout Germany and frequently target Jews, Americans, and Kurdish Yazidis in their death chants.

But the act of terrorizing this restaurant by pro-ISIS supporters is not considered terrorism in Germany. It is freedom of speech…and this little tat was just a brawl among ‘followers of different faiths’.   A few were ‘temporarily arrested’, which in German means – they were set free within hours and no report or record was required that would possibly besmirch the reputation of a Muslim.

And so, once again Germany gives us a schmirky government sponsored faked translation of a story that the world is supposed to digest like spew from a shrew.


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