Europes Green Party = Communism

Elections in The Netherlands are scheduled for this coming Wednesday, and tensions are strained to saturation as the potential for a far-right Geert Wilders win could upend the country much like Trump has for the US.

He’s running against a Liberal Green Party candidate who looks astonishingly like Justin Trudeau, acts like Justin Trudeau, and could be hailed as a Trudeau clone… Like Trudeau his main platform is a pint of charm, a cup of Hollywood, a teaspoon of knowledge, and a pinch of political and business acumen.  Jesse Klaver’s platform is ‘social equality’. That’s really it. Otherwise, he looks a lot like a Hollywood Bob Dylan who could just as easily be chanting ‘chaos is a friend of mine’ or ‘all the truth in the world adds up to one big lie’ amid rock guitar Diva’s and a-political youth at a Woodstock festival.

His entire political claim to fame so far has been that he 1) made a speech on higher education, 2) appeared on a late-night talk show, 3) he co-authored a ‘memo’ about saving nature, 4) and co-authored ‘an agreement’ on student benefit?

Actually that’s not just his sum total political career, that’s his entire career, because at 30, he has done basically – nothing else.

It’s unclear if he actually graduated from college, although he did join a Socialist/Union organization the Social Economic Council in 2009.

While The Netherlands has a near zero population growth rate, its immigrant rate continues to rise, the majority of which come from Turkey and Morocco, are adherents of Islam, and have a birth rate that will outpace the Dutch exponentially. And so, like Germany, with an aging working population, low national birth rates, and more youth emigrating, their only solution has been to increase the immigrant population – and hope they will work to support the elderly.

Riots and protests have been fueled throughout the towns as many residents take issue with the large influx and the crime that follows.  Riots in support of Refugees have also sparked a critical divide in the country. This divide will be addressed by the incoming Social Liberal or Conservative candidate, whoever wins this coming Wednesday.

But The Netherlands is critically important because it fuels the speculation as to whether Europe is poised to abandon its Socialist/Communist agenda in favor of more nationalistic ideals and set the stage for France and even Germany.

According to NOS, the Dutch public broadcasting television, the influx of immigrants has spiked al-Nusra jihadist infiltrates. Amsterdam and Rotterdam, the two largest cities in The Netherlands, currently host a Muslim population of 25%, second only to Brussels. The Netherlands as a whole has a 5-6% Muslim population.

Moroccan gangs have grown significantly, targeting banks and jewelry stores. Gangland shootings have erupted as has illegal drug trafficking. Growing anti-Semitism, Sharia Law, and violence within this once quaint, classic community has transformed it completely. As a young girl I visited Holland with my family and was quite enamored with its flora, fauna, pristine façade, and beautiful sailboats.

Today, The Netherlands rivals Chicago boasting 1200 youth gangs, specializing in muggings, armed robberies, house invasions, drug crimes and extortion. Given that most jihadists recruited from Belgium and The Netherlands are young, between 18 and 24, Jesse Klaver’s appeal would seem to be targeting this population for approval.

While only Dutch Nationals may vote in elections, becoming a national is relatively easy, including the claim that you are “stateless”, or, after coming of age – 18- you are adopted by a Dutch citizen. Which, of course, could even include an Imam.

So, why would this 30 year old Klaver support the Islamization of The Netherlands?

Who is Klaver?  Why him?  Oddly, little to nothing is known of his background.  He will not divulge the names of his parents although it is widely known is father is Moroccan and his mother Indonesian, which would imply he is Muslim. He was apparently raised by his grandparents, but there is no information on them either – not even names.  Little to nothing can be found about his past which gives rise to more than a bit of curiosity. However, given his heritage, one may assume he is a Muslim. Was he raised in Islam?

What is the Green Party in Europe?   The European Green Party to which Klaver is a member, is rooted in “Federalism”. Organized in 2004, their aim is to “Federalize” Europe. While the EU currently contains some Federalized positions, it is not yet considered a Federalization. And that is the underlying motive of the Green Party.

The point of this would be to extract the ability of states within the EU to hold political or economic power, and transfer that power to a centralized union. This would mean the abjugation of power and control of individual state governments to the European Parliament. The core of which would be governed by the Spinelli Group as per the Ventotene Manifesto written during WWII.

Who was Spinelli?  Spinelli was a Communist politician. He is considered the Founding Father of The European Union.

Full circle? The Green Party is rooted in Communism, Globalization, and the equalization of all persons under the auspices of One Regime Power. It is what Obama forged to do in the US by systematically extracting power from individual states, cities, and counties and superimposing Federal Power as the Absolute Power.

It is the Communization of World Order. 

FYI: The name Klaver is ambiguous and uncommon. It most certainly is not of Moroccan etymology, which would indicate it is possibly not Jesse’s real name.

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